Centennary 1936

A collection of interesting newspaper articles showing the planning and reporting of the centenary celebrations:

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LANDING FROM THE DUKE OF YORK. On July 27, 1836, the ship ' Duke of York ' put into Kangaroo Island, and there landed on the shores of Nepean Bay, the first settlers to come to South Australia. On Monday, July 27, 1936, exactly 100 years later, the landing was re-enacted on the site by residents of the island, as part of the State's Centenary Celebrations. Later a suitable memorial is to be erected at the spot. Picture shows the re-enactment of the landing.— A.C.

THE FIRST BOAT LANDS. In this picture the first boat from the imaginary ' Duke of York ' is seen grounding on the beach after the long voyage from England. Seated in the vessel was the child. Elizabeth Beare, who, as the boat grounded, was lifted up and placed on the shore. Thus she acquired the distinction of being the first settler to land in South Australia. — A.C.

SOME OF THE RESIDENTS of Kangaroo Island who impersonated the pioneers in the costumes of the period at the re-enactment of the landing at Nepean Bay the other day. — A.C.

THEIR NEW HOME. The pioneers, having landed on the shores of Nepean Bay, survey the cliffs above them, which were destined to be their home for six months or more while awaiting the coming of Governor Hindmarsh.— Phillips.

MARCH TO THE CLIFFS. School children and townspeople marching in procession from Kingscote to the site of the landing of the pioneers, about a mile from the town. The original settlers erected their huts on the cliffs overlooking Nepean Bay. Ruins of some of the buildings may still be seen.— A.C.

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LADY DUGAN (in the centre) ( dancing with Mr. M. Smith (president of the centenary committee) at the grand centenary ball held at Kingscote this week. Both the Governor (Sir Winston Dugran) and Lady Dugan spent several days at Kangaroo Island for the centenary celebrations.

TOP — The Governor (Sir Winston Dugan) and Lady Dugan with the chairman of the Penneshaw centenary celebrations committee (Mr. E. L. Bates) at the unveiling of the tablet commemorating the landing of Capt Matthew Flinders at Christmas Cove in 1892. Lady Dugan can be seen holding the horseshoe which she found, and has kept as a souvenir. Beneath — A close up of the tablet.

TOP LEFT — The Governor (Sir Winston Dugan) — second from left — leaving with Penneshaw residents after the Armistice Day ceremony at the Soldiers'Memorial. Top, right— W. L. F. Cook, who won the centenary gold medal for the best aggregate at the Kingscote Reserve Rifle Club's meeting. Bottom, left — Three dancers at the centenary ball at Kingscote — Misses Marjorie Hodges, Edna and Doss Anderson. Bottom, right — A. Shearer driving off at the first tee while other competitors in the Kingscote Golf Club's tournament look on.

THE PROCESSION OF THE KINGSCOTE SCHOOLCHILDREN through the town on the way for the unveiling of the pioneers' memorial by the Governor (Sir Winston Dugan).

Kingscote Centenary Committee

Proposed Centenary Celebrations.

The Kingscote Centenary Celebration Committee met at the Reading Room on Tuesday evening last, Sept. 3rd. The Chairman of the Kingscote District Council (Mr M. Smith) presided.

Apologies for non attendance were received from Messrs R. Wheaton, L. Kiluge and L. Carthow. The Secretary, (Mr P. H. W. Cook) reported that he had been informed that owing to shearing being in full swing during October, it would be impossible to arrange a Fancy Dress Football match on Eight Hours Day, October 9th. It was decided that a half day cricket match and sports be beld on that day. The Secretary was empowered to form a committee to organise the sports. A social to be held in the evening which would take the form of a Basket Social. It was resolved that the Secretary write to the Hon. G. Ritchie and the Organising Secretary of the State Centenary Celebrations (Mr V. Ryan) inviting them to visit Kingscote to discuss our proposed Celebrations. The Chairman read letters received from the mainland, requesting information in reference to our proposed Centenary Celebrations. A discussion took place as to whether it would be possible to arrange for a ship to be in the harbour on July 27th 1936, when it is suggested that the Committee stage the landing of the first settlers. Mr C. A. Walters offered while on holidays in Adelaide to obtain what ever information possible, as to the exact position of the first landing etc. It was moved by Mr H. J. Cook and seconded by Mr C. A. Walters, that every effort be made to obtain publicity throughout the State, in reference to our proposed celebrations. ln discussing the Celebration on July 27th, the Committee agreed that something more useful than an Obelisk should be erected to mark the landing place of the first Colonists, and it was suggested that the public be invited to submit designs of a small ornate structure which would not be costly to erect. Mr Pledge's name was added to the committee.

