World War 2

Names of the men and women on this list have been sourced from memorials, honour boards and cemeteries in K.I.; Virtual War Memorial Australia (born, enlisted, or "home town" in K.I.); honour rolls in the Kangaroo Island Courier. There are bound to be omissions. If you believe that a name should be included, please contact the webmaster.

Records exist in the National Archives of Australia. They may be ordered for inspection.

Key to KI Connection: B=born on KI, R=resided at time of enlistment, or relative on KI (this could range from "as if" born on KI - i.e. mother went to Adelaide for the birth - to distant relative but the person did not reside on KI, although was known well enough to be put on the Honour Roll), E=Enlisted on KI, D=died on KI, SS=Soldier Settler (see separate page), ?=unknown but on Honour Rolls

First Name(s) Last Name Service No. Unit / Branch Birthplace Deathplace KI Connection

Ronald ADAMS ? ? ? ? No military record for Ronald Clinton Vivian ADAMS

Algernon Lumley ALDERSEY 407816 RAAF Kingscote Adelaide ? B

Norman Tollef AMUNDSEN 39598 HQ 1st Tactical Air Force RAAF Port Pirie ? R

Thomas Francis ARNOLD 115079 RAAF Albany, WA E

Keith Leonard AVERY SX31822 2/43rd Inf Batt Prospect R Died of Wounds [questionable]

Violet Eveleen AVERY 96563 RAAF Rose Park Kingscote R, E

Burt AYLIFFE SX5311 2/43rd Inf Batt Hyde Park Italy, Died of wounds R

Clem AYLIFFE SX5951 27th Battalion Kingscote Papua. Killed in action B

George Hamilton AYLIFFE SX2186, SX219 2nd/10th Battalion Glenelg R, E

Jim AYLIFFE SX1572 2nd/10th Battalion Kingscote New Guinea, of illness R, E

Leo AYLIFFE SX13369 48 Btn AIF Adelaide Port Pirie R, E

Syd AYLIFFE SX16338 33 A C S Wisanger ? B, E

Phillip BALCHIN VX117808 (V24093) 20 Aust Motor Rgt Kingscote B

Stanley Preston BALCHIN VX13222 6 Div Amm Column Cygnet River B

Archibald Herbert BALD S21624 NT Force School Gawler nr Kingscote R, E, D

Kenneth Ross BALD S56407, SX39703 25 Aust Inf Batt Alberton Mount Gambier R, E

Bob BALL no military record but IS on Honour Roll ? brother of Lawrence (who is NOT on Honour Roll) R

Leslie Victor BARR 140473 RAAF, Salt Lagoon, B

Rupert Cleve BARR 140340 RAAF, Salt Lagoon, B

Laurence Thomas BALL SX1352 2/10th Inf Batt Yorketown R

William Thomas BARNES 30581 Flight Sergeant RAAF Kingscote Accidentally killed in service, England B

Brian Percy BARRETT SX18541 2/7 Inf Batt Kingscote K.I.A., New Guinea. B

Douglas George BARRETT 417275, 417265 463 Squadron RAAF Wisanger K.I.A., Waltersdorf, Germany B

Keith Robert Brian BARRETT S65208 KI Det Coy VDC Hawker Kingscote B, E, D

Robert Owen BARRETT S31793, SX27671 8 Aust Mech Equ Coy Wisanger Riverton B

Ronald Andrew BARRETT VX6604 P.O.W. 2/2 Field Ambulance College Town Norwood R

Ruel Thomas BARRETT SX11472 7 Div A S C Kent Town R

Stanley Rowan BARRETT S56472, SX26755 151 Gen Transport Coy Gawler ? R, E

Trevor Melville BARRETT S47682, SX30286 2 Pack Tpt Coy Loxton Naracoorte R

William Edward Orme BARRETT S87482 KI Det Coy VDC Broken Hill Magill E

Frederick George BARRY SX418 Sup Amn Coy Glenelg Adelaide R

Terence Reginald George BATEMAN SX4426 P.O.W. 2/4 A F W/Shops Penneshaw Windsor Gardens B, E

Arnold William BATES PA3939 RAN HMAS Penguin Kangaroo Island Kingscote ? B, E, D

Colin Ernest BATES S20134, SX24377 5 Aust Port Op Coy A A Tn C Penneshaw Richmond, Victoria B, E

Drew Lacy Alladale BATES SX9910 2/3 Corps FD PK Coy Hog Bay ? B

Keith Denzil BATES SX10452 2/43rd Inf Batt Emu Bay Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Lance Maitland BATES SX22962 35 Works Coy Kingscote Paradise B

Lewis Bruce BATES SX30599 (S56408) 2 Ord Veh Park AAOC Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E

Lindsay Walter BATES S86273 KI Det Coy VDC Emu Bay Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Clifford BATES (aka James Clifford WALTERS) QX1647 1 Barrig SEE RAE Emu Bay Sandgate, Qld B

