This is an index to the pages of the descendants of the people listed below. They have been deemed to be "pioneers" of Kangaroo Island.

Please note that family names are, in accordance with genealogical convention, the family names at birth.

See also Cyclopedia of South Australia - biographies of 41 eminent Kangaroo Islanders as at 1907-1909.

If your ancestor arrived on one of the "first fleet" to Kangaroo Island in 1836, on the Duke of York,  Lady Mary Pelham, John Pirie, Rapid, Cygnet, Emma, Africaine or Tam O'Shanter, explore our sister website  First 8 Ships  and use the search icon.

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ADAMS, William (1843-1927) BATES, Martha Ann (1873-1929) Emu Bay

AIRY, William (1838-1894) McDONALD, Wilhelmina (Minnie) (1853-1919) Cape Borda telegraph station

ANDERSON, John Bernard (1839-1901) REICHTER, Matilda Elizabeth (1849-1917) Publican, Queenscliffe Hotel

ATTRILL, Daniel (1808-1882) RUSSELL, Ann (1812-1891) Winchester 1838 - Toesland, Littlely

AYLIFFE, Thomas Hamilton (1774-1852) Hester JINKS (1772-1850) Pestonjee Bomanjee

AYRIS, Henry (1854-1936) JONES, Hannah (1856-1891) Pioneer farmer MacGillivray

BALD, Herbert William (1879-1952) STEVENS, Lydia (1897-1948) 

BARNES, John  Stephen (1838-1907) BISHOP, Elizabeth (1852-1924)

BARRETT, Francis Thomas (1853-1901) BENNETT, Elizabeth Emily (1852-1879); SEYMOUR, Emma 1883-1922) 

BARRETT, George (1860-1943) SWEET, Jane  (1860-1934) 

BARR, Robert (1832-1937) WILSON, Isabella (1854-1907) Salt Lagoon

BATEMAN, Colthurst Reginald (1884-1974),  NEAVE, Sarah Emmeline (1889-1970), Hog Bay 

BATES, Ephraim Steen (1824-1908) BRAYSHER, Sarah (1824-1893) 

BATES, John (1837-1894) WISDOM, Charlotte (1839-1917) 

BATES, Joseph Henry (1844-1932) WRIGHT, Frances (1867-1921) 

BEARE, Thomas Hudson (1792-1861) BULL, Lucy and LOOSE, Lucy Duke of York 1836

BELL, George (1800-1848) BATHOLEMEW, Mary married into Hamilton family

BENNETTS, James (c.1800-1883), TREMBATH, Mary. Arrived 1836 Buffalo, lived on K.I. 1838-1841

BOETTCHER, Johann (1851-1938) SCHULZE, Martha (1857-1904) Cygnet River

BRECKNELL,  Henry Emanuel (c. 1829-1883), McDOUGALL, Catherine (c.1830-1895) Cygnet River

BRISTOW, Robert (1806-1863) MARSHALL, Janet (1803-1876) Cygnet 1836

BROADBENT, Luke (1791-1856) INMAN, Harriet (1795-1892) Buffalo 1836

BUCK, Robert (1795-1872) ROBINSON,Maria (1785-1857) Rapid 1836

BUICK, David Weir (1835-1899) HACKNEY, Henrietta (1845-1920) Hog Bay

BUICK, James (1825-1910) MACKLIN, Eliza (1835-1875) Victoria

BUICK, John (1823-1914) FILMER, Frances Ann ((1827-1915) American River

BURFITT, Alfred William (1876-1967) BIRRELL, Edith (1892-1961) Manager, Redlands, MacGillvray from 1908 to c.1915

BURGESS, Alfred Charles (1832-1890) DEALY, Margaret (1834-1903) MacGillivray

CALNAN, Jeremiah (1797-1837) BOW, Mary Ann  (1804-1883) Africaine 1836

CARR, Hampden (1868-1932) COOPER, Emmie Bevan (1875-1975) Doctor at American River

CHAPMAN, Richard (1849-1923) THOMPSON, Eliza (1858-1952 Point Marsden

CHENOWETH, Henry (Harry) (c.1847-1927), Emma Steen BATES (1850-1901) Hd Menzies Sect 122

