Names of the men and women on this list have been sourced from memorials, honour boards and cemeteries in K.I.;  Virtual War Memorial Australia (born, enlisted, or "home town" in K.I.); honour rolls in the Kangaroo Island Courier. There are bound to be omissions. If you believe that a name should be included, please contact the webmaster.

Records exist in the National Archives of Australia.  They may be ordered for inspection.  

Key to KI Connection: B=born on KI, R=resided at time of enlistment, or relative on KI (this could range from "as if" born on KI - i.e. mother went to Adelaide for the birth - to distant relative but the person did not reside on KI, although was known well enough to be put on the Honour Roll), E=Enlisted on KI, D=died on KI, SS=Soldier Settler (see separate page), ?=unknown but on Honour Rolls

First Name(s)   Last Name  Service No.  Unit / Branch  Birthplace Deathplace  KI Connection

Ronald ADAMS ? ? ?  ? No military record for Ronald Clinton Vivian ADAMS

Algernon Lumley ALDERSEY  407816  RAAF Kingscote Adelaide ? B

Norman Tollef AMUNDSEN  39598 HQ 1st Tactical Air Force RAAF Port Pirie ? R

Thomas Francis ARNOLD  115079 RAAF Albany, WA  E

Keith Leonard AVERY SX31822 2/43rd Inf Batt Prospect R Died of Wounds [questionable]  

Violet Eveleen AVERY  96563 RAAF Rose Park Kingscote R, E

Burt AYLIFFE  SX5311 2/43rd Inf Batt Hyde Park Italy, Died of wounds R

Clem AYLIFFE  SX5951 27th Battalion Kingscote Papua. Killed in action B

Frank Keith AYLIFFE  S85348 VDC (also WW1 SN259 Sgt 3rd Light Horse)

George Hamilton AYLIFFE  SX2186, SX219 2nd/10th Battalion Glenelg  R, E

Jim AYLIFFE  SX1572 2nd/10th Battalion Kingscote New Guinea, of illness R, E

Leo AYLIFFE  SX13369 48 Btn AIF Adelaide Port Pirie R, E

Syd AYLIFFE  SX16338 33 A C S Wisanger ? B, E

Phillip BALCHIN  VX117808 (V24093) 20 Aust Motor Rgt Kingscote  B

Stanley Preston BALCHIN  VX13222  6 Div Amm Column Cygnet River  B

Archibald Herbert BALD  S21624 NT Force School Gawler nr Kingscote R, E, D

Kenneth Ross BALD  S56407, SX39703 25 Aust Inf Batt Alberton Mount Gambier R, E

Bob BALL no military record but IS on Honour Roll  ? brother of Lawrence (who is NOT on Honour Roll)  R

Leslie Victor BARR      140473  RAAF, Salt Lagoon, B

Rupert Cleve BARR    140340 RAAF, Salt Lagoon, B

Laurence Thomas BALL  SX1352 2/10th Inf Batt Yorketown  R

William Thomas BARNES  30581 Flight Sergeant RAAF Kingscote Accidentally killed in service, England B

Brian Percy BARRETT  SX18541 2/7 Inf Batt Kingscote K.I.A., New Guinea.  B

Douglas George BARRETT  417275, 417265 463 Squadron RAAF Wisanger K.I.A., Waltersdorf, Germany B

Keith Robert Brian BARRETT  S65208 KI Det Coy VDC Hawker Kingscote B, E, D

Robert Owen BARRETT  S31793, SX27671 8 Aust Mech Equ Coy Wisanger Riverton B

Ronald Andrew BARRETT  VX6604 P.O.W. 2/2 Field Ambulance College Town Norwood R

Ruel Thomas BARRETT  SX11472 7 Div A S C Kent Town  R

Stanley Rowan BARRETT  S56472, SX26755 151 Gen Transport Coy Gawler ? R, E

Trevor Melville BARRETT  S47682, SX30286 2 Pack Tpt Coy Loxton Naracoorte R

William Edward Orme BARRETT  S87482 KI Det Coy VDC Broken Hill Magill E

Frederick George BARRY  SX418 Sup Amn Coy Glenelg Adelaide R

Terence Reginald George BATEMAN  SX4426  P.O.W. 2/4 A F W/Shops Penneshaw Windsor Gardens B, E

Arnold William BATES  PA3939 RAN HMAS Penguin Kangaroo Island Kingscote ? B, E, D

Colin Ernest BATES  S20134, SX24377 5 Aust Port Op Coy A A Tn C Penneshaw Richmond, Victoria B, E

Drew Lacy Alladale BATES  SX9910 2/3 Corps FD PK Coy Hog Bay ? B

Keith Denzil BATES  SX10452 2/43rd Inf Batt Emu Bay Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Lance Maitland BATES  SX22962  35 Works Coy Kingscote Paradise B

Lewis Bruce BATES  SX30599 (S56408) 2 Ord Veh Park AAOC Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E

Lindsay Walter BATES  S86273 KI Det Coy VDC Emu Bay Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Clifford BATES (aka James Clifford WALTERS)  QX1647 1 Barrig SEE RAE Emu Bay Sandgate, Qld B

Glen Roy BATES  S21617  37/52nd Inf Batt Penneshaw American River B, E, D

Douglas George Thomas BELL  S65210 KI Det Coy VDC Wisanger Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Stanley Eric BELL  S65204 KI Det Coy VDC Wisanger Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Arthur Edmund John BENNET  S37972 HQ 11 CA LofC Area (also WW1) Evandale Adelaide R, E