Glen Roy BATES S21617 37/52nd Inf Batt Penneshaw American River B, E, D

Douglas George Thomas BELL S65210 KI Det Coy VDC Wisanger Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Stanley Eric BELL S65204 KI Det Coy VDC Wisanger Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Arthur Edmund John BENNET S37972 HQ 11 CA LofC Area (also WW1) Evandale Adelaide R, E

Alfred William Anthony BENNETT SX20854, 4838 W.O.1 Royal Aust Engineers Plymouth, England Adelaide R

Jack Mcpherson BENNETT S85180 KI Det Coy VDC Mosman, NSW Adelaide ? E

Walter Alfred BIRRELL SX6060 2/48th Batt Kingscote Libya. Killed in Action B

Gavin Brown BLYTHMAN V370542 Sergeant VDC 18 BTN Cuttlefish Traralgon, Vic B

Jack William Robinson BOANAS 417331 P.O.W. 55 Op Base Unit RAAF Muston P.O.W., Ambon, Maluku B

Victor Charles BOETTCHER 47399 RAAF 99 Squadron Gum Creek Belleview Heights B

John William BOOTHEY 48391 Laverton Transit Rcptn RAAF Kingscote ? B, E

Lionel Frank (Jim) BOWDEN MC SX4240 2/7th & 2/12th AIF Moonta Kingscote ?, D

Wallace Robert BOXALL SX1918 2/10th Battalion Lewisham, England Kingscote E, D

Clement Richard BOXER S65207 KI Det Coy VDC Wisanger Kingscote ? B, E, D

Earlest George BOXER SX7480 27th Inf Batt Shoal Bay Kingscote B, D

Kenneth Arnold (Mick) BOXER SX18017 27th Inf Batt Kingscote New Guinea. of illness B

Maurice Clyde BOXER SX9914 Signals 9 Div Wisanger Kingscote ? B, E, D

Stanford Claud BOXER SX3985 2/27th Inf Batt Kingscote Adelaide B

Robert Matthew James BROOKS S76804 32nd Batt London, England Kingscote ?, D

Archibald Adrian BUCHANAN F3066 HMAS Penguin, RAN Perth Kingscote ? R?, D

Arthur Ernest BUCK S21601 244 Australian Light Aid Detachment Largs Bay Kingscote R, E, D

Steven Robert BUCK SX30687 (S111532) 2/48th Inf Batt North Kensington Adelaide R

Ivor Horace BUDARICK S65206 KI Det Coy VDC Murray Bridge Kingscote ? E, D

Leonard Bruce BUDARICK SX10968 HQ 2/2 Aus GD Bn Murray Bridge ? R

Hartley Oswald BUICK S20880 152838 E Area HQ RAAF Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Rex Bentley Filmer BUICK S40793 Area SIGS Adelaide Woodville R

Ronald William BUICK 152730 3 Medical Rec Stn RAAF Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Samuel Malcolm BUICK SX8787 2/10th Inf Batt Fulham New Guinea. Killed in action R, E

Stephen Filmer BUICK SX6061 2/8 Field Amb Fulham Daw Park R

Alwyn Keith BURDON SX12932 19th Inf Batt Cygnet River Kingscote ? B, E, D

Henry Rudolph BURFITT SX924 HQ 9 Div Kingscote Daw Park B

Dick BURGESS ? ? ? ? ? Carrier after the war

Eric Samuel Alick BURGESS S65201 KI Det Coy VDC Kingscote ? B, E

Howard Vincent BURGESS SX1919 2nd/10th Battalion Kingscote ? B, E

Leonard Charles BURGESS S85178 KI Det Coy VDC Glenelg ? R, E

Lloyd Douglas Alfred BURGESS SX10350 115 Aust BDE Wshop Kingscote B

Maurice Max BURGESS SX9982 8 Div. Amm.Sub.Park Glenelg Kingscote ? R, E, D

Robert BURGESS SX8634 P.O.W. 2/2 Res M T C Prospect ? R (School)

Michael Seymour BUTLER 407220 RAAF Bournemouth, England ? ?

Frederick George CAMERON SX23820, S5747 2/10 Aust Inf Bn Kingston American River SS?, D

Alfred CANE S65214 KI Det Coy VDC Prospect ? cross in Kingscote cemetery R, E

Norman Clarence CARLTON S23667, SX27502 2/16th Inf Batt Cygnet River Kingscote ? B, E, D

Kevin Hampden CARR 291999 RAAF HQ DPS Moonta Geraldton, WA R

Roy James Charles CARTER S65212 KI Det Coy VDC Birkenhead Kingscote R, E, D

William Edward Laurence CATCHLOVE M.C. SX9947 2/43 Inf Batt Adelaide Adelaide Shopkeeper

Jack CHAPMAN SX7162 26 A/Tank North Cape Adelaide ? B, E

Noel CHAPMAN S46972, SX22254 4 A A Ops Room Kingscote ? B, E

Olga CHAPMAN 91918 4 Personnel Depot (Staff) Kingscote Adelaide B, E

Robert Denzil CHAPMAN S47358 17 Aust Works Coy Point Marsden Adelaide B

Stella CHAPMAN 107524 4 Emb Depot RAAF Kingscote ? B

Walter Frank CHAPMAN S65213 KI Det Coy VDC Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

