courtesy Dean Wiles, Hope Cottage Museum

This beautiful photo, dated 1918, is of members of the Red Cross - placed here as their efforts contributed to the health of Kangaroo Islanders during very difficult times. The names are repeated here for search engines to index:

Mesdames Ada Waller, A. Sharp, Lara Millicent Leahy , J. Carter, R. Chapman, S. Loneman, E.C. [Muriel] Murton, A. Daw, R.L. [Rosanna] Barrett, V.H. [Florence] Cook, Miss Helen Hudson. Medames J. [Priscilla] Potter, C. [Marie] Anderson, M.B. [Mary] Chapman, W.J. Buckland, F. Mawby [Alice?], Misses Maslin, Holmes, Mrs E. [Mildred] Harry, Miss E. Guiders, Mrs L.E. [Wilkemina] Williams, Miss B. Sundberg, Mrs A. McCair.

Can you help by identifying the name? The initials could be those of the husband.