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  • There are two excellent historical accounts of early Kingscote and the activities there of the South Australian Company. I.A.Diamond: Problems in the South Australian Company's Settlement on Kangaroo Island (Hons History University of Adelaide 1952) and Aspects of the History of the South Australian Company - the first decade (M.A. Adelaide 1955 and F.H.Bauer : The Regional Geography of Kangaroo Island, South Australia (PhD Australian National University 1959). Both of these are held at the S.A. Archives.


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  • Who were the 1836ers? Notes from presentation (David Wilson, Heidi Ing, Bob Sexton) at the Maritime Museum 14 May 2018 (SA History Festival)

  • House of Assembly 25 Nov 2010 Vickie Chapman MP, Member for Bragg (our Patron) moved: "that this house... recognises ...(c) Kangaroo Island as the first South Australian Company settlement in the province of South Australia on 27 July 1836; and (d) the inauguration of government at Glenelg, as proclaimed on 28 December 1836.

  • House of Assembly Thursday 17 May 2012 Vickie Chapman MP, Member for Bragg (our Patron) moved "That this house acknowledges and recognises Elizabeth Beare as the first of the colonists who arrived on the Duke of York on 27 July 1836 to set foot on South Australian soil."

  • Kangaroo Island Unearthed: An audio program from Radio National Hindsight about how Aboriginals and Aboriginality became invisible within one isolated community.

  • Historic video of the manufacture of eucalyptus oil by F.H.Faulding about 1927, courtesy of Emu Ridge.

  • Interviews with Islanders part 1 Hope Cottage, recorded by John Ayliffe in the 1990's. Gifford Chapman: The drowning of Richard and Jenny Chapman in 1886; The wreck of the Loch Sloy in 1899. Harry Boettcher: Coming to settle on KI in 1904. Reg Bald: Bill Ilse the possum trapper. Rene Clark: Home life on Dudley Peninsula at the turn of the 20th Century. Jim Tiggerman: A country dance and the fire at the Ozone Hotel; Road making. Clinton Christophers: Road making. Harry Boettcher and Jim Tiggerman: Old Strawbridge.

  • Interviews with Islanders part 2 Hope Cottage, recorded by John Ayliffe in the 1990's. Mavis and Les Golder: The early fishing industry and the Green Beast in its noisy den. Monica Buick: Family life and having children. Thelma Buick: The Kingscote Hospital in the 1950s and removing a leg in a storm. Brian Woolley: Soldier Settlement and The Camp. Gifford Chapman: A ride in a Tiger Moth, stirring up Kingscote, and flying through ducks. Ian King: Ketches - The sinking of the Nelcebee, and Life as an Islander.

  • Flinders and Baudin's race to map Australia 2:19 video, National Library Australia

  • Herbert Wright interviewed by Janice Jelly (transcript), c.1977, State Library of South Australia, J.D. Somerville Oral History Collection (with permission).

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