After WW2

Here is the place where we respectfully remember men and women from Kangaroo Island who served following WW2.

LARCOMBE, Jamie Ronald, 8539262. Afghanistan, K.I.A. 19 Feb 2011

SCHERER, Edwin Arthur, 41008, Korean War (d. 7 June 1988)

John YOUNG HMAS Bataan, Korean War

Joseph Henry GILLEPSIE, Driver, Storeman Class 3, who came to KI with his wife Shirley in 1990, was a soldier in the Korean war for a year, plus a year in Japan.

Steven James GUM  A410136 R.A.A.F. died in an accident 3 Feb 1984  at at Amberley, Qld, aged 19.

The following is a list of Vietnam Veterans, who can be identified with K.I.


ARNOLD, Neil Douglas 4719444 (Private, Australian Army)

BATES, Arthur Glen, 4720248, Vietnam, Army (d. 26 Apr 1999)

BEST, Robert R58842 (Leading Electrical Mechanic Weapons Radio, R.A.N.)

BREWER, Graeme William 43576 (Lance-Corporal, Australian Army)

BRUCE, Thomas Walter 4720077 (Private, Australian Army)

BURGESS, Trevor, O46790, Vietnam, RAAF, (d. 22 Dec 2008)

BUTLER, Timothy  4719862 (Lance-Corporal, Australian Army)

CHAPMAN, Philip John 4718327 (Private, Australian Army)

DAVIS, Alan  (Alan George (RAN) or Alan Ronald (Army?))

FIELD, Kevin Raymond, R65550, Vietnam, RAN. (d. 15 Feb 2013)

GREGOR, Pierre Georges 447912 (Lance-Corporal, Australian Army)

GRIFFITH, Barry John 4720756 (Private, Australian Army)

GUSTER, Anthony Scott 4718779  (Private, Australian Army)

GUIDER, Peter 2782147 (Private, Australian Army)

HALLORAN, Robert Clive R62369 (Electrical Mechanic Weapons Electronics, RAN) d. 16 July 2014

HAMLYN, John Scott 4719695  (Private, Australian Army)

HAMMAT, Daryl Ernest 4722088 (Corporal, Australian Army)

HENDERSON, William John 44262 (Private, Australian Army) d. March 2019

HOLLAND, Jim (Gordon James? John James?)

JOHNSTON, Garry Raymond 4721095 (Private, Australian Army)

KELLY, Grant Hamilton 4721188 (Trooper, Australian Army)

KERR, John William ?44921 (or John Lawrence ? 421623) (Australian Army)

KING, Dennis James 43906 (Corporal, Australian Army)

LANGFORD, Graham Leslie 4717722 (Sapper, Australian Army)

LINNETT, Gerald William R94467 (Engineering Mechanic, RAN)

MANCER, David Joseph 4717740 (Corporal, Australian Army)

MAY, Robert Francis 43966 (Sergeant, Australian Army)


MILLER, Gregory Paul R65016 (AS Underwater Control, RAN)

MURTON, Lyndford John 42507 (Corporal, Australian Army)


NAOCK, Errol Wayne  4717546 5RAR. First National Serviceman to die in Vietnam

OLDFIELD, John Earle 4719974 (Sapper, Australian Army)

PADDON, Richard Barratt 44351 (Sapper, Australian Army)

PHILPS, “Bluey”  48700 ? (Robert George? Craftsman, Australian Army)

PITT, Barry Kenneth "Ken" 42196  (Corporal, Australian Army)

PITT, Ronald Desmond "Ron" 43233 (Private, Australian Army)

QUAIN, Xavier "Zac" (Private, Australian Army) 

RILEY, Steven Wayne "Steve" 4721698 (Private, Australian Army) 

ROESTENBERG, Wilhelmus Martinus Maria "Bill" R106788 (Ordinary Seaman (Radar Plot), RAN)

SCHULTZ, Gary Wayne 4720231 (Private, Australian Army) 

SMYTH, Kenneth William "Ken" 42369 (Sergeant, Australian Army)

SPECK, Graham  Maxwell 43642 (Lance-Corporal, Australian Army) "Stack"

TRICE, John William "Jack" 43365 (Corporal, Australian Army)   

TURNER, Timothy Charles, 4720253, Vietnam, Army, D.O.W. 15 June 1969

WOODS, Graham Joseph R93951 (Engineering Mechanic, RAN)

WILLSON, Jonathan Charles 43253  (Lance-Corporal, Australian Army)

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