Proposed Centenary Celebrations. (1935, September 6). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 2. http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article191249669

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The following is a somewhat pedestrian report by a dedicated journalist who obviously did not want to breach protocol when reporting a Vice-Regal visit! "His Excellency" is mentioned 12 times. It is included here nevertheless, as it contains names of interest, so that they can be placed in context.

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Friday 20 November 1936, page 3

Penneshaw Centenary Celebrations

The residents of the Dudley District gathered at Penneshaw on Wednesday November 11th, to take part in the Centenary Celebrations. They were reinforced by about fifteen car loads of residents from the Kingscote District. The weather which had been perfect during the previous days of the Island Celebrations, continued to smile on the holiday makers. The first function of the day was : —


Sir Winston and Lady Dugan, accompanied by Commander Phillips A.D.C., was received at the Monument by Hon. H. S. Hudd and Mrs Hudd. The Chairman of the District Council, Mr. E. S. Bates, the Chairman of the Penneshaw Celebrations Committee, Mr E. L. Bates and Mrs Bates were introduced to the Vice-Regal Party. His Excellency inspected the Returned Soldiers, who formed the Guard of Honor. He shook hands and chatted with them. A short service was conducted by the Revs. H. H. Overall and W. R. Brook. The hymn "Oh God our Help in Ages Past' was sung, Mr J. M. Grimshaw officiating at the organ. The Returned men then lined up around the Soldiers' Monument and His Excellency placed a laurel wreath at its base. After two minutes silence, Lady Dugan, on behalf of the mothers also placed a wreath of laurel in front of tbe Monument. Sir Winston and Lady Dugan were introduced to and chatted with many old residents of Penneshaw.


Following the Armistice service at the Soldier's Memorial Stone the Vice-Regal party ware entertained at morning tea by the members of the Centenary Committee at the Penneshaw Hotel. From this centre His Excellency and Lady Dugan viewed the procession of decorated vehicles. This was led by Broadbents Orchestra on Mr A. L. Howard's prettily decorated motor truck and a little music certainly lent an air of festivity to the proceedings. Each vehicle was exceedingly good and the owners are to be congratulated on the result of their efforts. The first prize was taken by Mr E. L. Bates whose float represented the barque "Melbourne" and this was a fine piece of work. Prizes were also won by Miss Thelma Buick and Mr Jack Simpson who had a flower covered brush cottage on a horse drawn vehicle driven by Mr Dudley Buick. Mr Stanford Simpson had built an excellent copy of an old hut, occupied by the late George Bates in the early days, with old George himself (Ken Willson) as sole occupier. This was driven by Mr R. A. Howard. Miss Verna Buick's new Triumph car was prettily decorated with Iceland poppies. Messrs Weber and L. Trethewey were two very playful monkeys in a cage, driven and controlled by Messrs R. and D. Trethewey. Miss Lily Buick had made two large maps of the Island. There were a mass of flowers which enclosed a motor bike ridden by Mr Dave Buick. A graceful swan was built over Master Gordon Howard's bike, and decorated bicycles were also ridden by Master Godfrey Clark and Geoff Willson. June Howard made a fine little cowgirl on horseback and was accompanied by her brother Andrew also in cowboy costume. Little Maureen Buick was a sweet figure wheeling her decorated dolls pram. The procession made its way through the town and in doing so was judged by Mesdames H. S. Hudd and H. H. Overall. It finally drew up on the banks of Christmas Cove in readiness for the ceremony of unveiling the tablet by His Excellency the Governor in memory of Captain Matthew Flinders.


Just before midday the residents and visitors assembled at Christmas Cove for the unveiling of a tablet to commemorate tbe landing of Captain Matthew Flinders in 1803. Mr E. L. Bates, Chairman of the Penneshaw Centenary Committee in requesting Sir Winston Dugan to unveil the tablet, said that the Committee felt that they should record Captain Flinders' visit and had decided to have a tablet let into the granite boulder. His Excellency unveiled the tablet and said he was very pleased to have the opportunity of taking part in the various ceremonies which ware being held on the Island. Fiinders made history when he landed at Christmas Cove. The people of Penneshaw were making history and he also was making history. Mr E. S. Bates, Chairman of the Dudley District Council in moving a vote of thanks to His Excellency for carrying out the ceremony of unveiling the Tablet, on behalf of the residents welcomed Sir Winston and Lady Dugan to Penneshaw. He stated that he had resided on the Island since 1859. He had seen many changes during that time. The people of the district were very pleased to have His Excellency and Lady Dugan with them on such an historical occasion.

