Kangaroo Island in 1837

Here's an interesting snippet. It seems people were prefering to go to the mainland in 1837, but the islanders desperately wanted them to stay:


To the Editor of the South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register.

SIR,—Permit me through your columns, to inform the public of the disgraceful conduct of certain persons at Kangaroo Island, who make a practice on Ships arriving there, to come on board and utter a tissue of falsehood and malice with respect to this place [Adelaide]. I was told that at Adelaide water was scarce, the land bad, provisions dear, and no work to be got, whereas I find every thing is the contrary. A few were induced, by this misrepresentation, to stay at Kangaroo Island, and the others were very much disheartened at the prospect of coming here. Guess what must have been our surprise and pleasure at seeing the beauty of the country, the abundance of grass, and the richness of the land. In fact, every thing has exceeded our expectation, except in finding that we cannot get our land for some time.

I am, Sir, Your most obedient Servant, A NEWCOMER

Nothing can be more disreputable than the course of systematic mis-representation pursued by certain individuals in the employment of the South Australian Company, at Kangaroo Island, regarding Adelaide, the Harbour, and the community at both these settlements. We are quite certain that such conduct will meet with most severe reprehension from the Directors in England, and we are rather surprised that no effectual measures have been taken by the Company's Managers at the Island, to check the scandalous proceedings that the arrival there of every Ship from England is sure to originate. — Editors of Gazette.

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