Family Memorials

Kangaroo Island Pioneer Association (K.I.P.A.) is committed to determining, preserving and promoting Kangaroo Island’s rich pioneer history.

Accordingly it offers assistance wherever possible to the descendant families of early pioneers who may wish to memorialise their ancestor(s), or who seek to update or maintain existing memorials.

A memorial adds permanent credence to the words displayed on it, so it is important that K.I.P.A. (particularly if it is to add its name to the project) is reasonably satisfied that the words and dates displayed are as accurate as possible, so as not to mislead future generations. Additionally, the positioning of the memorial needs to be correct.

It is also important that the wider family can support the project, not just one part of the family. (Sometimes families find it difficult to agree on the "facts"!)

K.I.P.A. has the resources and experience to advise families as to the necessary steps involved: research, design, wording, cost, grant application, development application and approval from various authorities, production, positioning and dedication/ unveiling.

What K.I.P.A. will not do, is to unilaterally finance the project, nor to act on behalf of the family without its explicit authority and approval. No guarantee is offered that we can support all or any of the family’s plans.

Here is the proforma application form. No project can commence unless this form is submitted and approved.

Please allow up to three months between the submission of this application and a reply indicating that we are prepared to be involved. Please allow at least twelve months between the date of a K.I.P.A. approval and a planned unveiling.