At 12 30 p.m. the Vice-Regal party were entertained at an informal luncheon at the Penneshaw Hall. As His Excellency and Lady Dugan entered they were met by little Daphne Clark with a sheaf of gladioli for her Ladyship. Little Beryl Howard had the honor of pinning a Kangaroo Island centenary brooch in His Excellency's coat while Lady Dugan received one from Master Dean Clark. Lunching with His Excellency and Lady Dugan, who were accompanied by Commander Phillips A.D.C. were Mr E. L. Bates, President of the Penneshaw Centenary Committee and Mrs Bates, Hon. Captain H. S. Hudd and Mrs Hudd, Mr Mervyn Smith, Chairman of the Kingscote Centenary Committee and Mrs Smith, Mr F. Kasehagen, Chairman of the Kingscote District Council and Mrs Kasehagen, Mr E. S. Bates, Chairman of the Dudley District Council, and Councillors W. Buick, T. G. Willson, C. Leirich, F. N. Neave, W. R. Willson and Mrs Willson, the Rev. H. H. Overall and Mrs Overall, Mr Rex Brook and Mrs Brook, Mr and Mrs G. D. Chalmers, Mr J. M. Grimshaw , and the Returned Soldiers who included the Messrs S. W. Simpson, D. P. and R. A. Howard, H. Mansell, E, Buick, H. V., M. F. and W. B. Willson, R. F. H. Jackson, C. Mines and Sister M. Deane, Matron of the Penneshaw Nursing Home who also served in the great war. An enormous cake, made by Mrs C. Mines, was much admired and, at the President's request, was cut by Lady Dugan her Ladyship using a very old knife lent for the occasion by Mr S. Lowen. His Excellency, in a short speech, thanked those responsible for the lunch and made special mention of the decorations, with the remark that "he hardly knew which he had enjoyed the most, the lunch or the decorations."

A move was then made for the waiting cars and the Vice-Regal party were driven by Cape Willoughby lighthouse where they were able to spend a short interval before returning to the ceremony at Frenchman's Rock. At 2.30 p.m. a crowd had assembled on the Hog Bay Beach and shortly after this time the boat bearing the French Officer, and his crew could be seen crossing the Bay. As they drew near the shore their striped jerseys and red caps made quite a striking picture, The Officer in charge was in the uniform of that period and on landing gave the order to his crew to search for the water which Flinders had told them they would find. The spring was quickly located and the men commenced to fill their water-casks. While doing this the ships carpenter chipped away at a second rock and the thoughts of many an onlooker went back to the time, 133 years ago, when the real Frenchmen landed so soon after Flinders and carved the rock as it stands today, so doing away with all arguments that might arise in such cases about just when and where a certain thing took place. The Vice Regal paty had witnessed the proceedings and after the 1936 Frenchmen had left the shore Mr. E. L. Bates on behalf of the Centenary Committee asked His Excellency, Sir Winson Dugan, to unveil a brass tablet which had been let into the rock to the memory of the French explorer. In his speech, Sir Winston congratulated the Committee on the work they had done in preserving this interesting spot and spoke of the friendly relations which existed between Captain Flinders and Captain Baudin in spite of war between their respective countries. He congratulated the ladies who had made the pool beautiful with masses of marigolds and lilies and spoke of the pleasure it gave him to have the opportunity of unveiling the tablet. Covered by the French and British flags placed side by side, the tablet is simply worded as follows: "Captain Baudin landed here and filled his watercasks in 1803." On looking around one can see many ways of improving this interesting spot and it is pleasing to see that a number of plants have already taken root in the enclosure while a real waterlilly is growing in the pool itself.

On leaving the rock a move was made for the recreation ground where afternoon tea was quickly served as time was getting on and the Vice-Regal party were returning to Kingscote for the evening. His Excellency and Lady Dugan met a number of the old residents and the Committee much regret that Mrs Lyall [nee Elizabeth Johnston (1849-1938)], who is the oldest resident born on the Island, was unable to be about on that day. At 4 30 the Vice-Regal party left for Kingscote, calling at the Hog Bay jetty on Thursday morning en route for Adelaide by the s.s. Karatta. Captain H. S. Hudd and Mrs Hudd also joined the Karatta on Thursday morning at Hog Bay, after spending the night at Penneshaw where they attended the Centenary Ball on Wednesday evening.