William Ross CHAPMAN S2793 3 MV TTC Exeter ? R, E

Roy Oswald CHIRGWIN SX17299 2/6 Aust Mob Ldry & Fwd Decont Shoal Bay Currency Creek ? B, E

Frederick William James CHRISTOPHERS SX15565 2/43rd Inf Batt Broken Hill Kingscote ? R, D

Robert James CLARE S1578, SX39560 2/7 Aust. Docks, Operating Coy Brompton Park Kingscote ?, D

David Herbert Weir CLARK SX8101 2/2/ A W/S Kangaroo Head Kingscote B, E, D

Godfrey Stanley CLARK S42248 NT Force Adv Rft Depot Adelaide Katherine NT died of injuries ?

Thomas Walter CLARK PA/3423 RAN HMAS Penguin Penneshaw B, E

John Vincent CONAGHTY 417565 9 Aircrew H Unit RAAF Wallaroo Adelaide R

Eric Burnt Flinders COOK S114487 19 Aust Works Coy Alberton Kingscote R, E, D

Kenneth Alexander COOK SX29233 Signals 12th Aust Div Kingscote Kingscote ? B, D

Wilfred COOKSLEY SX13159 Aust & New Guinea Admin Unit Bristol, England Mount Gambier R, E

Peter Ralph CORNISH SX12694 2/4 Armd Regt W/Shops Kingswood Tennant Creek, NT Work, marriage

David DAVIDSON 39369 RAAF Clarenson Keith R

Bernard DAVIES VX117066 Aust Intelligence Corps Wolverhampton, England Kingscote ?, D

Wickham Edwin DAW S47645 4 LoC Signals (PMG) Brownlow Adelaide ? B

Reginald Willoughby DAY S65215 6th Batt VDC Hyde Park Croydon Park E

Leslie Allan DOWDELL S114820 4 LoC Signals (PMG) Mt Gambier Daw Park R 1939-1940 linesman

Peggy Catherine DOW nee Blachburn 90658 RAAF Fitzroy, Victoria Kingscote ? SS, D

Herbert Arthur DUNN SX14429 2/9 Aust Arm Rgt Streaky Bay ? R

Percy Ralph DUNN S65216 4 L o C Signals (PMG) Petina ? R, E

Colin ELLIOTT PA2931 R.A.N. HMAS Torrens Adelaide Munston SS, D

Clive Hedley FLORANCE S65200 VDC Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Lendon Eugene FLORANCE SX17019 2/10 Infantry Batt. Kingscote Hd of Menzies B, E, D

James Smith FOGGO 3841, 3841A, S70687 CMF WW2 (see also WW1) Rosewater Adelaide R 1907-12 Hd Cassini "The Glen"

Edgar John Douglas (Jack) FOX 26337 11 Pers Depot & Rcvg Centre RAAF Adelaide ? R

Mervyn FOX SX27899 2/14 Aust Inf Batt Wisanger B

George Patrick FRAWLEY V81752, VX71101, CV33359 2 AIF 211 MCS Benalla, Vic Kingscote ?, D

Albert George FRINSDORF PA/1764 HMAS Torrens RAN Glenelg ? R

Archibald Oswald GASMIER SX13265 P.O.W. 105 Gen Trnspt Coy Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Cyril Clinton GASMIER 28741 3 Mobile Works Station RAAF Adelaide Semaphore R

Victor Herbert GASMIER S65657 H Q VDC Brownlow Kingscote B, E, D

Ronald Henry / Stanley GASMIER / GORDON VX30954 2/16 Field Coy Brownlow Carlton, Victoria B

William GLADWELL SX2331 2/9 Div Cav Regt Eastwood, England Daw Park Worked for "several years"

Donald Lindsay GOBELL SX12645 27th Battalion Payneham Meadows ? R

Reginald Alfred GOBELL 27599 3 Air Observation School RAAF Maryattville ? R, E

Albert John Charles (Bert) GOVETT S796 33 Garrison Batt Port Lincoln ?

Allan Llewellyn GRIFFITH SX5371 2/43rd Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Bertram Donald Charles GRIFFITH SX1338 16 Aust Inf BDE Comp Coy Kingscote Greece, Died of wounds B

Jean Isobel GRIFFITH (nee Howard) SF64989 Dist Accounts Office SA Yorketown R

Donald Newbold GRIMSHAW SX4781 2/7th Field Rgt 2 AIF North Adelaide Adelaide R

Herbert Richard HALL S87487 KI Det Coy VDC Smiths Bay Kingscote ? B, E, D

Robert Percival HALL SX6247 2/3rd Aust Machine Gun Battalion Wisanger Hd. Haines B, D

