Aquatic Sports.

(By Porpoise.)

On Saturday afternoon the initial stages in connection with the formation of a swimming club took place at the Kingscote jetty when an aquatic sports' gathering was held, comprising displays of fancy diving, obstacle race, polo match, etc. For a day or two previously Mr A. H. Anderson, Mr P. Tait, and others were busily engaged arranging the programme.

Shortly after 3 p.m. Mr F. C. Addison started the diving contests, A. H. Anderson leading the way, closely followed by J. Baldwin and P. Tait. The spring-board used did not quite satisfy the contestants but they made the best of it. A. H. Anderson was adjudged to be the best diver, J. Baldwin being next and M. Smith third, whilst P. Tait, V. Boothy, A. Battye and several others gave creditable performances, the porpoise event causing much laughter.

The Obstacle Race was a mirth provoking event. Over a dozen faced the starter (Mr Cook) who got them safely away but it proved an easy win for P. Tait, who was the test to leave. H. F. Mitchell and A. H. Anderson fought it out for second place, Mitchell just beating his opponent. In the polo match it was voted that the ball was not suitable for the correct game. H. F. Mitchell's side beat A. H. Anderson's side by four goals to one. There was a very fair attendance of spectators and some of the contestants were loudly applauded for their several feats. During the afternoon Mr Tait senr. gave an exhibition of diving off the jetty with all his clothes and boots on. A life-saving display was also given by Mr Baker. Credit is due to the young men for affording the visitors an afternoon's entertainment, their efforts being much appreciated. It is intended, in a few weeks' time, to have a full programme of water sports drawn up and contested.

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