Time line

The purpose of this table is to create a chronological index of events relevant to Kangaroo Island's history.

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1770   Capt. James Cook landed eastern Australia in H.M.S. Endeavour 


1788, January 26  First fleet of 11 ships arrives Sydney Cove Established the penal colony that became the first European settlement in Australia. 


1798   Flinders and Bass in the sloop Norfolk circumnavigated Van Diemen’s Land, proving it to be an island, and opening up a route to southern Australia 


1801, March Matthew Flinders circumnavigates continent, which he names ‘Australia’ 


1802, March 22   HMS Investigator Matthew Flinders lands at Kanguroo Head (Christmas Cove)


1802, April 8   Matthew Flinders (Investigator), Nicolas Baudin (Le Geographe) encounter each other in Encounter Bay 


1803   Le Geographe (2nd visit) (January) Baudin circumnavigated K.I., Frenchman’s rock inscribed at Aise de Sources 


1803 Union (for 4 months), captain Isaac Pendleton Independence built by American sealers based in American River. 


1804   Foundation of Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, as a British colony


1806 (approx)  "Joseph Murrell & 6 crew stranded" Sealers dropped off at the N.E. end of KI at Murrell’s Landing (Harvey’s Return) 


1809  Eliza collects Murell + 2, returns to Port Jackson with skins 


1810 Endeavour of Sydney, Endeavour of Norfolk Salt, seal skins 


1812   Elizabeth and Mary collected KI salt, returned to Sydney in June 


1812  Campbell Macquarie arrives Nepean Bay 


1813   Henry Fifer, sealer, from "Elizabeth and Mary" (or "Campbell Macquarie"?) Still on KI 1817 

-  Hallett Shueard “Forgotten Men” 2013 page 218 http://ehlt.flinders.edu.au/projects/counterpoints/Proc_2002/A9.htm 

1815-16 Captain Peter Dillon, Spring, killed 500 seals on Kangaroo Island and 100 on Althorpe Island. He reported the land around Port Lincoln as fertile and productive.  

 (Dillon pp. 64-67 in South Australian Association 1834).

1817   Henrietta, Rosetta, Spring, arrive Hobart with KI salt and skins 


1818    ‘Governor’ Henry Wallen (aka Wallan)  established a farm in the Cygnet River Valley


1818 (approx.)  Abyssinian Jack (John Anderson)  sealer, reported as living on KI for 14 years 


1819  Jupiter, Captain Ainswworth Salt and skins, C.Feen (Chief Officer) and Samuel Tomlins drowned at Bay of Shoals. 


1819  Governor Macquarie Captain Sutherland on Kangaroo Island (see 1831)


1820  Little Mary, Captain James returns from KI to Sydney 


1824   Nathaniel Walles Thomas from the brig Nereus Tasmanian aboriginal wife Betty


1824   George ‘Fireball’ Bates, established a farm in Hog Bay 


1826 Population "Upwards of 200 souls vegetating on this convenient spot.  30 men and 40 black women, independent of a numerous progeny, contrive to make themselves quite comfortable in their snug retreat."


1827   Nathaniel Walles (Nat) Thomas established a farm at Creek Bay 


1827   Major Lockyer reports on Kangaroo Islanders "'a complete set of pirates, ..., having their chief resort or den at Kangaroo Island,.. 


1830   Charles Sturt explores Murray River 


1831    Captain Sutherland writes glowing account of his 1819 visit influencing the SA Coy to establish the capital on K.I.


1831, April 29    Collett Barker killed by natives Murray Mouth 


1831, December 20 Elizabeth, Capt John Hart, Nepean Bay

1834   George Meredith (later murdered) Aboriginal wives Big Sal and Suke. 


1834, August 15  South Australia Act (1834)  passed by British Parliament 


1835  William, cutter, William Thompson disembarks and joins Waller 


1836, February 19   Letters Patent enabling the South Australian Act establishing the Province of South Australia


1836, June 14   Capt John Hindmarsh received commission as Governor of SA 


1836, July 27   Duke of York arrives Nepean Bay 


1836, July 30  Lady Mary Pelham arrives Nepean Bay 


1836, August 19  John Pirie arrives Nepean Bay 


1836, August 20  Rapid arrives Nepean Bay 


1836, September 11   Cygnet arrives Nepean Bay


1836, September 13  (unsubstantiated) First birth, Nepean Kingston Neale, at Nepean Bay. He died at Holdfast Bay two months later.