Alfred William Anthony BENNETT  SX20854, 4838 W.O.1 Royal Aust Engineers Plymouth, England Adelaide R

Jack Mcpherson BENNETT  S85180 KI Det Coy VDC Mosman, NSW Adelaide ? E

Walter Alfred BIRRELL  SX6060 2/48th Batt Kingscote Libya. Killed in Action B

Gavin Brown BLYTHMAN  V370542 Sergeant VDC 18 BTN Cuttlefish Traralgon, Vic B

Jack William Robinson BOANAS  417331  P.O.W. 55 Op Base Unit RAAF Muston P.O.W., Ambon, Maluku B

Victor Charles BOETTCHER  47399 RAAF 99 Squadron Gum Creek Belleview Heights B

John William BOOTHEY  48391 Laverton Transit Rcptn RAAF Kingscote ? B, E

Lionel Frank (Jim) BOWDEN MC  SX4240   2/7th & 2/12th AIF Moonta Kingscote ?, D

Wallace Robert BOXALL  SX1918 2/10th Battalion Lewisham, England Kingscote E, D

Clement Richard BOXER  S65207 KI Det Coy VDC Wisanger Kingscote ? B, E, D

Earlest George BOXER  SX7480 27th Inf Batt Shoal Bay Kingscote B, D

Kenneth Arnold (Mick) BOXER  SX18017 27th Inf Batt Kingscote New Guinea. of illness B

Maurice Clyde BOXER  SX9914 Signals 9 Div Wisanger Kingscote ? B, E, D

Stanford Claud BOXER  SX3985 2/27th Inf Batt Kingscote Adelaide B

Robert Matthew James BROOKS  S76804 32nd Batt London, England Kingscote ?, D.  Also WW1.

Archibald Adrian BUCHANAN  F3066 HMAS Penguin, RAN Perth Kingscote ? R?, D

Arthur Ernest BUCK  S21601 244 Australian Light Aid Detachment Largs Bay Kingscote R, E, D

Steven Robert BUCK  SX30687 (S111532) 2/48th Inf Batt North Kensington Adelaide R

Ivor Horace BUDARICK  S65206 KI Det Coy VDC Murray Bridge Kingscote ? E, D

Leonard Bruce BUDARICK  SX10968 HQ 2/2 Aus GD Bn Murray Bridge ? R

Hartley Oswald BUICK  S20880 152838  E Area HQ RAAF Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Rex Bentley Filmer BUICK  S40793 Area SIGS Adelaide Woodville R

Ronald William BUICK  152730 3 Medical Rec Stn RAAF Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Samuel Malcolm BUICK  SX8787 2/10th Inf Batt Fulham New Guinea. Killed in action R, E

Stephen Filmer BUICK  SX6061 2/8 Field Amb Fulham Daw Park R

Alwyn Keith BURDON  SX12932 19th Inf Batt Cygnet River Kingscote ? B, E, D

Henry Rudolph BURFITT  SX924 HQ 9 Div Kingscote Daw Park B

Dick BURGESS ? ? ? ? ? Carrier after the war

Eric Samuel Alick BURGESS  S65201 KI Det Coy VDC Kingscote ? B, E

Howard Vincent BURGESS  SX1919 2nd/10th Battalion Kingscote ? B, E

Leonard Charles BURGESS  S85178 KI Det Coy VDC Glenelg ? R, E

Lloyd Douglas Alfred BURGESS  SX10350 115 Aust BDE Wshop Kingscote  B

Maurice Max BURGESS  SX9982 8 Div. Amm.Sub.Park Glenelg Kingscote ? R, E, D

Robert BURGESS  SX8634  P.O.W. 2/2 Res M T C Prospect ? R (School)

Michael Seymour BUTLER  407220 RAAF Bournemouth, England ? ?

Leonard Murray CALVERT  VX84430 Mechanical Equipment Coy.

Frederick George CAMERON  SX23820, S5747 2/10 Aust Inf Bn Kingston American River SS?, D

Alfred CANE  S65214 KI Det Coy VDC Prospect ? cross in Kingscote cemetery R, E

Norman Clarence CARLTON  S23667, SX27502 2/16th Inf Batt Cygnet River Kingscote ? B, E, D

Kevin Hampden CARR  291999  RAAF HQ DPS Moonta Geraldton, WA R

Roy James Charles CARTER  S65212 KI Det Coy VDC Birkenhead Kingscote R, E, D

Frederick Reginald CASSIDY  6732 RAAF Sergeant, killed in air operations accident off Cape Willoughby

William Edward Laurence CATCHLOVE M.C. SX9947 2/43 Inf Batt Adelaide Adelaide Shopkeeper

Jack CHAPMAN  SX7162 26 A/Tank North Cape Adelaide ? B, E

Noel CHAPMAN  S46972, SX22254 4 A A Ops Room Kingscote ? B, E

Olga CHAPMAN  91918 4 Personnel Depot (Staff) Kingscote Adelaide B, E

Robert Denzil CHAPMAN  S47358 17 Aust Works Coy Point Marsden Adelaide B

Stella CHAPMAN  107524 4 Emb Depot RAAF Kingscote ? B

Walter Frank CHAPMAN  S65213 KI Det Coy VDC Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

William Ross CHAPMAN  S2793 3 MV TTC Exeter ? R, E

Roy Oswald CHIRGWIN   SX17299 2/6 Aust Mob Ldry & Fwd Decont Shoal Bay Currency Creek ? B, E

Frederick William James CHRISTOPHERS  SX15565 2/43rd Inf Batt Broken Hill Kingscote ? R, D

Robert James CLARE  S1578, SX39560 2/7 Aust. Docks, Operating Coy Brompton Park Kingscote  ?, D

David Herbert Weir CLARK  SX8101 2/2/ A W/S Kangaroo Head Kingscote B, E, D

Godfrey Stanley CLARK  S42248 NT Force Adv Rft Depot Adelaide Katherine NT died of injuries ?

