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Flinders chase and early south coast settlers

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Geoff Chapman has submitted his research, found in a .pdf file here.

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Photo courtesy State Library SA, B-49801. c.1950. Group at Flinders Chase National Park & members of a Fauna Committee.

Flinders Chase.

Recently I had a chat with Jim Gosse, a member of the Flora and Fauna Board, who recently visited Flinders Chase on Kangaroo Island in company with Sir Wallace Bruce and Mr. F. A. Wood, both of whom promised that they would become regular subscribers to the Chase. Jim Gosse said:— 'Hansen, the curator, met us on arrival and showed us round the enclosure. He has put up a very substantial fence since I was last there, enclosing an area of about 250 acres, in which he has a good supply of birds and animals. We motored down to the big pools in the river but saw no sign of the platypi, which Mrs. Hansen assured me she had seen on more than one occasion. Within the enclosure we saw a number of Kangaroo Island kangaroos, Cape Barren geese, plover, curlews, galahs, and red crested black cockatoos, which were laying in the hollow tree near the homestead. Hansen also advised that there were quite a number of yellow crested black cockatoos about, also kingfishers, blue-capped wrens, emu wrens, and that in a swamp not far away ducks and swans were breeding freely. What Hansen would like particularly to get are some native companions, and a couple of red doe kangaroos. The mallee hens seem to be doing quite well, one colony near Cape Borda and another near Cape de Coudie. We want funds to keep the Chase going, and it Is the most deserving thing I know In connection with natural history.'

- Out Among the People. Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), Thursday 13 April 1933, page 66


A number of by-laws concerning the management and control of Flinders Chase (the Kangaroo island reserve set apart by the Flora and Fauna Board for native plants and animals) received the approval of the State Governor (Sir Tom Bridges) in the Executive Council on Wednesday. The by-laws provide that no person shall, without first obtaining a licence from the board in writing, enter the Chase or remove, cut, or deface the rocks, trees, or plants therein, or in any way interfere with the property of the board. Camping within the boundaries of the reserve is also prohibited.

FLINDERS CHASE. (1923, January 11). Daily Herald (Adelaide, SA : 1910 - 1924), p. 2. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article106725528

Chris Baxter (1953-2017)

On Monday July 31, Kangaroo Island lost a respected and much loved naturalist and long term member of Eco-Action Kangaroo Island. See Islander newspaper article.