1836, September 24   Samuel Stephens, Charlotte Beare married aboard the John Pirie 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Stephens_(Colonial_Manager) \

1836, September 27  John Pirie departs Kingscote headed for Hobart Town to collect supplies.

Hobart Town Courier, 9 December 1836, p2

1836, October 5 Emma arrives Nepean Bay 


1836, November 4  Africaine arrives Nepean Bay 


1836, November 7   John Rapid Hoare birth Rapid Bay 


1836, November 20  Tam O'Shanter arrives Nepean Bay


1836, December 24   Buffalo arrives Port Lincoln 


1836, December 28  Buffalo arrives Holdfast Bay 


1836, December 28  Proclamation of the commencement of the colonial government at Glenelg 


1837   David MacLaren Manager, SA Coy to 1841 


1837, January 12  Coromandel  arrives Nepean Bay, and stayed about 3 days 


1837, January 16 William Hutt arrives Nepean Bay from London, went aground, one passenger Matthew Peary PIESSE, departs 22 Jan 1837 for Holdfast Bay. The same year Matthew married Margaret Eliza CLARK(E) who arrived a little earlier on the Africaine.


1837, February  Jeremiah Calnan (Africaine) dies at sea Encounter Bay


1837, February 7  John Renwick arrives Nepean Bay 


1837, March 5  John Pirie departs Kangaroo Island bound for Hobart Town for more supplies.

1837, March 9  Lucy Beare nee Loose dies, burial Pioneers Cemetery


1837, April 22  South Australian arrives Nepean Bay en route to Holdfast Bay 


1837, May  Regia from Sydney to Adelaide 


1837, May  Lord Hobart from the Cape, with cattle, to Pt Adelaide 


1837, May 4  Schah (Shah) en route to Holdfast Bay from England


1837, June 20  Death of King William IV of England.  

1837, June 21   Princess Victoria proclaimed Queen  

1837, October 16  Hartley arrives Nepean Bay, carrying the William Giles family

1837, October 14  Catarina Maria Kleemann, nee Helm dies at sea on Solway, buried Pioneer Cemetery


1837, October 15   Solway, Katherine Stewart Forbes, Hartley at Nepean Bay 


1837, November 30  Navarino at Nepean Bay dropping off several passengers before proceeding to Holdfast Bay  6 December 1837. Barque under the command of Captain Christopher Abel Warming and carried 217 passengers of which 151 were adults and 66 were children.

Pioneers Association of South Australia

1838, January 15  Royal Admiral direct from Falmouth 16w 1d arrives Nepean Bay for 2 days 


1838, June 10  Vice-Regal.  Governor Hindmarsh visits Kingscote  Arrived on the Pelorus. Entertained by W. Giles. 


1838, July 14   Governor Hindmarsh recalled replaced by Lt-Colonel George Gawler 


1838, July 25   Duke of Roxburghe en route to Holdfast Bay discharged Enoch Essex, wife and child, and a single man 


1838, October 12   George Gawler, 2nd governor arrives on 'Pestonjee Bomanjee


1838, November 9   Ship Bengalee  carrying first Prussian settlers. Then to Port Adelaide 16 Nov.


1838, December 20  Ships Prince George, Goshawk ballasting in Nepean Bay 


1839  SA Company HQ moved from Kingscote to Adelaide 


1839, February 18   Samuel Giles dies age 9y, buried Pioneers Cemetery 


1839, July 18  Edward Hollingworth Giles dies age 8m, buried Pioneers Cemetery 


1839, October 6   Col. William Light dies at Thebarton 


1840, January 18   Samuel Stephens, manager SA Coy to 1837 dies from falling from horse


1841, May 10  Governor Gawler recalled, replaced by George Grey until 1845 Colonization Commission bankrupt 


1843   John Ridley invented reaping machine radically changed farming methods


1843  The Majestic and Lancaster, American whalers, and the St Croix, a Danish whaler at Kangaroo Island

South Australian Register, Wednesday 13 September 1843.

1844    Kapunda copper mining started 


1845    Burra Burra copper mining (to 1877) 


1845, October 25   Governor (until 1848) Lt-Col. Frederick Holt Robe 


1846, January 9  Elizabeth Beare dies of burns, at Netley, buried West Terrace Cemetery


1847 Ship 11 ton cutter William wrecked at Penneshaw Built American River c.1844 by Wm. Wilkins and Wm. Walker 


1848, August 2   Governor (until 1854) "Sir Henry, E.F. Young" 


1851 Gold discoveries in Victoria creating labour shortage; wheat demand increased 


1851   Census Kangaroo Island 85 males 33 females, total 118 


1851, September 12   Ship Reliance arrives, en route to Port Adelaide.


