Shoal Bay School

Opening of Shoal Bay School. 15 March 1913.

Photo Kathy Barrett, Facebook GUOKI. 11 Oct 2023

1913 A meeting of residents interested in the erection of a schoolhouse on the water reserve near Shoal Bay was held at the residence of Mr A. G. Boxer on Monday evening. A representative gathering attended. Mr W. T. Turner was annotated secretary and it was decided to commence building operations as early as possible, and to hasten proceedings it was arranged to hold a working bee next week to cart stone, sand and other building material to the site chosen. We are informed that nearly £100 has been subscribed by residents, and further amounts are expected.

SHOAL BAY SCHOOL. (1913, March 15). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA: 1907-1951), p. 4.

1913 The above building, which has been erected on the water reserve sear Shoal Bay by residents of the district, is now completed and the committee have arranged a varied programme in connection with the opening ceremony. The school house, for the building of which Mr W. Wren was the successful contractor, was designed by Mr E. G. Walker, architect, of Kingscote, and in addition to being a credit to the district, will fill a long felt want, as in the past the children in the Shoal Bay district have been debarred from attending school owing to the distance removed from such institution. Sports for the children will commence at 2.30 p.m. and the opening ceremony will be performed by Cr. J. Turner (Chairman of the Kingscote District Council) at 3.30 p.m. and will be followed by a tea and concert at 8 p.m. The building will be available for dancing, free of charge, after the concert is concluded. See advt. for further particulars.

SHOAL BAY SCHOOL. (1913, August 30). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA: 1907-1951), p. 4.

Opening day Opening of Shoal Bay School. . The school building which Mr. W. Wren was the successful contractor at £59.10 shillings, was designed by Mr E. G. Walker, architect, of Kingscote, the opening ceremony was performed by Cr. J. Turner (Chairman of the Kingscote District Council) 


1913 to 1916 Miss Dunne

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1916-1918 Miss Gurdera

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1919-1921 Miss Waters
1921 -1923 Miss Martha Helene Marie Pflaum, -Lodged with the Buck Family
1923 Miss Doreen Brown
1926 -1935 Mr. James Kenneth Buchanan

Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), Wednesday 22 August 1945, page 4

1940 -1945 Mr. Maurice Desmond Thomas Hooper

Thanks to Geoffrey Chapman for this information

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Friday 27 July 1945, page 2


From the " South Eastern Times" Millicent, we glean, that after an illness lasting for several weeks, Mr Kenneth Buchanan passed away in the Millicent Hospital last week at the age of 74 years. The late Mr Buchanan was for a number of years, schoolmaster at the Bay of Shoals school. Owing to the ill health of his sister (Miss Kate Buchanan) he resigned from the Education Department, and they went to Millicent, and resided with another sister (Mrs McRostie) who recently passed away. Miss Kate Buchanan is the last member surviving of a family of eight.

1928 A Progressive School.

... On the way back the doctor said when passing the Shoal Bay School, "this school is worth visiting." Being late in the afternoon both teacher, Mr. Buchanan, and scholars were gone. Still we went in to see the work of the teacher and the scholars in the school yard. The school is beautifully situated on a mound which is not only high and dry, but is good Basaltic soil. The playground of the children is really outside the schoolground. Under ideal conditions, beautiful tea trees give fine shade in the summer. 

A large proportion of the schoolground proper has been turned up and planted in a hundred and one ways. It is really wonderful what has been accomplished, as I understand there are only 18 on the roll, but I was told that the children simply idolize the teacher, which probably explains much. The operations are divided into three sections: flowers, vegetables, and Agricultural. The flower section is small; the other two about equal in size. There is not only an extensive, but a wonderful display of vegetables in all stages of growth. These are sold and the proceeds reinvested. The agricultural section is equally extensive. I would have liked to have met Mr. Buchanan on the ground, as evidently a wide range of experimental work, is being done. I am sure that the Minister and Director of Education would be pleased to see what is being accomplished. 

One is reminded that just as important work, in fact, in my opinion, more important work, is being accomplished by teachers often forgotten, and lost sight of in outback areas as is being done in the limelight of the cities. ...

KANGAROO ISLAND. (1928, August 11). Observer (Adelaide, SA : 1905 - 1931), p. 55. 

Photo of Shoal Bay School 1934, courtesy Olga Ayres, from the Kangaroo Island Pioneers Association Newsletter No.40 

Identified by Olga Ayres to the best of her memory:
Back Row (L-R) Max Whittle, Boy 2 unidentified, Eric Buck, Kenneth Buck, Stanley (Bill) Barrett, Lewis Bates, David Schaefer, Noel Chapman, Arnold Bates, Mary Bates, Iris Bates, Olga Chapman, Glenda Barrett, Barbara Bates, Bessie Schaefer

Front Row (L-R) Thelma Barrett, Phillys Whittle, Walter Barrett, Cyril Whittle, Nigel Bell, Alton Schaefer

CLODE, Malcolm Frank (Mike)
b. 22 Sep 1913 Torrensville, SA
d. 10 Aug 1996
e. Electoral roll 1939 school teacher, Shoal Bay, Kangaroo Island

HOOPER, Maurice Desmond Thomas
b. 24 Apr 1913 St Leonards, SA
d. 26 Aug 1958 Springbanks, SA
e. Electoral roll 1941, 1943 Shoal Bay, Kangaroo Island school teacher

Maurice Hooper was a school teacher from 1938 until 1958 and was nominally at Shoal Bay school from 1940 to 1946 but was on leave while in the RAAF. After the war he taught at Mitcham, Unley & Westbourne Park. - Chris Ward