Reeves Residence

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Geoff Chapman asks:

From what I have read, Samuel & Charlotte came to the Island in about 1847 to look after the SA company's interests e.g. run the Quarry and his wife ran the store and did the mail etc. I had assumed that they did live down by the Point but from a statement by Mrs Charles Calnan--- From Mrs Calnan’s recollections: "Mr Reeves, who arrived in 1847, and lived at first where the Ozone now stands in a house built by a Mr Beare" - which indicated that the Reeves did not life in a shack down at Reeves Point as first though but at Rolls’ Point.! Also from a statement of Jim Tiggemann the main quarry was not by the Martin's jetty but below the Old Cordes's house.

Chis Ward replies:

Samuel & Charlotte and five of their twelve children left Adelaide for KI on Hawk in May 1850.

Susan Phillis describes the house as being situated on a rise separating Nepean Bay from the Bay of Shoals. It was about halfway between the beach and the summit of the hill. It was certainly not a shack and not on the site of the Ozone.

“…a substantial cottage…” “…a very adequate stone house.* “Two large reception rooms, each with a fire place and French windows looking out over the bay. Behind these, the hallway gave onto the kitchen. Another large room with a huge fireplace at one end. There were two smaller rooms, one at each side of the kitchen. The cottage appeared to be single storied, but the roof space revealed a bed chamber large enough for the girls to share. Verandahs extended along the back & front of the house giving the family extra room.” Wherever You May Go – page 369

Initially Samuel was involved with the stone trade for the Port Road but in 1851 he was given the task of taking the census. After that he was primarily involved in farm work on his own account..

I have no knowledge of Charlotte running a store. She seems to have been involved with her children and grandchildren and other ‘genteel’ pursuits until late in 1859 when took to sorting mail in a spare room of their home. She was effectively the KI unofficial post mistress.

I’m not sure when they left KI but they moved to 103 Spring Street Queenstown where Charlotte died in 1866 and Samuel in 1881

- Chris Ward 22 Dec 2015