American River School

Source: "Birth of American River 1802", compiled by C A Thomas, Oct. 1978. p.18

[1874] W. Sealy stated that there were no children but those of Mr. Buick at the American River school, and that there was no settlement near to justify the carrying on of a half-time school.

Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904), Saturday 20 June 1874, page 10


SCHOOL AT AMERICAN RIVER, KANGAROO ISLAND.—On Friday the Hon. A. A. Kirkpatrick, M.L.C., and Mr. Carpenter, M.P., introduced a deputation to the Minister of Education, consisting of Messrs. E. Bates, E. Bates, jun., and E. Bainbridge, who requested that a school should be opened at American River, Kangaroo Island. The Minister promised that if a school-room was provided he would endeavour to supply a teacher.

Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912), Friday 10 July 1896, page 2

Source: "Birth of American River 1802", compiled by C A Thomas, Oct. 1978. p.19

In 1937 the Education Department built its own school among the trees south of John Buick's home.This was finally closed in 1951 when the children were taken by school bus to the Kingscote Area School.

Mildred Rowe was head teacher in 1919-21, 1922 Gladys Hancock, 1923 Minetta Ford, 1925 Margert Hughes, 1926 Helen Gliessert, 1928-9 Wynnis Hughes, 1933 Leo Guiney, 1937 James Herman, 1941 Thomas Wright, 1943 Percival Jaensch, 1950 John Stanley.

Source: "Birth of American River 1802", compiled by C A Thomas, Oct. 1978. p.20

As Miss Ford has baen transferred to a larger school near Karoonda the opportunity was taken of presenting to her a volume of Longfellow's poems. In a valedictory speech Mr C. W. Hughes spook of tbe successful way Miss Ford has always carried out her duties and the esteem in which she was held by the children.

AMERICAN RIVER. (1924, April 26). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 3.

HERMAN, James Alexander
b. 06 Aug 1913 Largs Bay, SA
d. 24 May 1942 Horn Island, Qld
e. Military RAAF 407713 KIA (accident)
e. Electoral roll BET 1941 & 1943 American River, Kangaroo Island teacher

JAENSCH, Percival Edward (Paddy)
b. 18 Jul 1909 Hartley, SA
d. 16 Jan 1990
e. Electoral roll 1943 American River, Kangaroo Island school teacher
m. ELZE, Dorothy Dulcie 12 Jan 1935 Browlow (nr Kapunda), SA

1922 A very congenial farewell social was tendered in the Coulta Hall on Jan. 20 to Mr Jaensch, the departing local school teacher, who, after twelve months of devoted duty at Coulta school departed for a new appointment at Muston, Kangaroo Island.

West Coast Recorder (Port Lincoln, SA : 1909 - 1942), Tuesday 14 February 1922, page 4

The American River School opened in 1873 and closed in 1951.