The Polo Club season opened today.

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There was a good muster of players and spectators at the Racecourse, Cygnet River, on Saturday last, and the polo match was enjoyed by all. Teams were picked by the captain and vice-captain as follows :— Reds— Mr F. C. Addison, and Messrs P. Reed, Cliff Humphris and H. E. Partridge; Whites— Mr G. J. Reed and Messrs H. Reed, J. B. Ayliffe and Leo. Ayliffe. Mr G. G. Ayliffe and Master F. Reed also played. Although the play was fairly even the Reds won by 3 goals to 1. After noon tea was kindly provided by Mrs G. G. Ayliffe.

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Saturday 29 February 1908, page 4

Farewell to Mr G. J. Reed.

On Monday morning last a number of people gathered together in the dining saloon of the s.s. Karatta while the vessel was alongside the Kingscote jetty, for the purpose of holding an impromptu farewell ceremony in honor of Mr G. J. [Gideon James] Reed who, with his family, has removed to Strathalbyn. Cr. Daw (Chairman of the District Council of Kingscote) in addressing those assembled, referred to the regret he felt in connection with Mr Reed's departure. He was sorry to know that Mrs Reed and family would be following Mr Reed's example in the course of a few days and leaving them for a fresh sphere of action. In social matters Mr and Mrs Reed (while resident on Kangaroo Island [1906-1908]) had taken a prominent part and there were people present who had frequently partaken of their kindly hospitality. They had been keen supporters of the Polo Club the members of which were very sorry to lose Capt. Reed and his sons. (Hear, hear.) In conclusion he wished Mr and Mrs Reed and family long life and happiness and a pleasant trip to their destination. Mr E. L. Barrett J.P. wished Mr Reed bon voyage and the same to Mrs Reed and the other members of the family when their time came. He hoped and felt that, although Mr Reed was leaving the Island, he would always be ready to put in a word for a place that was very much misunderstood and which had certainly been very much neglected by those in a position to do something for it. Mr Reed was a man whom it was always a pleasure to meet and he would (with his family) be missed not only by the members of the Polo Club, but by the community at large. He wished Mr and Mrs Reed and family all possible success. Mr F. C. Addison (as vice-captain of the Polo Club) expressed the regret he felt at the departure of Mr and Mrs Reed and family. Mr Reed and his three sons [Harold Edgar Reed, Percy Wilfred Reed, James Clifton Reed] had been the back bone of the Polo Club. (Applause.) He wished Mr and Mrs Reed and family all possible success wherever they might chance to be. The gathering was a representative one and a number of other well-known residents were prepared to add their testimony to Mr Reed's good qualities and to wish him a pleasant trip but, owing to the fact that the hour of departure was drawing nigh and that Captain Spells is nothing if not punctual, the farewell ceremony had to be cut short. Therefore, all that time would allow was the toasting of Mr Reed's health, which was done with the usual honors. Mr Reed, in. a few farewell remarks, expressed the regret he felt at leaving Kangaroo Island and at severing his connection with the Polo Club. He wished all his friends as much good fortune as they could possibly wish - his family and himself and would look forward to the time when he could pay the Island a visit.

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Mr J. B. Ayliffe (late partner with Mr A. E. Campbell as auctioneer and general commission agent) left Kingscote on Monday last for Adelaide. We understand that he intends ultimately proceeding to Queensland where he will engage in business. During his residence here Mr Ayliffe identified himself with the local sporting world and, besides being a member of the committee of the Kingscote Racing Club, belonged to the Polo Club when that body was in a more active state than it is at present. We wish Mr Ayliffe success in his future career.

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