CHIRGWIN, John (1837-1878) COMELY, Eliza (1838-1907) from Bullaparinga

CHRISTOPHERS, William (1821-1899) STEPHENS, Elizabeth from Kapunda

CLARK, Robert (1851-1932) LASHMAR, Fanny (1855-1895) Antechamber Bay

COOK, John  (1809-1891) arr 1849 on Indian, g.father of V.H.F.Cook

DAW, John Wickham (1796-1872) COMPSON, Ellen Oriana (-1873) Winchester  1838

DAW, John Wickham (1826-1911) DAW, Mary Ann (1826-1911) Winchester 1838,  KI descendants

DAW, John Wickham (1837-1899) WOOD, Elizabeth (1838-1923) Winchester  1838. Settled in Kapunda.

DEWAR, John (1853-1930) JENKINS, Frances (1857-1953) J.P. of MacGillivray

EBERT, Friedrich Christoph (1809-1868) CHARLESWORTH, Hannah  (1826-1907) Hannah had three husbands, pioneer of Penneshaw caring for 16 children

ELSEGOOD, Frederick Charles (1879-1943) BLYTHMAN, Olive Mabel (1889-1964) 

FLORANCE, John Biggen (1845-1902) BISHOP, Martha (1852-1925) Graziers and shop-keepers

GASMIER, Frederick (1842-1928) BONHAM, Mary Ann (1844-1915) Christophers, Olds, Edwards, Chirgwin

GEISLER, Johann Carl Heinrich (1867-1946) MADER, Maria Pauline (1877-1941) Cygnet River

GILES, William (1791-1862) ROPER, Sarah & McGEORGE, Emily SA Company Manager

GOBELL, James (1803-1884) WILLIS, Frances (1828-1916) son George married Kitty Hamilton

GRANGER, George ((1826-1881) 3 wives First child was born K.I. 1857

HALL, James (1838-1919) MATTHEWS, Martha (1847-1920) 

HAMILTON, William Holmes (1820-1916) LAKER, Charlotte Johnson (1818-1905) Duke of York? Kathleen Stewart Forbes? Boxer, Gobell and Whittle  descendants

HOWARD, William (1852-1935) BARR, Janet (1859-1948) Cuttle Fish Bay

HUGHES, Charles William (1858-1935) HOLTZE, Ludmilla (1871-1971) American River

JOHNSON, Charles (c.1810-1895)  TUOHEY, Mary Ann (1837-1915) 2nd keeper Cape Borda lighthouse

JOHNSTON, Thomas (1810-1892) JENNINGS, Eliza (1826-1888) Hog Bay pioneer

JONES, William Daniel (1854-1938) COX, Diana Ruthena (1858-1931) Large family from Delamere, some marrying into the Waller families

KLEEMANN, Friedrich Wilhelm (1798-1884) (1) HELM, Maria (-1837), (2) CHRISTIAN, Friederike Wilhelmine (1813-1892)

KOPP, John Jacob Got (1844-1924). Light keeper, Cape Borda

KRUEGER, Johann Ewald Franz (1859-1947) PIESKER, Annie (1864-1930) married Northcott, Christophers, and Ransom families

LASHMAR, Thomas Young (1813-1860) RUSHALL, Jane (1822-1864) Came to Antechamber Bay c.1858

LEWIS, James (1812-1891) BRISTOW , Eliza Margaret Hutton (1824-1906) Rapid 1836

LINNETT, John (1855-1932), father of John Archibald LINNETT of American River

LITTLELY, John (1836-1917) DEALY, Francis (1840-1925) Leahy, Hoffmann

LOVERING, Richard (1884-1944) BUICK, Alice Jane (1881-1960) 

LUCKETT, George Ernest (1859-1943) LEWIS, Jessie (1868-?)