Hector Helmin HANSEN SX896 2/10th Inf Batt Adelaide Papua. Killed in action R

John Harald Ingval (Jack) HANSEN SX7860 2/7 Field Rgt RAA Adelaide ? R

Francis Edward HARFORD 27824 RAAF Adelaide ? R, E

Gordon James HASELDINE MM QX16698 2/12 A.I.Batt. Denial Bay ? R

Melvin Leslie HAVELBERG S65222 KI Det Coy VDC Port Pirie Currency Creek ? R

Alfred Edward HAWKE S65223 KI Det Coy VDC Hd of Tiparra Victor Harbour E

Benjamin Edward John HAYNES PA2719 RAN HMAS Torrens Goodwood, SA Kingscote ? SX, D

Arthur Stanley HELYAR VX54444 L HQ Car Coy Rainbow, Victoria Kingscote ? R, D

Edward Randolph (Ted) HELYAR VX45884 2/3 Aust Light A/A Regt Rainbow, Victoria Prahran, Victoria R

James Alexander HERMAN 407713 RAAF Largs Bay Accident Giru, Qld School teacher

Archibald John HEWITT S56542 4 LoC Signals (PMG) North Adelaide ? E

Fabian Graham (Bob) Douglas HILL 63099 RAAF Glenelg Kangaroo Island ?, D

Charles William John Lyall HIRST SX7976 2/48th Batt Exeiter Ethelton R, E

Daniel John (Jack) HOFFMANN PA1896 HMAS Rushcutter Kingscote ? B

Kenneth William HOFFMANN PA4949 HMAS Torrens RAN Largs Bay ? R

Robert Leslie HOFFMANN PA3065 HMAS Torrens RAN Kingscote ? B

Marie Catherine HOLLINGSWORTH 91620 Tucumwal RAAF Alberton R

Winifred Alice HOLLINGSWORTH 91941 25 Op Base Unit RAAF North Adelaide R

Maurice Desmond Thomas HOOPER 407738 67 Sqn RAAF St Leonards Repat. Springbank R

Andrew Ernest HOWARD S87489 KI VDC Penneshaw ? B, E

Edna Muriel HOWARD SF64985 5 Amb Car Coy AASC Penneshaw B

Gordon Harold HOWARD SX3555 2/7 Field Rgt RAA Adelaide Egypt, Died of wounds R, E

Lindsay Momplhait HOWARD SX4434 27th Inf Batt Penneshaw ? B, E

Thomas David HOWARD SX18713 2/6th Batt Bute ? R, E

William Cleveland HOWARD S65224 KI VDC Penneshaw Penneshaw B, E, D

Eric James HURST SX35121 SAL OF C W/SH Willaston Adelaide R

Ronald JACKSON ? ? ? ? ?

Sydney Maxwell JAMES V24456 Emu Bay B

Edwin Clement (Clem) JENKINS S2986 25/33 Aust Garrison Batt North Adelaide Kingscote ? R, D

Jack Albert JENSSEN 39447 RAAF Semaphore Adelaide R

George Harold JOHNCOCK SX7400 HQ 2 Aust Corps Murdocks Hill bur. Kingscote R

Lancelot Cephus JOHNS SX13312 2/43rd Inf Batt Adelaide Resident (1936-37)

Elizabeth Vera JOHNSON SFX15126 2/6 Aust Gen Hosp North Adelaide ? R, E, nurse

Arthur Phillip William JONES SX10379 2/10th AIF Batt. Kingscote ? B, E

Clarence Archibald JONES 417200 RAAF Coromandel Valley France. Killed inaction ?

Clifford JONES SX4476 2/43rd AIF Batt. American River El Alamein, Egypt. Killed in action B, E

Clyde John JONES S56419, SX27158 2/3 Machine Gun Batt Kingscote B, E

Gwen JONES ? ? ? ? ?

Horace Henry JONES S65225 KI Det Coy Salt Lagoon Kingscote B, E, D

Joseph Rowland Arthur JONES SX8437 HQ AIF Delamere Kingscote R, E, D

Leslie Horace JONES 122749 RAAF Kingscote B, E

Malcolm JONES ? ? ? ? ?

Frank Edward Robert KASEHAGEN MM S1187 25 Garrison Batt Adelaide Kingscote ? R, E, D

Ernest Murray Davington KELEY S65226 KI Det Coy Davington Kingscote E, D

Harold Bernard KELEY 33404 R.A.N. HMAS Lonsdale Penneshaw ? B

Henry George KELEY S65227 KI Det Coy Davington Adelaide E

William Bryan KELLY SX9027 P.O.W. 2/8 Field Ambulance Riverton ? E

Ralph Woodleigh KIMBER SX1337 6 Aust Div A.S.C. East Adelaide ? ?

Wilfred Horace KOHLER S65228 KI Det Coy Yatta Creek Elizabeth Vale E

Frederick Charles George LAIER SX6783 2/43rd Inf Batt Strathalbyn El Alamein, Egypt. Killed in action ?

Frederick William LANGFORD MM S52380, SX20930 2/25th Inf Batt Rosefield ? ?