1852, January 16 Cape Willoughby lighthouse light exhibited 


1853. November 25  Shipwreck Osmali, D'Estrees Bay 


1854   John Buick settles at American River, establishing a farm and orchard 


1855, June 8  Governor (until 1862) "Sir Richard G. MacDonnell, CB." 


1856   SA South Australia became a self-governing colony  ratification of a new constitution by the British parliament 


1856, April  Robert (Henry) "Governor" Wallen dies Adelaide, burial Pioneers Cemetery 


1857  SA Waste Lands Act 1857  set out conditions for sale of Crown Land 


1857  The Corio and Young Australian ran to Kangaroo Island to meet the English mail steamers in Nepean Bay, until about 1860.


1858  Samuel Reeves, infant son of Augustus dies, burial Pioneers Cemetery 


1858, January 27   Torrens Title - Real Property Act 1858 reforms in registering and conveyancing freehold title of land in S.A.


1859   (The later named) Faith, Hope and Charity cottages built by Charles and Michael Calnan 


1859, March 17  P.&O. mail steamer Benares arrives Nepean Bay

ARRIVAL OF THE BENARES AT ADELAIDE. (1859, May 12). Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950), p. 3. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article132227441 

1859, July 5  P.&O. steamer Salsette  arrives Nepean Bay with mail from Southampton en route to Melbourne


1859, July 13  Cape Borda lighthouse light exhibited 


1859, August 5  P&O steamer Bombay arrives Nepean Bay with English mail of June 18

ARRIVAL OF THE MAIL. (1859, August 8). South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), p. 2. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article49825760 

1859, December 12  R.M.S. Columbian arrives Nepean Bay with mail, en route to Melbourne

ARRIVAL OF THE ENGLISH MAIL. (1859, December 14). Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser (Vic. : 1857 - 1867 ; 1914 - 1918), p. 2. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article253603479 

1860   Wallaroo copper mining started 


1860, January 6  P. & O. Company's steamer Salsette arrives in Nepean Bay with November mail

EUROPEAN NEWS TO NOVEMBER 21. (1860, January 14). Adelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904), p. 1 (Supplement to the Adelaide Observer.). http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article158173009 

1860, February 5  R.M.S.S. Northam arrives Nepean Bay, en route to Hobsons Bay

The Star. (1860, February 7). The Star (Ballarat, Vic. : 1855 - 1864), p. 2. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article72464815 

1860, April 22  P & O Mail Steamship Ottowa arrives Nepean Bay, en route to Sydney

News to the 23rd April. (1860, June 16). Braidwood Observer and Miner's Advocate (NSW : 1859 - 1862), p. 2. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article279381332 

1860, May 21  Shipwreck Fides, nr Snug Cove 


1860, June 11  R.M.S. Jeddo arrives Nepan Bay en route to Sydney

MAILS BY THE JEDDO. (1865, August 22). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 4. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article13117839 

1861, November 6   Thomas Hudson Beare dies, buried Myponga. 


1862, March 4   SA Governor (until 1868) Sir Dominick Daly


1862, October 27  Harriet Granger (wife of George) dies, burial Pioneers Cemetery


1869  Strangways Act 1869 (amendment of Waste Lands Act) applied credit purchase to defined ‘agricultural areas’ in SA


1871, May 26. Vice-regal visit. The Right Honourable Sir James Fergusson Bt

1874 Hundred of Dudley proclaimed  


1874 County Carnarvon, proclaimed   


1875, December 25   Submarine cable to Normanville project completed in 6 days


1876, August 13   Cape Borda to Kingscote overland cable connecting to Adelaide


1877, May 15  Shipwreck Emily Smith, South K.I. 


1878  Hundred of Menzies proclaimed  


1880, Jan 23  A large fire swept through Cygnet River. Mr Stokes burnt out.

EPITOME OF GENERAL NEWS. (1880, January 23). Christian Colonist (SA : 1878 - 1894), p. 4. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article214680963

1880, May 15  Telegraph line completed between Cape Willoughby and Kingscote, enabling communication to the mainland.

