Position Statements

The truth in history is so often not properly known as fact. Myths and legends get perpetuated and embellished over the years. As technology improves, and more research can be worthily achieved on-line, so do the stories improve, that once were considered indisputable. Our Association is often asked about the facts on contentious issues. We have adopted a policy of publishing a "Position Statement" resulting from the best research we can do, knowing that our position could well alter, as more facts come to light.

Position Statement 001 Was Elizabeth Beare the first to step ashore from the "Duke of York" in 1836?

Position Statement 002 When did William Holmes Hamilton (1820-1916) arrive in South Australia?

Position Statement 003 Where was William Holmes Hamilton (1820-1916) buried?

Position Statement 004 The proclamation of the province of South Australia.

Research Processes