Allen Frederick Cooper LASHMAR SX3108 2/27th Inf Batt Marryatville Penneshaw R, D

Lilla Filmer LASHMAR Anglican missionary Antechamber Bay Buna Beach, Papua (beheaded) B, R

Elwyn Charles LEAHY 429815 HQ North Cmd RAAF Brownlow ? B

Melville LEOPOLD SX3251 2/23 Aust Corps Field Park Coy Denial Bay Renmark R

Percival LEOPOLD S364105 Gen Hosp Arden Vale Lower Mitcham R

Blanche Evelyne (Eva) LINNETT 105045 1 Central Recovery RAAF American River B

Frederick Arnold LINNETT SX19411 14 Works Company American River Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Lionel John LINNETT SX9437 2/14 Aust Fd Rgt RAA American River B, E

Leslie Herbert LOVERING SX14836 2/95 Aus L A D A E M E Brownlow Kingscote ? B, E, D

Bentley Charles MANSELL 141810 RAAF Darwin Yarra Junction, Victoria Penneshaw ? R, E, D

Doris Byrl MANSELL SF84162 82 Aust Op Sec Yarra Junction, Victoria R, E

Hazel Edyth MANSELL SF84265 55 A A/A S/L Bty Yarra Junction, Victoria R, E

Sydney Herbert (Peter) MANSELL 30336 Warburton, VIC R

Alfred William Joseph (Alf) MARCH 47432 1 A/c Depot Laverton RAAF Nailsworth ? E

Eric Wallace MARSHALL 39752 RAAF Sevenhill Kingscote ? SS, D

Robert MARSHALL ? Army ? ? R

Valentine Llewellyn MATTHEWS SX25518 185 Aust Supply Depot Platoon Port Lincoln ? R, E

Frank William MAY SX17002 27th Inf Batt Cygnet River PNG. Killed in action B, E

Keith MAY no military record for Keith Donald May ? ? R

Roy Harold MAY SX12462 2/10th Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Samuel Raymond (Ray) McCRACKEN 407796 RAAF Elliston ? R. McCraken was a teacher Willson's River, and Penneshaw left KI 5 Apr 1940

John Patrick McDEVITT SX17489 Canteen Service N.G. Sydney ? from 1939

Adam Henry McDONALD 4178 (SX15233) 2/14 Fd Reg RAA Glascow, Scotland American River ?, D

Colin Venner McGAVISK SX9217 13 RFS 2/7 Army Fld Rgt Broken Hill ? R, Western River

Donald Andrew McGAVISK SX37037 (S43689) 10 Aust Army Tsp Coy Lockleys R , Western River

Jim McINTOSH ? ? ? ? ?

Allan David James McINTYRE S37813 25/33 GRN Skipton, Vic Cygnet River R, D

Colin John McINTYRE VX6672 P.O.W. 2/7 Inf Batt Stawell, Victoria American River ?, D

Donald William McINTYRE S1108 RR & GDD 4 MD (Staff)) Skipton, Victoria Adelaide R, E

James MacLeod "Max" MELVELLE 46372 RAAF Adelaide ? bro to Reece, Penneshaw

Rob Roy MELVELLE S212241 4 Aust Garrison Queenscliffe Daw Park Also served WW1

Henry MILLER SX309 17 Supply AASC Penneshaw Daw Park B

Kenneth George Eric MILLER SX12927 2/8 Field Ambulance Unley (Port Augusta?) Jamestown R

John Clellford MINES SX22194 8 Aust Mov Cont GP Torrensville E

Fred (Frederick William ?) MORCOM SX3011 ? 2/14 Field Coy ? Woodside ? ? 1963? Teaching at Willson River and Cuttlefish Bay schools, left Feb 1939

Murray MORRIS ? ? ? ? R

Stephen Charles MORRISON V286037 11 Btn - VDC Also served WW1 Drouin, Victoria Brownlow ?, D

Ian David Hyde MURRAY SX675 Recce Rgt Mech Kingscote ? B

William Patterson (Pat) MURRAY SX2548 8 Div Amm Sub Park Adelaide ? R

Robert Haig MURTON S114651 31Aust Works Coy Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Cecil Ewert NEAVE S212997 18 Aust Garrison Batt Penneshaw Woodville B

Lancelot George NEAVE SX2315 2/10th Inf Batt Hog Bay Naracoorte B, E

Ralph Nicholls NEAVE S65232 MD Cadre Coy Hog Bay Keith B, E

John Nelson William NEIGHBOUR S56539 4 LoC Signals (PMG) Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Robert Sutton NEIGHBOUR 416450 No. 227 Squadron (RAF) Kingscote Rhodes, Greece. Killed in action B, E

Leonard John NORDLUND 22298 HMAS Lonsdale RAN Kingscote B

Arthur John (Mick) NORTHCOTT 39458 RAAF 61 Ops Prospect Gold Coast R

Colin Frank NORTHCOTT 122039 RAAF 55 Ops Kingscote ? B

Lewis Charles (Tom) NORTHCOTT SX18610 2 Aust Corps Reception Camp Kensington New Guinea, Died of wounds R, E

George OLIVER ? Medical Corps ? ? worked

John Lewis OSMOND VX10168 ASC 9 Aust Div, Captain Brighton, Vic Adelaide, 1951 R 1939-43