Latest News. (1880, May 15). Evening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912), p. 2. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article197740103 

1881, May 9  George Granger dies, burial Pioneers Cemetery 


1882, January 13  Hog Bay becomes Penneshaw, Government Gazette 


1882, January 20  Large bush fires on K.I. 

FIRES ON KANGAROO ISLAND. (1882, January 20). The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922), p. 2 (SECOND EDITION).  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article208254148 

1882  French gunboat, The Governor Bruat, called into K.I., bound for New Caledonia, and was not reported to the authorities, speculating rumours.

HEADS OF INTELLIGENCE. (1882, November 11). The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889), p. 6. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article33626910 

1882, December 28  the town of Maxwell was proclaimed.  The name of the town was changed to Emu Bay in December 1941. 

1883 Land Hd Haines proclaimed  


1883 Event - KI New Kingscote Cemetery Pioneers cemetery ceded by SA Coy 


1884 Land Hd Cassini proclaimed  


1884  SA Drought and poor harvests created an economic depression  


1884  John Bernard ANDERSON and George Wilson RUTHVEN Publicans of Queenscliffe Hotel. 

Source: Pubs and Publicans, Bob Hoad 

1884, April 14  Shipwreck Mimosa, Stokes Bay 


1884, July 8  Sarah Mary Paris (nee Chennell) wife of George dies, burial Pioneers Cemetery


1885, January 9  Vice-regal. Sir William Cleaver Francis Robinson GCMG visits K.I.

HIS EXCELLENCY VISITS KANGAROO ISLAND. (1885, January 9). South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), p. 5. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article44546964 

1885, June 16  Shipwreck Mars, off Western Bay 


1885, October Event - KI Ligurian Bees Bill establishing a sanctuary for Ligurian bees on KI


1886 Event - SA Crown Lands Consolidation Act 1886 consolidate and amend the Law relating to Crown Lands 


1887, September 16  BDM / Personal Lucy Beare (nee Bull), Thomas H. Beare's 2nd wife dies, buried North Road cemetery 


1888, January 5  Event - KI District Councils Act 1887 - District Council of Kingscote initially comprised the entirety of Kangaroo Island 


1888, June 7  Event - KI Proclamation of District Council of Dudley "severed" from the District Council of Kingscote 


1889, January 26  Shipwreck Maldon Lewis, off Point Morrison 


1890  Proposal for erection of a Chamber for Kingscote Council. (Opened 1898)

Kelly, D. G., 1988. People and Places and Serious Business, p. 176

1890, June 14  Shipwreck You Yangs,  East of K.I. 


1894  S.A. parliament passes Act for the franchise to women. They voted for the first time in the election of 1896.


1895, February  Large bush fires on Kangaroo Island. 


1895 Population estimated at ninety souls, all told. 


1896   Matilda ANDERSON, Queenscliffe Hotel 

Source: Pubs and Publicans, Bob Hoad 

1897, December 3. Vice-regal. Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton Bt GCMG visits Kingscote.

THE GOVERNOR AT KANGAROO ISLAND. (1897, December 11). Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 17. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article87767442 

1899   Boer War to May 1902 

1899, April 24 Shipwreck Loch Sloy, Maupertius Bay 


1901, January 1   Federation of Australia S.A. ceased to be a self-governing colony and became a state of the Commonwealth of Australia. 

1901, January 22   Death of Queen Victoria  

1901, December 25   John Bernard Anderson prop. Queenscliffe Hotel, dies 


1902   Australia Drought  


1902, May 30    Samuel O'HARA, Queenscliffe Hotel 

Source: Pubs and Publicans, Bob Hoad 

1902, September 9    James OLDS (Jnr), Queenscliffe Hotel 

Source: Pubs and Publicans, Bob Hoad 

1902  Flinders Obelisk erected

Kelly, D. G., 1988. People and Places and Serious Business, p. 176

1903, February.  Vice-regal. Lord Tennyson, Governor of Australia 1899-1902 visits American River, Hog Bay.