Thomas Walter CLARK  PA/3423 RAN HMAS Penguin Penneshaw  B, E

John Vincent CONAGHTY  417565 9 Aircrew H Unit RAAF Wallaroo Adelaide R

Eric Burnt Flinders COOK  S114487 19 Aust Works Coy Alberton Kingscote R, E, D

Kenneth Alexander COOK  SX29233  Signals 12th Aust Div Kingscote Kingscote ? B, D

Wilfred COOKSLEY  SX13159 Aust & New Guinea Admin Unit Bristol, England Mount Gambier R, E

Peter Ralph CORNISH  SX12694 2/4 Armd Regt W/Shops Kingswood Tennant Creek, NT Work, marriage

John Stanley CUMPSTON  NX70393  2/23 Batt. Capt.  He wrote the book “Kangaroo Island 1800 – 1836” 

George John DALY SX20388, S15089 Corporal. Born Scotland, buried Kingscote Cemetery.

David DAVIDSON  39369 RAAF Clarenson Keith R

Bernard DAVIES  VX117066 Aust Intelligence Corps Wolverhampton, England Kingscote ?, D

Wickham Edwin DAW  S47645  4 LoC Signals (PMG) Brownlow Adelaide ? B

Reginald Willoughby DAY S65215 6th Batt VDC Hyde Park Croydon Park E

Leslie Allan DOWDELL  S114820 4 LoC Signals (PMG) Mt Gambier Daw Park R 1939-1940  linesman

Peggy Catherine DOW nee Blachburn  90658 RAAF Fitzroy, Victoria Kingscote ? SS, D

Herbert Arthur DUNN  SX14429 2/9 Aust Arm Rgt Streaky Bay ? R

Percy Ralph DUNN  S65216 4 L o C Signals (PMG) Petina ? R, E

Colin ELLIOTT  PA2931 R.A.N. HMAS Torrens Adelaide Munston SS, D

Clive Hedley FLORANCE  S65200 VDC Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Lendon Eugene FLORANCE  SX17019 2/10 Infantry Batt. Kingscote Hd of Menzies B, E, D

James Smith FOGGO  3841, 3841A, S70687 CMF WW2 (see also WW1) Rosewater Adelaide R 1907-12 Hd Cassini "The Glen"

Edgar John Douglas (Jack) FOX  26337 11 Pers Depot & Rcvg Centre RAAF Adelaide ? R

Mervyn FOX  SX27899 2/14 Aust Inf Batt Wisanger  B

George Patrick FRAWLEY  V81752, VX71101, CV33359 2 AIF 211 MCS Benalla, Vic Kingscote ?, D

Albert George FRINSDORF  PA/1764 HMAS Torrens RAN Glenelg ? R

Archibald Oswald GASMIER  SX13265  P.O.W. 105 Gen Trnspt Coy Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Cyril Clinton GASMIER  28741 3 Mobile Works Station RAAF  Adelaide Semaphore R

Victor Herbert GASMIER  S65657 H Q VDC Brownlow Kingscote B, E, D

Ronald Henry / Stanley GASMIER / GORDON  VX30954 2/16 Field Coy Brownlow Carlton, Victoria B

William GLADWELL  SX2331 2/9 Div Cav Regt Eastwood, England Daw Park Worked for "several years"

Donald Lindsay GOBELL  SX12645 27th Battalion Payneham Meadows ? R

Reginald Alfred GOBELL  27599 3 Air Observation School RAAF Maryattville ? R, E

Albert John Charles (Bert) GOVETT  S796 33 Garrison Batt Port Lincoln  ?

Allan Llewellyn GRIFFITH  SX5371 2/43rd Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Bertram Donald Charles GRIFFITH  SX1338  16 Aust Inf BDE Comp Coy Kingscote Greece, Died of wounds B

Jean Isobel GRIFFITH (nee Howard)  SF64989 Dist Accounts Office SA Yorketown  R

Donald Newbold GRIMSHAW  SX4781 2/7th  Field Rgt  2 AIF North Adelaide Adelaide R

Kenneth Walter HAILEY   405480 RAAF sergeant. Killed in air operations accident off Cape Willoughby

Herbert Richard HALL  S87487 KI Det Coy VDC Smiths Bay Kingscote ? B, E, D

Robert Percival HALL  SX6247 2/3rd Aust Machine Gun Battalion Wisanger Hd. Haines B, D

Hector Helmin HANSEN  SX896 2/10th Inf Batt Adelaide Papua. Killed in action R

John Harald Ingval (Jack) HANSEN  SX7860 2/7 Field Rgt RAA Adelaide ? R

Francis Edward HARFORD  27824 RAAF Adelaide ? R, E

Leonard (Leon) HARRINGTON  4451 (WW1) (28th Batt) & 51110 W/O (WW2) 28th BN & S.A.L of C Workshop

