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1906. Hog Bay August 15.—A general meeting of the Penneshaw Tennis Club was held in the district council hall on August 13. The captain (Mr. L. E. Clark) was voted to the chair, and gave an account of the work done during the past season. He hoped for continued success. The treasurer (Mr. J. E Kenner) read the financial report which was satisfactory. A match was arranged with the Cuttlefish Bay team for August 31, to be followed by a social evening. Improvements have been made to the court recently. The membership has increased notwithstanding the fact that several players have removed from the district. A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. F. Buick for his kindness in allowing the club to have the court on his grounds.

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1906 HOG BAY, September 3.-Accepting an invitation issued by the Penneshaw Tennis Club the Cuttlefish club met the local team on the court on Friday afternoon, and defeated them. At 5 o'clock members of both clubs adjourned to the council hall, where the visitors were entertained at tea by the local club. After tea the hall was cleared for dancing, and Mr. A. R. Humphrey acted as M.C. Those who contributed vocal items were Misses Kimber, R. Seymour, L. Bates, Mrs. Johnston, and Mrs. Tretheway, and Mr. J. Kennet. The committee who carried out the arrangements consisted of Mrs. Johnston, Misses Buick (2), Misses L. Bates and N. Bertlebury [sic].

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On Christmas Day the Cuttlefish Tennis Club played a Penneshaw team at Mr Howard's Cuttlefish. At about 1 o'clock vehicles could be seen climbing the hill on the road to the court. The Penneshaw colors (red and white) were floating from Messrs L. E. Clark's and E. L. Bates' buggies. All hearts seemed light and gay owing to the anticipated game and the festive season. The roads proved very dusty and unfortunately the weather was rather warm for this popular seaside resort where the wind is almost always cool from the effects of the tide in Backstairs Passage. Under ordinary circumstances it is a pleasant drive to Mr Howard's. Some charming scenery was passed, one piece in particular, which is considered unsurpassed on the Island, the beauty being particularised by steep hills, grassy slopes and perpendicular cliffs with Backstairs passage and the mainland only 8 miles distant where the Cape Jervis Lighthouse, farmers' homesteads, paddocks and roads are plainly visible. Mr W. Howard lives amid these charming scenes, which should be sufficient to inspire the finest poetic feeling within the mind of the person who has the good fortune to contemplate the surroundings. Tennis began about three in the afternoon under a scorching sun, which, to some extent, caused the players to play rather indifferently, but, taking all into consideration, the match was well contested. The respective flags of the two clubs were hoisted around the court. The scores were as follows :—

MIXED DOUBLES. W. Shakeshaft and N. Howard lost to L. E. Clark and E. Neave ... 5—6 A. Howard and B. Howard lost to C. V. Willson and L. Bates ... 6—4 F. Trethewey and Mary Howard beat E. L. Bates and Mrs Hirst ... 6—0

GENTS DOUBLES. W. Shakeshaft and F. Trethewey lost to L. E. Clark and E. L. Bates ... 5---6

LADIES DOUBLE. M. Howard and N. Howard lost to Mrs Hirst and E. Neave ... 5---6

GENTS SINGLE. A. Howard beat C. Willson ... 6---2 LADIES SINGLE B. Howard beat L. Bates ... 6---4

Total---Penneshaw 4 sets 30 games, Cuttle-fish 3 sets, 37 games, thus showing Penneshaw the winners by one set.

Altogether a most enjoyable afternoon was spent. Afternoon tea was provided by the ladies of the Cuttlefish team under Mr Howard's verandah where ample provision was made to satisfy the craving of the " inner man." When the last set was completed Mr L. E. Clark (Capt. P.T.C.) on behalf of the visiting team thanked the Cuttlefish Club for the pleasing manner in which they had entertained the members of his club and himself. Mr E. L. Bates seconded the vote of thanks endorsing the captain's remarks, and added that he hoped it would not be long before the Penneshaw Club would return the match and endeavor to some extent at least to repay the kindness extended towards his Club that day. Mr Howard of Cuttlefish suitably responded, The visitors returned to Hog Bay at 9 p.m. after a most enjoyable time.