Lloyd Andrew OSMOND VX79289 2/100 Trspt Brighton, Vic ? R 1939-43

Andrew Christian OSTERSTOCK S65235 KI Det Coy VDC Exeter Kingscote R, E, D

Reginald Arthur OSTERSTOCK S65234 KI Det Coy VDC Kingscote B, E

Dorothy Lillian PALMER 16200 WRNS England Kingscote ? ?, D

Frederick Laurence PALMER 5727905 Dorset Regiment England Kingscote ? ?, D

William Albert PARSONS S56475 AASC Pool Hd. Yorke Kingscote E, D

Joseph PATTERSON S114181 4 LoC Signals (PMG) Melbourne Templer ? E

George Robert PAVILACH SX1710 1 PRO Coy LofC Cue, W.A. Adelaide ? E

Mervyn George PEARCE SX12567 2/43rd Batt Spalding Kingscote ?, D

Clarence Jack PENGILLY SX4393 2/31st Inf Batt Mailand Kingscote ?, D

Albert PIKE SX8801 Recruit Reception Depot Kapunda Adelaide E

Harry PIKE SX1923 2/10 Btn 2nd AIF Kapunda ? E

Cadell Edith PIPER (nee SUTER) SX27063 105 A MH Henty, NSW ? Adelaide R

Gilbert Kenneth Ronald (Ken) PITT S65236 VDC Campbelltown Kingscote E, D

Sidney PITT S87486 KI Det Coy VDC Norwood Kingscote E, D

Alois William PORTMANN 442363 1 AD Laverton RAAF Tweedvale R

Lancelot POTTER 47314 7 Airfield Const Squ RAAF Kingscote ? B

William Kitchener POTTER PA2075 RAN HMAS Goulburn Kingscote Carlingford, NSW B

Peter PRICE ? ? ? ? ?

Gordon Charles RANSOM S19900 Aust Army Service Corps Kingscote ? B

Keith Henry RANSOM 141522 76 Squadron RAAF Kingscote ? B

Norman John RANSOM S21607 27th Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Edmond Ray RATCLIFF SX5340 7 Div AASC Southwark ? R

Herbert RATCLIFF SX5039 2/5 Coy AASC Hog Bay ? B

John George Alexander REECE 415275 RAAF 466 Squadron Adelaide ? Mother resident 1939-1950

Jack REED SX8241 2/48th Inf Batt Rose Park Daw Park ?

Jack Wilfred RICE SX16391 7 Ord Amn Coy Prospect ? R

William George (Bill) RICE S17614 27 Aust Inf Batt Kingscote ? B

Horace Alexander RILEY S65241 KI Det Coy VDC Balwyn, Victoria Kingscote E, D

Eric Thomas Stephen ROWBERRY S50357 3AAAD Bromley, England ? R

Aubrey Milton ROWSELL S56431, SX22736 1st Aust Mount Bty Prospect Kingscote ? E, D

Sydney Francis RUTHVEN SX10029 Dist Ac Office NG Force Rose Park ? R

Tom RYMILL ? ? ? R (1938-1948)

Colin SALTER ? RAAF ? ? brother to Howard ? ?

Howard Ernest William SALTER SX298 2/10th Batt, brother to Colin ? ?

Keith Milford SAXON SX53 Bordertown, Victoria

David SCHAEFER 121886 8 Mob Works Squad RAAF Semaphore Park ? R, E

Oscar Benjamin SCHAEFER S65245 KI Det Coy VDC Hd of English MacGillivray E, D

Ronald SCHAEFER SX10649 (S1145) 2/9 AGH Torrensville ? R, E

William Jeffrey SHAKESHAFT SX7216 2/43rd Inf Batt Adelaide Kingswood R

Alfred John (Jack) SHERIDAN S111276, SX30087 Vic LofC Area Workshop Birkenhead ? E

Leslie Victor SIMPSON 39048 1 Op Tr Unit East Sale RAAF Penneshaw ? B

Stanford Anzac SIMPSON 27936 Laverton RAAF Hog Bay Adelaide B

William SLADE S17319, SX27960 48th Batt Murray Bridge Kingscote ?, D

Michael Thomas SMITH JX671608 Royal Navy Tele ? England ? Kingscote ? ?, D

Vernon John SMITH 28701 33 OBU RAAF Alberton Kingscote ? ?, D

David Keith STARK SX6891 2/48th Inf Batt Medindie ? ?

Dean STANTON S7229, 417127, RAAF Flight Lt., Booleroo, , R

Clement Albion STEPHENS SX38206 28 Aust Works Coy Armadale, Victoria Daw Park E

Edward William STROUT SX24552 RA Engineers Indooroopilly, Qld Kingscote ?, D

Alfred Harold SUNDBERG SX5718 2/23 A C FD PK Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Eric Spencer SUNDBERG SX13487 2/43 Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

John Gent (Jack) SUNDBERG S38206 Canteen Kingscote ? B

David Driffield SUTER 437455 AGS RAAF Renmark Fullarton R

John Ryberg SWANSON PA2185 RAN HMAS Penguin American River at sea, Indian Ocean. Killed in action HMS Anking Java Sea. B

