Adrian Waller

Adrian Waller - His final resting place.

We have previously reported the death of our patron and life-member Adrian Waller on 11th October, 2010.  Recently, Neil Waller sent this article to the newsletter which is of great interest to all who  knew Adrian and is a fitting finale to this fine man.

On 22nd December, 2011, Andrew Easthope and his wife Marcie from Owen Sound in Ontario, Canada, and his brother Tim from Alice Springs set sail on the Sealion 2000 for Penneshaw to be met at the wharf by Neil Waller.


      Photo: Neil Waller                                                                 Photo: Marcie Easthope

From left: Tim Easthope, Andrew & Marcie Easthope arrive on the Sealink Ferry.                                  From left: Ian Gilfillan, Neil Waller, Andrew Easthope and Tim Easthope next to the fig tree.

Their quest was to spread their grandfather's ashes under the fig tree planted by his great-grandmother, Hannah Simpson in 1857 behind the Simpson house at Creek Bay, perhaps better known as Antechamber Bay. The tree has an inscription, by Tiger Simpson, “Planted 1857 Hannah Simpson”.

   Photo: Neil Waller


In an interview with Nicholle Steinke for Hindsight on Radio National, Adrian had commented that this was where he wanted his ashes spread. The family were honouring that wish. Following lunch at the recently refurbished Penneshaw Hotel, the group went around to Creek Bay, the preferred name used by Andy Gilfillan and was met at the house by current owner and Association patron, Ian Gilfillan.He spoke of the history of the house and of the tree, including his memory of ‘Tiger’ Simpson relating the story of his mother, Hannah, planting the tree. The tree is now quite large, but it is open underneath, so the family crawled underneath where Timothy and Andrew spread the ashes under the tree watched by Marcie and Neil.

Ian also pointed out a gum tree planted by ‘Tiger’ at the front of the house.

The travellers then returned to Kingscote for a few days before returning to the mainland for Christmas at Moonta.