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1907 A LONG SLEEP. The Penneshaw Tennis Club went to sleep some time ago, and, although numerous bricks have been thrown on the roof, it has not opened its eyes. This is a great pity, as it is practically the only real "game" we have in the township. The cricket pitch is some distance away and that game is consequently very much neglected. However, we have a tennis court, but it is made very little use of, because, although there really is a club which controls affairs, the said club, as above explained, is, and has been for some time, having forty winks. There are a good number of members, but, owing to something or other, nobody (the writer included), appears to know exactly who forms the ruling committee, or, for that matter, who they really are. The club, at present, practically exists on paper, and the sooner it gets a move on and goes about its business in a proper manner, the quicker. Those who really have the best interests of the game at heart, are becoming tired of the present state of affairs, as they are not, by a long chalk, likely to lead to much enthusiasm. The hon. sec. (Miss Mary Howard) of the Cuttlefish Bay Tennis Club, has, on behalf of her club, issued a challenge to the slumbering Penneshaw Club. Should the club wake up in time it is probable the match will take place at Cuttlefish Bay on Christmas Day. At any rate, anticipating the game, several young ladies and gentlemen have lately been on the " court," but the results have mostly been "love games." Only for the number of amorous assertions entering into this pastime a lot of the members of the Bachelors' Society would soon take it up. As it is at present constituted, fealty to the society and the popular game do not go very well together.

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1908 It is at present being persistently rumored that the Penneshaw Tennis Club is not dead. At least we have no medical testimony to that effect, but all the same the rumor is afloat. We hope it will float on to a good foundation, and for the present will let it float gently past without throwing out our grappling irons.

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Saturday 22 February 1908, page 6

Kingscote Tennis Club


A large gathering of ladies and gentlemen interested in tennis, assembled on the Kingscote court on Saturday afternoon, to watch the final games of the tournament played. Afternoon tea was very kindly provided by Mesdames Barrett, Strawbridge, Nicholls and the Misses Porter. The Kingscote Tennis Club, which first originated about two years ago, has made rapid strides, and the game has become quite a popular outdoor one. Quite recently the committee decided to hold a mixed double tournament, and received 12 nominations from members. Keen interest has been shown all through and some good tennis resulted. The court, which is now in excellent order, has recently had many additional improvements, and more seating accommodation has also been erected which proved a great boon on Saturday afternoon. The tournament, which was commenced some three or four weeks ago, is the first held on Kangaroo Island, but it is hoped that many more will follow, as they tend to keep up the interest in this popular game. The following are the results :— FIRST ROUND. Mr C. H. Hartwig and Miss Edwards (scratch) beat Mr A. Wiadrowski and Miss Anderson (plus 15½) 6—2 6—4. Mr H. L. Tucker and Miss Lamprey (o 15½) beat Mr R. L. Barrett and Miss Snelling (plus 15½) 6—5 5—6 7—5. Mr F. C. Addison and Miss B. Porter (o 15) a bye. Mr H. Partridge and Miss Porter (plus ½15) a bye. SECOND ROUND. Mr C. H. Hartwig and Miss Edwards beat Mr F. Addison and Miss B. Porter 6—3 6—4. Mr H. L. Tucker and Miss Lamprey beat Mr H. Partridge and Miss M. Porter 6—3 3—6 6—4. FINAL. Mr C. H. Hartwig and Miss Edwards beat Mr H. L. Tucker and Miss Lamprey 1—6 6—3 6—2, and won the tournament.

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1925 TENNIS. On Tuesday evening last a general meeting of the Penneshaw Tennis Club was held, when rules for the conduct of the club were made and passed. Now the new court is finished and ready for use, it is hoped that this fine game, which for a time has lapsed, will again come to the fore. The new court will be really opened on Friday, the 20th inst., when a team of 16 players from Delamere on the mainland are coming to give our club a match. The newly-appointed President and Secretary (in place of Messrs L. E. Clark and H. P. Murray resigned), are Messrs A. B. Coad and A. E. McHogh. A number of Dudleyites had an enjoyable day when they attended the Kingscote races in Mr P. Lyric's charabanc. They returned tired, but happy, at 10 p.m.

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1933. At the annual meeting of the Kingscote Tennis Club the following officers were elected:—President. Mr. W. J. Neighbour; vice-presidents. Messrs. A. Grosvenor. A. E. Zeitz and C. Anderson; secretary. Mr. M. Leopold: captain. Mr. C. A. Walters; vice captain, Mr. A. E. Zeitz; women's committee, Mrs. Neighbour. Mrs. Harry and Miss H. Clark.

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