Nils Ryberg SWANSON PA2783 RAN HMAS Torrens American River Kingscote B, D

Eric Walter George TABOR 377342 (SX28944) 1st N.G. Bttn. Glanville Kingscote ? ?, D

Edward Robert James (Bob) TAYLOR SX10908 2/101 AGT Coy Alberton ? R

Frederick William Ernest (Ernest) TAYLOR 115970 RAAF Laverton Kelmscott ? R

Herbert Harvey THOMAS S212865 25 Garrison Batt Shoal Bay Myrtle Bank B

Jack Osbourne THOMAS SX6889 P.O.W. 2/2 Res Motor Transport College Town Borneo, of illness R, E

Maurice Louis THOMAS S56474, SX27358 2/1 Aust Tank Tspt Coy AASC College Town ? R, E

William John THOMAS S212520 25 Garrison Batt Shoal Bay ? B

Albert THOMPSON S2770 CHQ Woodside Woodside ? ? E

John Lancelot THORNTON S42163 58 AASL Coy Port Germein Northfield died of illness in Aust ?

Cyril John (Jim) TIGGEMANN SX39901 27 SA Scottish Reg Lake Farm, K.I. Kingscote ? B, E, D

Douglas TIGGEMANN SX13266 2/43rd Inf Batt Kingscote ? B

Harold Stanley TIGGEMANN SX1390 2/32nd Batt Kingscote B, E

Keith Wilfred TIGGEMANN SX12851 4 Light Anti Aircraft Rgt RAA Kingscote Egypt, Died of wounds B, E

Roy Gilbert TILKA S43833 5 Aust Adv Ord Depot Cygnet River ? B

Harold Arthur TRELOAR SX10482 2/43rd Inf Batt Oaklands Libya. Killed in action R

Walter Clarence TRELOAR SX22780 Vic LofC Area Workshop Yorketown ? R, E

Charles Hart TRETHEWEY SX13987 HQ NT Force Penneshaw ? B, E

Charles Ray TRETHEWEY 140326 14 Signals Unit RAAF Penneshaw Tranmere B

Doris Linda TRETHEWEY SF84024 58 AASL BTY Loxton ? R

Edmund Vernon TRETHEWEY SX16722 2/9 Armoured Regt Penneshaw ? B, E

John Roe TRETHEWEY S65250 KI Det Coy VDC North Adelaide ? R, E

Leonard Paul TRETHEWEY S65251 KI Det Coy VDC Cuttlefish Penneshaw B, E, D

Richard Newbold TRETHEWEY SX8092 2/14 Aust Fd Rgt RAA North Adelaide ? R, E

Robert Thomas TREVILYAN 153030 14 Signals Unit RAAF Broken Hill R

Horace Leslie (Jack) TUCKER S65246 8 SA Batt VDC Lower Finniss Kingscote E, D

Walter Frederick (Wally) TUGWELL SX26624 64th Batt Victor Harbour Victor Harbour R

William Henry (Harry) TUGWELL SX26620 : 14 A S D Coy Encounter Bay ? R

Alfred James TURNER S2860 Loveday Int Grp Shoal Bay Kingscote ? B, D

Charles Arthur (Dick) TURNER S65249 KI Det Coy VDC Wisanger Wisanger B, E, D

Frank Edwin TURNER 115205 6 Service FTS RAAF Shoal Bay B

Victor Harcourt TURNER S65248 4th Batt VDC Smiths Bay Wisanger B, E, D

Henry Francis VEREYCKEN S65252 10 S A BN VDC Caurnamont Kingscote ? R

Murray John VEREYCKEN SX18369 2/48th Inf Batt Caurnamont ? R

Reuben Edward Royal VEREYCKEN QX32596 : 18 Field Coy AAE Caurnamont Queensland R

Arthur Dudley (Doug) WAKELIN SX2259 2/2/ Aust Ordinance Stores RAAF Kadina R

Frank Pearce WAKELIN S85707 2 Batt VDC Evandale R

Hugh Gordon WAKELIN S86064 5 Batt VDC Kingscote ? B

Horace Leslie George WALDEN 141104 Medindie R

John Lloyd WALL SX16739 D D & R D Kyneton, Victoria Craigmore R, E

Adrian Norman Charles WALLER PA3279 HMAS Torrens RAN Prospect ? R

Albert Edward WALLER SX4355 2/95 AUS L A D A E M E Brownlow ? B, E

Cyril John WALLER SX31155 64th Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Edgar Charles (Bob) WALLER S56476 VDF Salt Lagoon Kangaroo Island B, E, D

Harold Clifford WALLER S56533, SX6700 50 Gar Coy Salt Lagoon ? B, E

Hubert Roy WALLER SX2531 2/9 Batt Red Banks Kingscote B, E, D

James Arthur WALLER S21609, SX27500 Corps Elect & Mech Engineers Mt Thisby Kingscote ? B, E, D

John Robert WALLER 47392 RAAF Salt Lagoon Port Lincoln B, E

Leslie Alfred WALLER S56429, SX31156 2/1 Mach Gun Batt Kingscote OSullivan Beach B, E