Gordon James HASELDINE MM  QX16698 2/12 A.I.Batt. Denial Bay ? R

Melvin Leslie HAVELBERG   S65222 KI Det Coy VDC Port Pirie Currency Creek ? R

Alfred Edward HAWKE   S65223 KI Det Coy VDC Hd of Tiparra Victor Harbour E

Benjamin Edward John HAYNES   PA2719 RAN HMAS Torrens Goodwood, SA Kingscote ? SX, D

Arthur Stanley HELYAR   VX54444  L HQ Car Coy Rainbow, Victoria Kingscote ? R, D

Edward Randolph (Ted) HELYAR   VX45884 2/3 Aust Light A/A Regt Rainbow, Victoria Prahran, Victoria R

James Alexander HERMAN  407713 RAAF Largs Bay Accident Giru, Qld School teacher

Archibald John HEWITT   S56542 4 LoC Signals (PMG) North Adelaide ? E

Fabian Graham (Bob) Douglas HILL   63099 RAAF Glenelg Kangaroo Island ?, D

Charles William John Lyall HIRST   SX7976 2/48th Batt Exeiter Ethelton R, E

Daniel John (Jack) HOFFMANN   PA1896 HMAS Rushcutter Kingscote ? B

Kenneth William HOFFMANN   PA4949  HMAS Torrens RAN Largs Bay ? R

Robert Leslie HOFFMANN   PA3065 HMAS Torrens RAN Kingscote ? B

Marie Catherine HOLLINGSWORTH   91620 Tucumwal RAAF Alberton  R

Winifred Alice HOLLINGSWORTH   91941 25 Op Base Unit RAAF North Adelaide  R

Maurice Desmond Thomas HOOPER   407738  67 Sqn RAAF St Leonards Repat. Springbank R

Andrew Ernest HOWARD   S87489  KI VDC Penneshaw ? B, E

Edna Muriel HOWARD   SF64985 5 Amb Car Coy AASC Penneshaw  B

Gordon Harold HOWARD   SX3555 2/7 Field Rgt RAA Adelaide Egypt, Died of wounds R, E

Lindsay Momplhait HOWARD   SX4434 27th Inf Batt Penneshaw ? B, E

Thomas David HOWARD   SX18713 2/6th Batt Bute ? R, E

William Cleveland HOWARD   S65224 KI VDC Penneshaw Penneshaw B, E, D

Eric James HURST   SX35121 SAL OF C W/SH Willaston Adelaide R

Ronald JACKSON ? ? ? ? ?

Sydney Maxwell JAMES   V24456  Emu Bay  B

Edwin Clement (Clem) JENKINS   S2986 25/33 Aust Garrison Batt North Adelaide Kingscote ? R, D

Jack Albert JENSSEN   39447  RAAF Semaphore Adelaide R

George Harold JOHNCOCK   SX7400 HQ 2 Aust Corps Murdocks Hill bur. Kingscote R

Lancelot Cephus JOHNS   SX13312 2/43rd Inf Batt Adelaide  Resident  (1936-37)

Elizabeth Vera JOHNSON  SFX15126 2/6 Aust Gen Hosp North Adelaide ? R, E, nurse

Arthur Phillip William JONES   SX10379 2/10th AIF Batt. Kingscote ? B, E

Clarence Archibald JONES  417200 RAAF Coromandel Valley France. Killed inaction ?

Clifford JONES   SX4476 2/43rd AIF Batt. American River El Alamein, Egypt. Killed in action B, E

Clyde John JONES   S56419, SX27158 2/3 Machine Gun Batt Kingscote  B, E

Gwen JONES ? ? ? ? ?

Horace Henry JONES   S65225 KI Det Coy Salt Lagoon Kingscote B, E, D

Joseph Rowland Arthur JONES   SX8437 HQ AIF Delamere Kingscote R, E, D

Leslie Horace JONES   122749  RAAF Kingscote  B, E

Malcolm JONES ? ? ? ? ?

Frank Edward Robert KASEHAGEN MM  S1187 25 Garrison Batt Adelaide Kingscote ? R, E, D

Ernest Murray Davington KELEY   S65226 KI Det Coy Davington Kingscote E, D

Harold Bernard KELEY   33404 R.A.N. HMAS Lonsdale Penneshaw ? B

Henry George KELEY   S65227 KI Det Coy Davington Adelaide E

William Bryan KELLY   SX9027  P.O.W. 2/8 Field Ambulance Riverton ? E

Ralph Woodleigh KIMBER   SX1337 6 Aust Div   A.S.C. East Adelaide ? ?

Wilfred Horace KOHLER   S65228 KI Det Coy Yatta Creek Elizabeth Vale E

Frederick Charles George LAIER   SX6783 2/43rd Inf Batt Strathalbyn El Alamein, Egypt. Killed in action ?

Frederick William LANGFORD MM  S52380, SX20930 2/25th Inf Batt Rosefield ? ?

