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Flinders chase and early south coast settlers v. 29.03.2021 - research by Geoffrey Chapman

Keywords: North Cape, Point Marden, Cape Borda, George & Joyce Lonzar, James Ransome Goodiar, Walter Norman, John Wright, William Chapman, George Granger, John Hirst, John Knuckey, Ted Burgess, Rocky River Homestead, Cape de Couedic lighthouse, West Bay, Karratta, Grassdale, Harriet River, Kaiwarra Station, Hawks Nest, White Lagoon, bushfires, Charlie May, Annie Bates, John Bates, John Tiggemann, William Chapman, Adolph “Bob” Tiggemann, William Boxer, Alf Stirling, diprotodon fossils, Harry & Violet Hansen, Kelly Hill caves, Colin Bond, tourist, bee farm, apiarist, John Masterman, Koala Park, wallaby & possum hunting, Kelly's Hill, Klemm Edwards, Eleanor River, Stunsail Boom River, Tilka Hut, Mount Pleasant, William Ellis Batts, Roy Pender, Harold & Edward Seager, Western River, John Sheridan.

John Hirst of Snug Cove (subpage) - research by Geoffrey Chapman (v. 3 Jan 2019)

Keywords: Elizabeth Hirst, Edward Burgess, Maurie Burgess, Ross Chapman, Paney sheep station Gawler Ranges, Arcoona, Andrew Wooldridge, timber cutting, sawmill, mail, wool, Lily Edwards, Edward De Mole, Frederick Carrington

Sawmill at Cygnet River (subpage) - research by Geoffrey Chapman (v. 25 Feb 2018)

Keywords: Calnan, Jerry Martin’s Jetty, Duck Lagoon, James Ransome Goodiar, sleepers, Adelaide Gawler Railways, Branch Creek, De Mole River, Kangaroo Beach, Henry Boxall, Henry Stenning, SA Company’s Shack at ex-Governor Henry Wallen’s farm, Harry Bates, Marto, Walter Norman, John Wright snr., George and Emma Woollard, William Chapman, Bugsby's Hole, barge, raft, tenders, millwright Mexen, flour, goats.

Schools on K.I. - research by Geoffrey Chapman (v. 23 Feb 2018)

Keywords: Leonie Bell & Fay Davidson booklet, “A history of Kangaroo Island Schools 1836 to 1980",

Granger connection - research by Geoffrey Chapman (1 April 2020)

Chapman Family Tree - research by Geoffrey Chapman (v.1 Jan 2017)

" I have added my family tree file ... - bit long winded but it should fill in the gaps. Still have a few gaps especially about William Thompson and Jack Rix [ his Grandson]--something does not add up and is possibly Jack was adopted ??? but by whom???..."

William Chapman - research by Geoffrey Chapman (2 Nov 2019)

This story of the life of William Chapman has been the collection of research work and family stories and as such, misinterpretation of events there may be some inaccuracies. Trying to interpret those early attitudes, life and working condition of the 1830’s is difficult and hard for the current descendants in the 2000’s. However, this is probably fairly good outline of his history. - Geoffrey Chapman 2 November 2019

The First Jetty (subpage) - research by Geoffrey Chapman (v 25 Jan 2019)

Bonavestura, Perservance & Grainger's mine - Geoffrey Chapman (26 Feb 2017)

Found a map which shows Grainger's mine- the Perseverance and Bonaventura mines area little to the east. Found them by using the Lat and Long on a topographical map- too a few minutes but it solved my question where they are. I was told the mines were at the headquarters of the Cygnet River i.e. Camel Back / Bark hut area but in fact they are about 3 Km SE of Amen Corner! - G.C.

KI Family and Community Archives - a proposal - Neville Cordes 2018

KI History Pavilion - a proposal - Neville Cordes 2018

KI Sealers (subpage) - research by Geoffrey Chapman v.3. 26 July 2019

KI Tourmaline mining - research by Geoffrey Chapman (v. 25 Jan 2019)

Soldiers research (subpage) by Jo-anne Overton

Who swam across Backstairs Passage? (subpage)- research by Geoffrey Chapman (v. 1 Dec 2019)

Alfred Charles Burgess - research by Geoffrey Chapman, submitted Feb 2020.

George Fireball Bates's son, John Batis (subpage) - research by Geoffrey Chapman, submitted April 2020

Early Post Offices on KI - research by Geoffrey Chapman, submitted 2 May 2020

Animals introduced on K.I. (subpage) - research by Geoffrey Chapman, Facebook 16 July 2020

Ivy Barratt's Life Story - research by Mark Barratt 2021.

An abridged and edited version of this story has been published in the KIPA members newsletter in two parts- Part 1 KIPA Newsletter No 81 May 2021, Part 2 KIPA Newsletter No 82 July 2021

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