Lewis Charles WALLER S212861 H Q LofC Guards Salt Lagoon Springbank B, E

Lewis Charles Henry (Charlie) WALLER SX4525 2/27th Inf Batt Southampton, England Kingscote ? R, E, D

Philip George WALLER SX15068 2/9 Aus Armd Reg W/S Red Banks Adelaide B, E, D

William Henry (Bill) WALLER S65661 Corps HQ VDC Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Edna Mavis WATSON 111488 Air Force HQ RAAF Enfield R, E

Percy James WEATHERSPOON SX8249 2/48th Inf Batt Kingscote Hd of MacGillivray B, E, D

Harry Franklin WEST S2975 25/33 Aust Garrison Batt Cowell Kingscote ?, D

Phillip Arthur WETHERALL NX26569 2/9 Field Regt. RAA Sydney Kingscote ? ?, D

Barbara WHEATON 96822 Area Finance Adelaide MacGillivray ? B, E

Frederick Howard WHEATON SX9516 2/8th Field Ambulance MacGillivray "lost at sea" off Tobruk B, E

Charles Percival WHITTLE S2996 ? Emu Bay B, E

Gordon Harold WHITTLE 26420 30 Ops Base Unit Kingscote ? B, E

John Arthur (Jack) WHITTLE 28795 1 School of TT RAAF Kingscote ? B, E

Maxwell Leslie WHITTLE 152198 6 Trans and Mvmnt Office RAAF Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Keith Julius WIADROWSKI S65260 / 437558 4 Emb Dep Mitcham RAAF MacGillivray Kingscote B, D

Francis (Frank) Edmund WICKHAM SX767 2 Aust Gen Hosp Ongerup, WA Sydney, 1955 R

Maurice Alan Chivers WILLIAMS SX20100, S5979, 443156, Kingscote, Bordertown B

Stanley Charles WILLIAMS 45494 RAAF Prahran, Victoria Kingscote ?, D

Tom WILLIAMS ? RAN ? Worked Union Bank

Albert Victor WILLSON S87490 KI Det Coy VDC Adelaide Penneshaw R, E, D

Archibald Sydney WILLSON S56453 8 Aux Horse Transp Coy AASC Rose Park ? R, E

Donald WILLSON S49989, SX26779 3 Field Survey Coy Walkerville ? R, E

Francis Danford WILLSON S56473 151 Aust Gen Transport Maylands Penneshaw R, E, D

Geoffrey Cleveland WILLSON 141635 9 Stores Depot RAAF Penneshaw ? B

Harold Valentine WILLSON S212904 4 Garrison Batt Willson's River Croydon West B, E

Joan WILLSON ? ? ? ? ?

John Martin WILLSON SX29599 17 LoC Signals Exeter ? R

Kenneth Alfred WILLSON SX2340 2/10th Inf Batt Alberton ? R, E

Martin Friend WILLSON S1686 7 Sec Aust Kit Store Penneshaw Adelaide B

Norman Stuart WILLSON S65262 KI Det Coy VDC Penneshaw Penneshaw B, E, D

Raymond Martin WILLSON 152873 14 Signals Unit RAAF Penneshaw Balhannah B, E

Ronald Warwick WILLSON MM SX1708 2/31 Aust Inf Bat Penneshaw Kingscote ? B, E, D

Victor Reginald WILLSON S65256 KI Det Coy VDC Norwood Pennesahw R, E, D

Vincent Clark Woodrow WILLSON SX29876 (S21611) 28 Works Coy Penneshaw American River B, E, D

Walter Reginald WILLSON S65257 KI Det Coy VDC American Beach Penneshaw B, E, D

William James WILLSON S65261 KI Det Coy VDC Malvern North Adelaide R, E

Frederick James WOOD S87481 KI Det Coy VDC Brompton Park ? E

Jack Newbury WOOD SX39210 (S56432) 9 War Graves Unit Laura Kangaroo Island ? R, E, D

Tom Percy WOOD S40253 A A C D Blackburn, England Eastwood E

Harold Joseph WOODS SX14182 20 Aus Motor Rgt Parkside American River ? R

Leslie Horace WOODS PA2031 HMAS Torrens RAN Brompton ? ?

Waller (Walter?) G. WOODS ? PA1867 ? HMAS Torrens RAN Unley ?

Raymond Gordon WOOF 416198 12 Squadron RAAF Maylands Kingscote ? R, D

Arthur Horace WRIGHT 47536 102 Squadron RAAF Kingscote Kingscote ? B, E, D

Hubert (Herbert) WRIGHT S488 Also served in WW1 W/O 2 Garrison Batt. Cygnet River Northfield B, R

Orville Herbert WRIGHT SX2156 2/10th Inf Batt Kingscote Kingscote B, E, D

Thomas Noel WRIGHT SX18260 2/3 Aust Comp A/A Rgt Quorn Whyalla E

Albert Edwin ZEITZ S65263 KI Det Coy VDC Queenstown Kingscote R, D

Cyril William ZEITZ S56521, SX23361 HQ 6 Mot Bde Alberton Adelaide R