RETURN OF LORD TENNYSON. (1903, February 16). The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, SA : 1867 - 1922), p. 1. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article208947874 

1903  Approval for name of Queenscliffe to revert to original name - Kingscote. [Official change in 1940]

Kelly, D. G., 1988. People and Places and Serious Business, p. 176
Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 177

1903-08-09 Henry AYRIS, Queenscliffe Hotel 

Source: Pubs and Publicans, Bob Hoad 

1905  Shipwreck Loch Vennachar, between 6 Sep - 29 Sep 


1906 Hundred of MacGillivray proclaimed  


1906, November 18 Shipwreck Montebello, west Stunsailboom River 


1907, October 9    Matilda ANDERSON, Queenscliffe Hotel 

Source: Pubs and Publicans, Bob Hoad 

1908   Royal Commission (to 1911) upon the necessity for a railway through K.I.


1908, March 7   K.I. Railway proposal. Deputation to the Commissioner of Crown Lands rebuffed - "The country had not been sufficiently tested". Bad news for the Islanders, particularly the farmers in the new hundreds of MacGillivray and Seddon.

The Kangaroo Island Railway Question. (1908, March 14). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 4. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article191639496 

1908 Land Hundred of Seddon proclaimed  


1908 Land Farmers and property owners. See list of names in the newspaper article 


1908, September 18   Kingscote Golf Club inaugural meeting 


1908,  March 10   Charles Alfred ANDERSON, Queenscliffe Hotel 

Source: Pubs and Publicans, Bob Hoad 

1908, November.  Vice-regal. Sir George Le Hunte, in the Governor Musgrave visits Vivonne Bay, Cape de Couedie, Hog Bay and Kingscote.

NEWS OF THE DAY. (1908, November 26). The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), p. 6. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article57002323 

1909, February 18  Vice-regal visit to Kingscote by Governor-General and Lady Dudley

Vice-Regal Visit to Kangaroo Island. (1909, February 20). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 4.  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article191630172 

1909 Hd Duncan, Hd Ritchie, Hd Newland proclaimed 


1909   Cape du Couedic lighthouse light exhibited 


1910 Land Hundred of McDonald proclaimed 


1910,  July 5   KI Floods  


1910, November 28  Vice-regal Admiral Sir Day Hort Bosanquet GCVO KCB  opens new Kingscote jetty. Opens inaugural K.I. Show, Kingscote.

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Saturday 3 December 1910, page 3COUNTRY SHOWS. (1912, November 30). Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931), p. 53. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article163087579 

1912, November 21  Vice-regal  Vice-regal Admiral Sir Day Hort Bosanquet GCVO KCB opens 2nd K.I. show, Kingscote; visits American River and Vivonne Bay. Returned to Adelaide 26 November 1912.

KANGAROO ISLAND SHOW. (1912, November 25). The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), p. 10.  http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article59240711 

1914, January. Vice-regal visit. Vice-regal Admiral Sir Day Hort Bosanquet GCVO KCB 

KANGAROO ISLAND. (1914, January 24). The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), p. 7. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article57180352 

1914, August 4  Start of WW1  - Britain declared war on Germany 

1914-1915  Drought "Driest in KI History" 


1915    Settlement of Returned Soldiers ...Act 1915 


1915, July 26  Shipwreck Vera, near jetty, Cape De Couedic


1916, Feb 2. Vice-regal. Lieutenant Colonel Sir Henry Lionel Galway KCMG DSO, visit to Kingscote and Cygnet River.

CONCERNING PEOPLE. (1916, February 5). The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929), p. 8. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article59800985

1917, April 7.  Vice-regal. Lieutenant Colonel Sir Henry Lionel Galway KCMG DSO fishing holiday. Returned to Adelaide 16 April.

PERSONAL. (1917, April 18). Critic (Adelaide, SA : 1897-1924), p. 5. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article212169847 PERSONAL (1917, April 16). Daily Herald (Adelaide, SA : 1910 - 1924), p. 4. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article105401289 

1918, August 28   Ozone Hotel destroyed by fire  


1919, October   Flinders Chase.  After a 27-year advocacy campaign, and periodic dedication of land by the government, in October 1919 the South Australian parliament established Flinders Chase as a nature reserve on the western end of the island. Flinders Chase provides a protected environment for the island’s unique flora and fauna and a sanctuary for mainland species threatened with extinction.


1919, Dec - Jan Vice-regal. Lieutenant Colonel Sir Henry Lionel Galway KCMG DSO visits K.I. on farewell tour.

PERSONAL (1920, January 7). Critic (Adelaide, SA : 1897-1924), p. 6. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article212483623 

1922, May 20   KI Kangaroo Island Football Association incorporation 


1923, April 7. Vice-regal, Lieutenant General Sir George Tom Molesworth Bridges KCB KCMG DSO, visits K.I.

