courtesy Dean Wiles, Hope Cottage Museum

This beautiful photo, dated 1918, is of members of the Red Cross - placed here as their efforts contributed to the health of Kangaroo Islanders during very difficult times. The names are repeated here for search engines to index:

Mesdames Ada Waller, A. Sharp, Lara Millicent Leahy , J. Carter, R. Chapman, S. Loneman, E.C. [Muriel] Murton, A. Daw, R.L. [Rosanna] Barrett, V.H. [Florence] Cook, Miss Helen Hudson. Medames J. [Priscilla] Potter, C. [Marie] Anderson, M.B. [Mary] Chapman, W.J. Buckland, F. Mawby [Alice?], Misses Maslin, Holmes, Mrs E. [Mildred] Harry, Miss E. Guiders, Mrs L.E. [Wilkemina] Williams, Miss B. Sundberg, Mrs A. McCair.

Can you help by identifying the name? The initials could be those of the husband.



Mr. NEWLAND asked —"Is it the intention of the Government to appoint a medical officer at Kangaroo Island if not, why not?"

The CHIEF SECRETARY (Hon. J. Colton) replied—

"It is not intended to appoint a medical officer at Kangaroo Island, because the Government do not consider it necessary to do so." He added that the matter had received the serious attention of the Government, who considered that if such a request were acceded to they would have to appoint at least fifty other doctors in different parts of the colony.

South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889), Thursday 18 September 1884, page 1