Allen Frederick Cooper LASHMAR   SX3108 2/27th Inf Batt Marryatville Penneshaw R, D

Lilla Filmer LASHMAR   Anglican missionary Antechamber Bay Buna Beach, Papua (beheaded) B, R

Elwyn Charles LEAHY   429815 HQ North Cmd RAAF Brownlow ? B

Melville LEOPOLD   SX3251 2/23 Aust Corps Field Park Coy Denial Bay Renmark R

Percival LEOPOLD   S364105 Gen Hosp Arden Vale Lower Mitcham R

Blanche Evelyne (Eva) LINNETT   105045 1 Central Recovery RAAF American River  B

Frederick Arnold LINNETT   SX19411 14 Works Company American River Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Lionel John LINNETT   SX9437 2/14 Aust Fd Rgt RAA American River  B, E

Leslie Herbert LOVERING   SX14836 2/95 Aus L A D A E M E Brownlow Kingscote ? B, E, D

Bentley Charles MANSELL   141810 RAAF Darwin Yarra Junction, Victoria Penneshaw ? R, E, D

Doris Byrl MANSELL   SF84162 82 Aust Op Sec Yarra Junction, Victoria  R, E

Hazel Edyth MANSELL   SF84265 55 A A/A S/L Bty Yarra Junction, Victoria  R, E

Sydney Herbert (Peter) MANSELL  30336 Warburton, VIC R

Alfred William Joseph (Alf) MARCH   47432 1 A/c Depot Laverton RAAF Nailsworth ? E

Eric Wallace MARSHALL   39752 RAAF Sevenhill Kingscote ? SS, D

Robert MARSHALL ? Army ? ? R

Valentine Llewellyn MATTHEWS   SX25518 185 Aust Supply Depot Platoon Port Lincoln ? R, E

Frank William MAY   SX17002 27th Inf Batt Cygnet River PNG. Killed in action B, E

Keith MAY no military record for Keith Donald May ? ?  R

Roy Harold MAY   SX12462 2/10th Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Samuel Raymond (Ray) McCRACKEN   407796 RAAF Elliston ?  R. McCraken was a teacher Willson's River, and Penneshaw left KI 5 Apr 1940

John Patrick McDEVITT   SX17489 Canteen Service N.G. Sydney ? from 1939

Adam Henry McDONALD   4178 (SX15233) 2/14 Fd Reg RAA Glascow, Scotland American River ?, D

Colin Venner McGAVISK   SX9217 13 RFS 2/7 Army Fld Rgt Broken Hill ? R, Western River

Donald Andrew McGAVISK   SX37037 (S43689) 10 Aust Army Tsp Coy Lockleys  R , Western River

Jim McINTOSH ? ? ? ? ?

Allan David James McINTYRE   S37813 25/33 GRN Skipton, Vic Cygnet River R, D

Colin John McINTYRE   VX6672  P.O.W. 2/7 Inf Batt Stawell, Victoria American River ?, D

Donald William McINTYRE   S1108 RR & GDD 4 MD (Staff)) Skipton, Victoria Adelaide R, E

James MacLeod "Max" MELVELLE   46372 RAAF  Adelaide ? bro to Reece, Penneshaw

Rob Roy MELVELLE   S212241 4 Aust Garrison Queenscliffe Daw Park Also served WW1

Allan Ben Howard MILLER  152859 RAAF Leading Aircraftman (also WW1)

Henry MILLER   SX309  17 Supply AASC Penneshaw Daw Park B

Kenneth George Eric MILLER   SX12927 2/8 Field Ambulance Unley (Port Augusta?) Jamestown R

John Clellford MINES   SX22194 8 Aust Mov Cont GP Torrensville  E

Fred (Frederick William ?) MORCOM   SX3011 ? 2/14 Field Coy ? Woodside ? ? 1963? Teaching at Willson River and Cuttlefish Bay schools, left Feb 1939

Murray MORRIS ? ? ? ? R

Stephen Charles MORRISON   V286037  11 Btn - VDC  Also served WW1 Drouin, Victoria Brownlow ?, D

Ian David Hyde MURRAY   SX675 Recce Rgt Mech Kingscote ? B

William Patterson (Pat) MURRAY   SX2548 8 Div Amm Sub Park Adelaide ? R

Robert Haig MURTON   S114651  31Aust Works Coy Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Cecil Ewert NEAVE   S212997 18 Aust Garrison Batt Penneshaw Woodville B

Lancelot George NEAVE   SX2315 2/10th Inf Batt Hog Bay Naracoorte B, E

Ralph Nicholls NEAVE   S65232 MD Cadre Coy Hog Bay Keith B, E

John Nelson William NEIGHBOUR   S56539 4 LoC Signals (PMG) Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Robert Sutton NEIGHBOUR   416450 No. 227 Squadron (RAF) Kingscote Rhodes, Greece. Killed in action B, E

Leonard John NORDLUND   22298 HMAS Lonsdale RAN Kingscote  B

Arthur John (Mick) NORTHCOTT   39458 RAAF 61 Ops Prospect Gold Coast R

Colin Frank NORTHCOTT   122039 RAAF 55 Ops Kingscote ? B

Lewis Charles (Tom) NORTHCOTT   SX18610 2 Aust Corps Reception Camp Kensington New Guinea, Died of wounds R, E

George OLIVER ?  Medical Corps ? ? worked

John Lewis OSMOND   VX10168 ASC 9 Aust Div, Captain Brighton, Vic Adelaide, 1951 R 1939-43