GENERAL NEWS. (1923, April 11). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), p. 8. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article37304826 

1924, March 26. Vice-regal visit, Lieutenant General Sir George Tom Molesworth Bridges KCB KCMG DSO

PERSONAL (1924, March 26). Critic (Adelaide, SA : 1897-1924), p. 6. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article212255976

1927, January. Vice-regal visit, Lieutenant General Sir George Tom Molesworth Bridges KCB KCMG DSO

SEA SCOUTS (1927, January 12). News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), p. 4 (HOME EDITION). http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article129201463 

1928 Telephone connection to Adelaide

Kelly, D.G., 1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 177

1929, January. Vice-regal visit. Brigadier the Honourable Sir Alexander Gore Arkwright Hore-Ruthven VC KCMG CB DSO. 

MINISTERS RETURN (1929, February 1). News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), p. 6 (STUMPS EDITION). http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article129220919 

1931 Hundred of Gosse proclaimed  


1932 Great Depression Aust. unemployment record 30% 


1933 Seven new leases granted in Hundreds of Duncan and Gosse

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 177

1934, July 19  Penneshaw Golf Club inaugural meeting 


1936, November 7  Vice-regal. The Governor, Sir Winston Dugan, unveiled the Pioneers memorial at Kingscote during centenary celebrations. Returned to Adelaide 12 November.

Viceregal Tour In Kangaroo Island (1936, November 3). News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 - 1954), p. 8. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article132040645 

1939  First road sealing

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 177

1939, September 1  WW2 Germany invaded Poland 

1940 Maxwell and Emu Bay recognised as Emu Bay.

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 178

1945 onwards. Trace element-superphosphate techniques made soil more viable

1945  War Service Land Settlement Agreement Act 1945 


1946, November 7  Vice-Regal visit by His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir Charles Willoughby Norrie KCMG CB DSO MC and Lady Norrie

Visit of His Excellency the Governor and Lady Norrie to Kangaroo Island. (1946, December 20). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 3. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article191435791 

1947 Population  1479  


1951,  July 26   Soldier Settlement Scheme; Parndana established . 174 families came to live in the area, almost doubling K.I.'s population by 1954. Huge work involved in clearing the land, with Council (Burdon was overseer) laying the new roads. Last new blocks in Hd of Borda settled in 1964.


1953, November 19-21  Vice Regal visit. Air Vice Marshal Sir Robert Allingham George KCMG KCVO KBE CB MC

Governor Pilots K.I. Plane (1953, November 19). Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 11. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article93986653 

1954  Population  2522 


1960  Hundred of Borda proclaimed  


1961   Pardana oval opened. MV Troubridge service begins; end of Karatta service 50 years. Premier Playford advises dam will be built on Middle River. [opened 1964 by R. Wheaton OBE; works completed 1969]

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 179

1962 Proposed that EFS units acquire radios for fire control

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 179

1963 Anderson family leave the Queenscliffe Hotel (1878-1963)

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 179

1965 Submarine cable laid to mainland providing electric power


1966 Land bought in Kingscote for Homes for Aged

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 179

1968 Community farewell men leaving for Vietnam

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 179

1969, July 27  Reeves Point land given to Council by Roy Carter

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 179

1971  Acquisition of "Hope Cottage" by National Trust

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 179

1978  Trunk calls end on KI - all will be local

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 179

1979  State Emergency Services group formed

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 180

1981 Hurricane causes much damage to a portion of Kingscote

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 180

1987  Troubridge service terminated; Island Seaway service commences

Kelly, D.G.,1988. People, Places and Serious Business, p. 180

1991  Event - Australia Economic slump forced farmers to diversify 


1996  Kingscote and Dudley Councils amalgamated to create the Kangaroo Island Council

1998 Event - KI Penneshaw  reverse-osmosis seawater desalination plant 


2011 Population 2011 Census 4417 


2015, April  Vice-regal. His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO visits K.I.


2019, December 20 - 2020, January  Devastating  fires destroyed much of Kangaroo Island, and claiming two lives.

2020, Jan 7  Governor General David John Hurley, AC, DSC, FTSE visits K.I. 


2022, July 27.  Vice-regal. Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC. She also visited  Penneshaw on April 6.

https://www.governor.sa.gov.au/vice-regal-activity/speeches/wednesday,-27-july-2022 https://www.governor.sa.gov.au/vice-regal-activity/vice-regal-news/news/wednesday,-6-april-2022 

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