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Kangaroo Island Courier , Saturday 12 December 1908, page 5

Consecration of Island Lodge of Freemasons.

Wednesday [9 Dec 1908] was a red letter day for every brother of the mystic tie resident on the Island on account of a large party of officers of the Grand Lodge arriving at Kingscote by the Karatta and in the evening performing the rite of consecration of the Island Lodge No, 54., South Australia Constitution, at the lodge room in Dauncey Street. The consecrating officer was the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master Bro. C. R. J. Glover, assisted by Past Senior Grand Warden Bro. R. K. Thompson, Very Worshipful Grand Chaplain Bro. Reverend M. Williams, the V.W. Grand Secretary Bro. J. H. Cunningham, Worshipful Grand Superintendent of Works Bro. A. A. Stump, W. Grand Director of Ceremonies Bro. J. W. Lane, W. Grand Standard Bearer Bro. H. Brandwood, W. Grand Organist Bro. R. Hosking, W. Past Grand Steward Bro. G. F. Steinthal, W. Bros. J. Wylie and Esau. 

Thirty one members of the Order were present and took part in the service — most solemn and beautiful — carried out after the ancient manner and occupying a little over an hour, affording the local brethren an opportunity of seeing this comparatively rarely performed rite. After a brief adjournment the ceremony of Induction of the Worshipful Master was performed and the R.W.D.G.M. again officiated, P.M.W. Bro. J. R. Stevenson being the first W.M. of the lodge and after being duly inducted.  The W.M. proceeded to invest the officers of the newly founded lodge in the following order : — Senior Warden, Bro, G. A. Nicholls ; Junior Warden, Bro. R. L. Barrett ; Treasurer, Bro S. Hudson ; Secretary, Bro. J. S. Paddon ; Senior Deacon, Bro. R. C. Thorpe : Junior Deacon, Bro. V. H. F. Cook ; Inner Guard, Bro. E. S. Hudson ; Tyler, Bro. G. H, Cox

Congratulations were received from brethren representing Lodges Adelaide, Friendship, Faith, Fidelity, Unity, St. Alban, Mostyn, St. Andrew, Holdfast, Commercial, Semaphore, Corinthian, Emulation, Mount Gambier, Orroroo, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Alfred Collegians, St Peter's Collegians, Truth, and Unanimity N.Z.C.  

A banquet was subsequently held at the Ozone Hotel when a number of toasts were honored in due and appropriate fashion after the time honored manner of the brethren. ...

Consecration of Island Lodge of Freemasons. (1908, December 12). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 5. 


The death occurred in Adelaide on Saturday evening, November 23rd of Mr G. A. Nicholls. The deceased who was 50 [52] years of age, was born in Adelaide. He attended the old Pulteney St. Grammar School and took a course of chemistry at the Adelaide University. Mr Nichols resided at Kingscote for several years, carrying on the business as chemist between 1908 and 1910. He afterwards served for a short period as Church of England Catechist on Kangaroo Island. On returning to his profession, he started business at Prospect. He was interested in music, being a very efficient pianist and organist, and for several years was a member of one of the city church choirs. During his residence at Kingscote, he became a foundation member of the Island lodge of Freemasons and became the second Worshipful Master of the Lodge. He leaves a widow and one son. Mr P. Nicholls, Headmaster of Pulteney Grammar School is a brother.

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Saturday 30 November 1929, page 2


On Friday evening a farewell banquet was tendered Bro. Royce Lever by the brethren of the Island Lodge of Freemasons. Bro. Lever has held the position of Secretary for about 18 months, and the large gathering of the fraternity who assembled to do him honor reflected to the high esteem in which he was held, as well as the much valued appreciation of his efforts in carrying out his work. All the speakers were loud in their praise of his sincerity, and hoped that success would follow him in his future life.

LOCAL AND GENERAL NEWS (1920, July 31). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 2.

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Saturday 20 January 1912, page 4

Freemasons' Installation.

The annual installation of Master and Investiture of Officers of the Island Lodge, Kingscote, took place on the evening of Wednesday last in the presence of 33 brethren of the ancient and mystic tie. The installing officer was R.W.S. W.G. Bro. Lane, accompanied by the R.W. P.D.G.M. and other officers of the Grand Lodge of South Australia. After the time honoured and beautiful ceremony had been duly performed the brethren in regalia proceeded to the Council Hall, where, after a few brief introductory remarks, dancing was commenced and carried on for several hours vigorously, to the enjoyment of dancers and non-dancers alike, for fortunately the evening being cool with a fresh breeze, and the floor in first rate condition, "all went as merry as a marriage bell," to the evident pleasure of every one present; the combined effect of the dresses the ladies, and the beautiful regalia and aprons within the flag bedecked hall producing a scene of gaiety and animation which no pen could adequately describe. Nearly 60 guests adjourned to 'Burra Burra' where a welcome and much appreciated supper gave renewed energy to " chase the flying hours with glowing feet." At two a.m. came the end, when after " Auld Lang Syne," every one hied home-ward happy to meet, sorry to part and happy to meet again . 

List of officers for 1912 is : W.M. Wpl. Bro. J. R. Stevenson ; I.P.M., Wpl. Bro. R. L. Barrett, P.M. ; S. W., Bro. H. E. Partridge ; J.W., Bro. V. H. F. Cook; Treasurer, Bro. S. Hudson ; Secretary, Bro. M. Smith ; S.D., Bro. M. B. Chapman; J.D., Bro. W. C. Reade; I.G., Bro. A. Sands; Stewards, Bros. W. Westman, S. Buck, C. Ewens and A. Daw ; Tyler; Bro. G. Cox.

Freemasons' Installation. (1912, January 20). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 4. 
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The spirit of volunteerism was alive and well in 1958 when the Island Masonic Lodge poured the foundation of their new lodge room.  Pictured at the working bee are:

(Standing) Jack Harris, John Ransom, Ern Harmer, Bill Neighbour, Jack Elsegood, Perce Cook, Oscar Turner, Phil Menz, Frank Kasehagen, Franj Chapman, Stan Bell, Bert Roper, Vern Smith, Max Rowswell, Jim Hable, Jim Tiggerman, Dudley Shepherd, Cyril Brown, Pristly Hillam, Lindsay Rowell, Elwyn Morgan, Arthur Buck.

(Front) Milton Turner, Eric Cook, Alec McEwen, Peter Carlton, Meb Leopold, David Morris, Bill Henderson, Malcolm Zeitz, Randall Turner, Dick Morris, Phil Wetherall, Maurice Boxer, Don Davidson, Arthur Heylar, Allan Cordes, George Roberts, Arnold Bates, Alby Waller.

South Australian Freemason - Summer Edition – Vo 81 No. 5

The Lodge closed 11 September 2002. See Hope Cottage Museum for many artifacts.