K.I. Community Event of the Year


Photo courtesy of "The Islander".

Accepting the award for the Kangaroo Island Community Event of the Year, “The Settlement Day Celebrations”, are L-R Neville Cordes, [President of the Kangaroo Island Pioneers Association], Kate Williams [Representing the Advance Kingscote Association] and Dene Cordes, [Secretary and Founder of the Kangaroo Island Pioneers Association.]

The Hope Cottage Museum was the scene of the 2012 Australia Day celebrations. Kangaroo Island Council Mayor, Jayne Bates recollected what a significant year 2011 was in the history of Kangaroo Island, and pointed out that two of the most significant events were:-

“The celebration of 175 years of official settlement of our State and its humble beginnings on Kangaroo Island. This was a milestone with perseverance, ingenuity, hard work and commitment.”

“Finally, in recognition of Kangaroo Island as the birthplace of the State, Premier Rann gave his ‘State of the State’ address here on the island for the first time.”

Neville Cordes said “it was appropriate that the significant efforts of the many organisations, the residents and the schools were appropriately recognised when the Kangaroo Island Council made the award to the ‘175th Settlement Day Celebrations’”. Dene Cordes said that he was “thrilled that the efforts of the members of the Association, both on the mainland and the Island were recognised by the Council and appropriately recognised”. Both Neville and Dene thanked the Advance Kingscote Association for their considerable help and support in making the Settlement Day celebrations such a success.