Lloyd Andrew OSMOND   VX79289 2/100 Trspt Brighton, Vic ? R 1939-43

Andrew Christian OSTERSTOCK   S65235 KI Det Coy VDC Exeter Kingscote R, E, D

Reginald Arthur OSTERSTOCK   S65234 KI Det Coy VDC Kingscote  B, E

Dorothy Lillian PALMER  16200  WRNS England Kingscote ? ?, D

Frederick Laurence PALMER  5727905 Dorset Regiment England Kingscote ? ?, D

William Albert PARSONS  S56475 AASC Pool Hd. Yorke Kingscote E, D

Joseph PATTERSON  S114181 4 LoC Signals (PMG) Melbourne Templer ? E

George Robert PAVILACH  SX1710 1 PRO Coy LofC Cue, W.A. Adelaide ? E

Mervyn George PEARCE  SX12567 2/43rd Batt Spalding Kingscote ?, D

Clarence Jack PENGILLY  SX4393 2/31st Inf Batt Mailand Kingscote ?, D

Laurence Francis PICKUP 413419 RAAF. From NSW. Killed in air operations accident off Cape Willoughby, Kangaroo Island

Albert PIKE  SX8801 Recruit Reception Depot Kapunda Adelaide E

Harry PIKE  SX1923   2/10 Btn 2nd  AIF Kapunda ? E

Cadell Edith PIPER (nee SUTER)  SX27063 105 A MH Henty, NSW ? Adelaide R

Gilbert Kenneth Ronald (Ken) PITT  S65236 VDC Campbelltown Kingscote E, D

Sidney PITT  S87486 KI Det Coy VDC Norwood Kingscote E, D

Alois William PORTMANN  442363 1 AD Laverton RAAF Tweedvale  R

Lancelot POTTER  47314 7 Airfield Const Squ RAAF Kingscote ? B

William Kitchener POTTER  PA2075 RAN HMAS Goulburn Kingscote Carlingford, NSW B

Peter PRICE ? ? ? ? ?

Gordon Charles RANSOM  S19900 Aust Army Service Corps Kingscote ? B

Keith Henry RANSOM  141522 76 Squadron RAAF Kingscote ? B

Norman John RANSOM  S21607 27th Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Edmond Ray RATCLIFF  SX5340 7 Div AASC Southwark ? R

Herbert RATCLIFF  SX5039 2/5 Coy AASC Hog Bay ? B

John George Alexander REECE  415275 RAAF 466 Squadron Adelaide ? Mother resident 1939-1950

Jack REED  SX8241 2/48th Inf Batt Rose Park Daw Park ?

Jack Wilfred RICE  SX16391 7 Ord Amn Coy Prospect ? R

William George (Bill) RICE  S17614 27 Aust Inf Batt Kingscote ? B

Horace Alexander RILEY  S65241 KI Det Coy VDC Balwyn, Victoria Kingscote E, D

Eric Thomas Stephen ROWBERRY  S50357 3AAAD Bromley, England ? R

Aubrey Milton ROWSELL  S56431, SX22736 1st Aust Mount Bty Prospect Kingscote ? E, D

Sydney Francis RUTHVEN  SX10029 Dist Ac Office NG Force Rose Park ? R

Edward Gordon "Tom" RYMILL    SX9363 Lieutenant R (1938-1948)

Colin SALTER   ? RAAF ? ? brother to Howard ? ?  

Howard Ernest William  SALTER   SX298 2/10th Batt, brother to Colin ? ?

Keith Milford SAXON  SX53  Bordertown, Victoria

David SCHAEFER  121886 8 Mob Works Squad RAAF Semaphore Park ? R, E

Oscar Benjamin SCHAEFER  S65245 KI Det Coy VDC Hd of English MacGillivray E, D

Ronald SCHAEFER  SX10649 (S1145) 2/9 AGH Torrensville ? R, E

William Jeffrey SHAKESHAFT  SX7216 2/43rd Inf Batt Adelaide Kingswood R

Alfred John (Jack) SHERIDAN  S111276, SX30087 Vic LofC Area Workshop Birkenhead ? E

Leslie Victor SIMPSON  39048 1 Op Tr Unit East Sale RAAF Penneshaw ? B

Stanford Anzac SIMPSON  27936  Laverton RAAF Hog Bay Adelaide B

William SLADE  S17319, SX27960 48th Batt Murray Bridge Kingscote ?, D

Michael Thomas SMITH  JX671608 Royal Navy Tele ? England ? Kingscote ? ?, D

Vernon John SMITH  28701 33 OBU RAAF Alberton Kingscote ? ?, D

David Keith STARK  SX6891 2/48th Inf Batt Medindie ? ?

Dean STANTON  S7229, 417127, RAAF Flight Lt., Booleroo, , R

Clement Albion STEPHENS  SX38206 28 Aust Works Coy Armadale, Victoria Daw Park E

David Roderick STEWART   405506 Sergeant, No. 6 Service Flying Training School Mallala. Accidentally killed in operations off Cape Willoughby.