McINTYRE, William Neil (1861-1918) WILLIAMS, Martha Varina (1864-1928) marrying into Jones, Griffith and Burgess families

McWHINNIE, George (1883-1955) NORTHCOTT, Alice Elizabeth (1917-1977)

MILDRED, George (1807-1874) EAST, Mary Ann (1818-1866) Rapid and Africaine

NEAVE, Samuel (1806-1879) NICHOLLS, Sarah (1832-) Descendants are Penneshaw pioneers

NORTHCOTT, Thomas (1833-1901) BROWN, Jane Ledra Pearce (1834-1921) Arrived on the Canterbury 1866

NOSKE, Carl (1835-1911) LESKE, Henrietta (1836-1895) Son KI councillor, Dauighter married into Havelberg family

OLDS, James (1860-1926) HOCKING, Mary (1861-1941) 

OSTERSTOCK, Andrew George (1850-1908) RANSON, Eleanor (1850-1936) 

PARIS, George James (1844-1906) CHENNELL, Sarah Mary (1849-1884) 1876-1884 Telegraph station master, Kingscote

POTTER, Edward (1844-1929) UNWIN, Sophia (1843-1917) 

POWELL, Charles Bendin (1810-1898) GILLARD, Jane (1812-1896) Duke of York 1836

RANSOM, Thomas (1859-1893) CRANWELL, Anna (1848-1964) parents of Hurtle and Percy

RATCLIFF, James Frederick (1873-1945) SPECK, Sophia (1875-1896) then Margaret (1879-1968) 

REEVES, Samuel (1788-1881) KEMP, Charlotte Martha (1796-1866) Lady Emma, 1838, from Tasmania

ROWE, James Butteress (1796-1873) ?, Jane?  (c.1800-1839) James' wife probably buried in Kingscote Pioneers Cemetery

RUSSELL, Robert Frazer (1807-1891) HISLOP, Elizabeth (1816-1891) Duke of York 1836

SAWYER, Andrew Thomas (1861-1932) DANZIC, Louisa Anne  (1866-1943)  Supervised the construction of the first Hog Bay Jetty.

SCHAEFER, Christian NERLICH, Christiane Two sons, Harry and Oscar, came to K.I.

SHARPE, James (1862-1924) COOPER, Priscilla Eliza (1895- )

SEYMOUR, William (1815-1873) THOMAS, Mary (1833-1913) 3rd keeper Cape Willoughby lighthouse

SHERIDAN, John (c.1848-1940) HOUGHTON, Ellen (c.1856-1925) Western River

SNELLING, Henry (1818-1898) HILLIER, Elizabeth (1825-1901) Charles Kerr 1840

STIRLING, Alfred (1866-1937) PARSONS, Mary Ann (1866-1957) McGillvray and Penneshaw

STRAWBRIDGE, William Smerdon (1817-1869) STRAWBRIDGE - m, Eliza Stockholm (1818-1897) Wisanger, PARTRIDGE family

SUNDBERG, Martin (1865-1942) SPENCE, Maria Louisa (1872-1956) married into the Buick family

TAYLOR, John Dunn (1825-1894) TAYLOR, Elizabeth (1816-1875) 

THOMAS Nathaniel Wallace(1802-1879) Betsy (b Tasmanan Aboriginal - d.1878) One of the earliest families on KI, marrying into the Simpson, Barrett, Seymour and Waller families

TIGGEMANN, August Adolf (1884-1971) NORTHCOTT, Mary Jane Adelaide (1886-1954) Cygnet River

TILKA, Martin (1842-1914) RICHMAN, Maria (1838-1928) Cygnet River

TRETHEWEY, John (1843-1923) YATES, Elizabeth (1846-1902) Pioneers of Penneshaw

TURNER, Thomas (1816- )  MELLISH, Sarah (1816- ) parents of Alfred, John and George, arriving on the Clara 1859

VEREYCKEN, Peter Joseph (1855-1941) DELAHUNTY. Mary (1864-1942) 

WALLER, James (1827-1865) CHANDLER, Harriet (1835-1885) Samuel Boddington 1849

WHEATON, Robert (1886-1974) HOWARD, Mary Matilda (1884-1987) "Father of Kingscote Council"

WHITTLE, Uriah Cheesman (1827-1893) THOMAS, Sarah Martin (1834-1874) son Albert m. Marianne BOXER (nee HAMILTON)

WIADROWSKI, Anton THAMM, Johanna Emily\ie Emma Herbert and Emily at MacGillivray

WILLSON, Thomas Creasy (1821-1901) WILKINSON, Ellen (1813-1906) Pioneers of Penneshaw