Penneshaw Mutual Improvement Society

HOG BAY, May 9 [1907].— On Tuesday evening the opening meeting of the Penneshaw Methodist Mutual Improvement Society was held in the Methodist Schoolroom. The Chairman (Mr. Caust) made a few remarks regarding the aims and objects of the society, after which a debate took place on the subject "Is an improvement to the local jetty necessary?" Mr. Bert Bull took the affirmative and Mr. E. L. Bates the negative. The audience voted Mr. Bull's attempt the better of the two. The critics for the evening were Messrs. J. E. Kinner, E. S. Bates, sen., L. E. Clark, and Thomas F. Rice. It was decided to meet on alternate Tuesdays. Officers appointed: —President, Mr. Caust; Vice-President, Mr. L. E. Clarke; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. E. L. Bates; with Messrs. J. R. Murray, sen., and J. E. Kinner to act with them on the committee. Miss Louie Bates was appointed organist.

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Wednesday, Dec. 4. [1907]

The Penneshaw Mutual Improvement Society wound up a highly successful season with a social evening on Tuesday. After the minutes of the previous meeting had been read and confirmed the President (Mr T. R. Caust) made a few remarks about the valuable training which was often received through literary societies. He gave some useful advice to oratorical aspirants, and, in conclusion, hoped all present would thoroughly enjoy themselves. Sandwiched in among the games were songs and recitations contributed by Misses Louie Bates and E. Seymour, Messrs L. E. Clark, E. L. Bates and T. R. Caust. The hall was a scene of animation and fun, and judging by the expressions on the countenances of those present, an enjoyable time was gone through. During the adjournment for supper (this, like the ladies, is an indispensable part of an "evening") Mr L. E. Clark took advantage of the lull in the talking to move a hearty vote of thanks to Mr Caust for the able manner in which he conducted the affairs of the society. This was seconded and carried with acclamation. Mr Caust, in reply, thanked those present for their appreciative remarks, and said that the carrying out of the work had been a very pleasant duty. A vote of thanks to those who provided the provisions having been carried, the president said, before going into recess, he would like to place on record his indebtedness to Messrs L. E. Clark (vice-president), J. R. Murray, J. E. Kenner, and E. L. Bates (members of the committee), and Miss L. Bates for acting in the capacity of organist. Before the singing of the National Anthem the secretary (Mr E. L. Bates), prepared the minutes of the final meeting, so that everything would be in proper order when the society resumed business.

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Wednesday, May 27. [1908]


The opening meeting of the Penneshaw Mutual Improvement Society was held in the Methodist Church on Friday evening. Rain threatened all the afternoon but notwithstanding this Rev. J. Shaw presided over a fair attendance. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year : President, Rev. J. Shaw; Vice - President, Mr D. McArthur ; Hon. Sec. and Treasurer, Mr L. E. Clark. The above and Messrs E. L. Bates and T. F. Rice form the committee. A stump speech was then made by Mr L. E. Clark about fish in general and nothing in particular in which he rambled from Cape Jervis to our own dear little jetty and sundry other places. He proposed, in order to make fishing easier, that an embankment be put across Backstairs Passage and a similar obstruction be stretched from Kangaroo Island to Yorke's Peninsula. This now formed lake would, he alleged, when pumped out, leave behind it a lot of fish which would be easily gathered in. The other suggestions were so far out of reach of the ordinary individual that we do not propose giving them in detail. However, as an imaginative feat, Mr Clark's effort was fairly good. On Tuesday next the first meeting will be held when the following gentlemen are booked to speak : Mr D. McArthur, "The Needs of Hog Bay"; Mr L. E. Clark, " Progress on Kangaroo Island" ; Mr E. L. Bates, " Ministering Angels in General" ; and Mr T. F. Rice, "The Literary Society."

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An address by Mr T. F. Rice [1908] expounding the value of Literary Societies, in particular, public speaking.

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