Edward William STROUT   SX24552 RA Engineers Indooroopilly, Qld Kingscote ?, D

Alfred Harold SUNDBERG  SX5718  2/23 A C FD PK Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Eric Spencer SUNDBERG  SX13487 2/43 Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

John Gent (Jack) SUNDBERG  S38206 Canteen Kingscote ? B

David Driffield SUTER  437455  AGS RAAF Renmark Fullarton R

John Ryberg SWANSON  PA2185 RAN HMAS Penguin American River at sea, Indian Ocean. Killed in action HMS Anking Java Sea. B

Nils Ryberg SWANSON  PA2783 RAN HMAS Torrens American River Kingscote B, D

Eric Walter George TABOR  377342 (SX28944) 1st N.G. Bttn. Glanville Kingscote ? ?, D

Edward Robert James (Bob) TAYLOR  SX10908 2/101 AGT Coy Alberton ? R

Frederick William Ernest (Ernest) TAYLOR  115970 RAAF Laverton Kelmscott ? R

Herbert Harvey THOMAS  S212865 25 Garrison Batt Shoal Bay Myrtle Bank B

Jack Osbourne THOMAS  SX6889  P.O.W. 2/2 Res Motor Transport College Town Borneo, of illness R, E

Maurice Louis THOMAS  S56474, SX27358 2/1 Aust Tank Tspt Coy  AASC College Town ? R, E

William John THOMAS  S212520 25 Garrison Batt Shoal Bay ? B

Albert THOMPSON  S2770 CHQ Woodside Woodside ? ? E

John Lancelot THORNTON  S42163 58 AASL Coy Port Germein Northfield died of illness in Aust ?

Cyril John (Jim) TIGGEMANN  SX39901 27 SA Scottish Reg Lake Farm, K.I. Kingscote ? B, E, D

Douglas TIGGEMANN  SX13266 2/43rd Inf Batt Kingscote ? B

Harold Stanley TIGGEMANN  SX1390 2/32nd Batt Kingscote  B, E

Keith Wilfred TIGGEMANN  SX12851 4 Light Anti Aircraft Rgt RAA Kingscote Egypt, Died of wounds B, E

Roy Gilbert TILKA  S43833 5 Aust Adv Ord Depot Cygnet River ? B

Harold Arthur TRELOAR  SX10482 2/43rd Inf Batt Oaklands Libya. Killed in action R

Walter Clarence TRELOAR  SX22780 Vic LofC Area Workshop Yorketown ? R, E

Charles Hart TRETHEWEY  SX13987 HQ NT Force Penneshaw ? B, E

Charles Ray TRETHEWEY  140326 14 Signals Unit RAAF Penneshaw Tranmere B

Doris Linda TRETHEWEY  SF84024 58 AASL BTY Loxton ? R

Edmund Vernon TRETHEWEY  SX16722 2/9 Armoured Regt Penneshaw ? B, E

John Roe TRETHEWEY  S65250 KI Det Coy VDC North Adelaide ? R, E

Leonard Paul TRETHEWEY  S65251 KI Det Coy VDC Cuttlefish Penneshaw B, E, D

Richard Newbold TRETHEWEY  SX8092 2/14 Aust Fd Rgt RAA North Adelaide ? R, E

Robert Thomas TREVILYAN  153030 14 Signals Unit RAAF Broken Hill  R

Horace Leslie (Jack) TUCKER  S65246 8 SA Batt VDC Lower Finniss Kingscote E, D

Walter Frederick (Wally) TUGWELL  SX26624  64th Batt Victor Harbour Victor Harbour R

William Henry (Harry) TUGWELL  SX26620 : 14 A S D Coy Encounter Bay ? R

Alfred James TURNER  S2860 Loveday Int Grp Shoal Bay Kingscote ? B, D

Charles Arthur (Dick) TURNER  S65249 KI Det Coy VDC Wisanger Wisanger B, E, D

Frank Edwin TURNER  115205  6 Service FTS RAAF Shoal Bay  B

Victor Harcourt TURNER  S65248 4th Batt VDC Smiths Bay Wisanger B, E, D

Henry Francis VEREYCKEN  S65252 10 S A BN VDC Caurnamont Kingscote ? R

Murray John VEREYCKEN  SX18369  2/48th Inf Batt Caurnamont ? R

Reuben Edward Royal VEREYCKEN  QX32596 : 18 Field Coy AAE Caurnamont Queensland R

Arthur Dudley (Doug) WAKELIN  SX2259 2/2/ Aust Ordinance Stores RAAF  Kadina  R

Frank Pearce WAKELIN  S85707 2 Batt VDC Evandale  R

Hugh Gordon WAKELIN  S86064 5 Batt VDC Kingscote ? B

Horace Leslie George WALDEN  141104  Medindie  R

John Lloyd WALL  SX16739 D D & R D Kyneton, Victoria Craigmore R, E

Adrian Norman Charles WALLER  PA3279 HMAS Torrens RAN Prospect ? R

Albert Edward WALLER  SX4355 2/95 AUS L A D A E M E Brownlow ? B, E

Cyril John WALLER  SX31155 64th Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Edgar Charles (Bob) WALLER  S56476 VDF Salt Lagoon Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Harold Clifford WALLER  S56533, SX6700 50 Gar Coy Salt Lagoon ? B, E

Hubert Roy WALLER  SX2531 2/9 Batt Red Banks Kingscote B, E, D

James Arthur WALLER  S21609, SX27500 Corps Elect & Mech Engineers Mt Thisby Kingscote ? B, E, D

John Robert WALLER  47392 RAAF Salt Lagoon Port Lincoln B, E

Leslie Alfred WALLER  S56429, SX31156 2/1 Mach Gun Batt Kingscote OSullivan Beach B, E

Lewis Charles WALLER  S212861 H Q LofC Guards Salt Lagoon Springbank B, E

Lewis Charles Henry (Charlie) WALLER  SX4525 2/27th Inf Batt Southampton, England Kingscote ? R, E, D

Philip George WALLER  SX15068 2/9 Aus Armd Reg W/S Red Banks Adelaide B, E, D

William Henry (Bill) WALLER  S65661 Corps HQ VDC Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Edward Henry WARD  S16135 Signalman SX29788 73 Dental Unit

Edna Mavis WATSON  111488 Air Force HQ RAAF Enfield  R, E

Percy James WEATHERSPOON  SX8249 2/48th Inf Batt Kingscote Hd of MacGillivray B, E, D

Harry Franklin WEST  S2975  25/33 Aust Garrison Batt Cowell Kingscote ?, D

Phillip Arthur WETHERALL  NX26569 2/9 Field Regt. RAA Sydney Kingscote ? ?, D

Barbara WHEATON  96822  Area Finance Adelaide MacGillivray ? B, E

Eric Lancelot WHEATON S65255 VDC, MacGillivray B, E

Frederick Howard WHEATON  SX9516 2/8th Field Ambulance MacGillivray "lost at sea" off Tobruk B, E

Charles Percival WHITTLE  S2996 ? Emu Bay  B, E

Gordon Harold WHITTLE  26420  30 Ops Base Unit Kingscote ? B, E

John Arthur (Jack) WHITTLE  28795 1 School of TT RAAF Kingscote ? B, E

Maxwell Leslie WHITTLE  152198 6 Trans and Mvmnt Office RAAF Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Keith Julius WIADROWSKI  S65260  / 437558  4 Emb Dep Mitcham RAAF MacGillivray Kingscote B, D

Francis (Frank) Edmund WICKHAM  SX767 2 Aust Gen Hosp Ongerup, WA Sydney, 1955 R

Maurice Alan Chivers WILLIAMS      SX20100, S5979, 443156, Kingscote, Bordertown B

Stanley Charles WILLIAMS   45494 RAAF Prahran, Victoria Kingscote ?, D

Tom WILLIAMS ? RAN ?  Worked Union Bank

Albert Victor WILLSON   S87490 KI Det Coy VDC Adelaide Penneshaw R, E, D

Archibald Sydney WILLSON   S56453 8 Aux Horse Transp Coy AASC Rose Park ? R, E

Donald WILLSON   S49989, SX26779 3 Field Survey Coy Walkerville ? R, E

Francis Danford WILLSON   S56473 151 Aust Gen Transport Maylands Penneshaw R, E, D

Geoffrey Cleveland WILLSON   141635 9 Stores Depot RAAF Penneshaw ? B

Harold Valentine WILLSON   S212904 4 Garrison Batt Willson's River Croydon West B, E

Joan WILLSON ? ? ? ? ?

John Martin WILLSON  SX29599 17 LoC Signals Exeter ? R

Kenneth Alfred WILLSON   SX2340 2/10th Inf Batt Alberton ? R, E

Martin Friend WILLSON   S1686 7 Sec Aust Kit Store Penneshaw Adelaide B

Norman Stuart WILLSON   S65262 KI Det Coy VDC Penneshaw Penneshaw B, E, D

Raymond Martin WILLSON   152873 14 Signals Unit RAAF Penneshaw Balhannah B, E

Ronald Warwick WILLSON MM   SX1708   2/31 Aust Inf Bat Penneshaw Kingscote ? B, E, D

Victor Reginald WILLSON   S65256 KI Det Coy VDC Norwood Pennesahw R, E, D

Vincent Clark Woodrow WILLSON   SX29876 (S21611) 28 Works Coy Penneshaw American River B, E, D

Walter Reginald WILLSON   S65257 KI Det Coy VDC American Beach Penneshaw B, E, D

William James WILLSON   S65261 KI Det Coy VDC Malvern North Adelaide R, E

Frederick James WOOD  S87481 KI Det Coy VDC Brompton Park ? E

Jack Newbury WOOD  SX39210 (S56432) 9 War Graves Unit Laura Kangaroo Island ? R, E, D

Tom Percy WOOD  S40253 A A C D Blackburn, England Eastwood E

Harold Joseph WOODS  SX14182 20 Aus Motor Rgt Parkside American River ? R

Leslie Horace WOODS  PA2031  HMAS Torrens RAN Brompton ? ?

Waller (Walter?) G. WOODS ?  PA1867 ? HMAS Torrens RAN Unley  ?

Raymond Gordon WOOF  416198 12 Squadron RAAF Maylands Kingscote ? R, D

Arthur Horace WRIGHT  47536 102 Squadron RAAF Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Hubert (Herbert) WRIGHT  S488 Also served in WW1 W/O 2 Garrison Batt. Cygnet River Northfield B, R

Orville Herbert WRIGHT  SX2156 2/10th Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Thomas Noel WRIGHT  SX18260 2/3 Aust Comp  A/A Rgt Quorn Whyalla E

Albert Edwin ZEITZ  S65263 KI Det Coy VDC Queenstown Kingscote R, D

Cyril William ZEITZ  S56521, SX23361 HQ 6 Mot Bde Alberton Adelaide R

From F. H. Willson, Penneshaw: — The higher charges for air transport are a serious matter for those who send over fish and cream. Another drawback concerns soldiers' travelling, they get second class passes and plane travel is rated first. Unless some concession is made by the airways or the military authorities, men from this district will have to give up their home leave. 

Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), Monday 24 November 1941, page 9