1888. It is the intention of the Hog Bay Cricket Club to play a number of matches on the Adelaide Oval in March next. Mr. Creswell has been communicated with, and has promised the use of the oval to the club on any day in the week, Saturdays and holidays excepted. The matches will be played against Adelaide junior teams, and the island team will be one picked from the whole of Kangaroo Island. Such players as W. V. Simpson, J. Simpson, G. W. Chase; H. Withall, H. W. Bates, jun., and others should give a good account of them selves on the oval.

HOG BAY. OCTOBER 15. (1888, October 20). South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1881 - 1889), p. 22.

1890 A cricket match between the Queenscliffe and Emu Bay Clubs resulted in a win for the former with 1 run and 1 wicket to spare.

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), Wednesday 2 April 1890, page 3

1895 The local [Queenscliffe] cricket team played the Wisanger team at Emu Bay on March 23, and were defeated by 37 runs. 

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), Wednesday 27 March 1895, page 6


The Kingscote Cricket Club played the visiting members of the South Australian Garrison Artillery on Saturday last on the Kingscote Recreation Grounds. Play commenced about 2 p.m. and the match resulted in a win for the Islanders although the organisers (Messrs V. H. F. Cook and F. Porter) had some difficulty in getting a team together. The Kingscote captain sent the visitors in to bat first but, owing to the deadly bowling of Porter, Warren and Hockley the Garrison team were soon disposed of for the small total of 21 runs. The Kingscotes then pro-ceeded to wipe of the Score but Gunner Stone and Bombardier Dowling prevented any large scores being made securing 3 for 4 and 4 for 6 respectively, P. Warren 11, T. Chapman 9, H. Hockley 12, being the highest scorers for the Kingscotes who finally succeeded in totalling up 71 runs. There still being plenty of the afternoon left the Kingscotes again sent the Garrison team into bat but their second effort was very little better as F. Porter was deadly with the ball while V. H. F. Cook behind the stumps snapped up two venturesome batsmen and placed two wickets to the credit of F. Porter who for the day secured a splendid average of 8 wickets for 9, P. Warren 4 for 1. The total 29 closed the visitors second attempt, the Kingscotes thus winning by an innings and 21 runs. Appended are the scores :— S.A.G. ARTILLERY. 1st ins. 2nd ins. Gunner Bourne ... ... 1 2 Br. Stone ... ... 1 0 Gr. Smyth ... ... 1 14 Gr. Meade ... ... 0 0 Sgt. Weinderberg ... 0 0 Sgt Whitehorn ... 4 2 Gr Waller ... ... 4 0 Cpl. Patching ... 4 1 Gr. Dowling ... ... 0 3 Sgt. Morrison ... 0 1 Br. Dunn ... ... 0 1 Sundries ... ... 6 5 Total ... ... 6 5 KINGSCOTE. P. Warren ... ... ... 11 T. Chapman ... ... ... 9 F. Porter ... ... ... 1 V. Cook ... ... ... 4 F. Calnan ... ... ... 4 C. Webb ... ... ... 3 H. Morrison ... ... ... 4 H.Taylor ... ... ... 8 H. Hockley ... ... ... 12 F. Stephens ... ... 1 O. Suminger ... ... ... 0 Sundries ... ... ... 14 Total ... ... ... 71

CRICKET. (1908, January 4). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 2. Retrieved August 4, 2019, from 

CRICKET MEETING. A general meeting of the Hog Bay Central Cricket Club was held in the Penneshaw Hotel on New Year's Eve. Mr E. L. Bates [Edward Lawrence Bates] was voted to the chair and in a few words outlined the position of the club. Thirteen gentle-men were present and a lively meeting was the result. The club's secretary has most unfortunately left the district without resigning, thus placing the club in an awkward position. Mr Edward L. Bates was appointed acting secretary. The club has not played a match for about two years but of late interest has revived and it now promises to be one of the first clubs in this part of the Island. Another meeting will be held at the Hotel on Saturday week when the final business of the club will be considered.

Hog Bay News. (1908, January 4). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 7. Retrieved August 4, 2019, from 

CRICKETER'S MEETING Last Saturday evening, owing to the warm weather, the Dudley Central Cricket Club held its meeting on the beach. There was a good attendance but nothing more than formal business was gone through. About 20 members have already joined. The following were the officials elected: Captain. Mr A. Willson [Albert Edward Willson]; vice-captain, Mr C. C. R. Bates [Colin Cameron Robert Bates]; secretary and treasurer, Mr E. L. Bates. [Edward Lawrence Bates] The above officers, together with Messrs C. N. Willson [?] and S. W. Simpson [Stamford Wallace Simpson] form the committee. A selection committee will shortly be decided on, and it is probable that a match will be played against the Antechamber Bay team in about a month's time. We hope the club will be a real live one, and do its best to promote interest in the great game.

Hog Bay Notes. (1908, January 25). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 6. Retrieved August 4, 2019, from 

1919. Kingscote Cricket Club.

A well attended meeting was held in tbe Public Reading Room on Monday evening last to form a cricket club at Kingscote. There were over 20 members present and the following were elected as officers for the season : President, Mr V. H. F. Cook ; Vice Presidents, Messrs R. Wheaton. A. Daw, G. Buick, W. S. Buckland, H. Ransom and R. J. Cook ; Treasurer, Mr M. Smith ; Secretary, Mr B. Daw. It was resolved that membership fee be 10/6 for adults, and that boys under 16 be admitted as members to the club for 5/. The initial expense in connection with the club will be great, but this was considerably overcome by the generous way in which several present subscribed, the amounts donated including, guineas from Messrs V. H. F. Cook, W. W. Cook, H. Ransom, G. D. Buick, W. S. Buck land, A. Daw and H. Uren.

Kingscote Cricket Club. (1919, November 8). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 2.

Photo: contributed by Bev Willson. Photographer possibly the 11th cricketer - Earnest Albert Willson. Date unknown but probably after WW1. Dudley Cricket Club?

Back row: Kruger, Tom Stirling, ?, Oscar Hourie
Second row: Charlie Trethewey, Bill Giles (policeman), Fred Trethewey, Jack Clark
Front row: Aleck Marshall, Martin Friend Willson.

1921. A well attended meeting resulted on Saturday evening to re-form the Kingscote Cricket Club, and if the enthusiasm shown at present con tinues a live club should result. Mr M. B. Chapman was elected Captain, Mr O. Scherer Vice-Captain, Mr F. Kasehagen, President, and Mr C. Pearce, Hon. Secretary. The subscription was fixed at 10/6, junior subscription 5/. A match, Married v Single, will be played this afternoon and on Saturday next the team will try conclusions with the Wisanger eleven.

KINGSCOTE CRICKET CLUB. (1921, October 29). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 2.

1923 Penneshaw Cricket Club. Photo courtesy Bronwyn Foster.
Back L-R: D. Bell, L. Willson, H. Cook, R. Turner, C. Hall, F. Lashmar, C. Bell, W. Stirling. Front L-R: Percy Clark, E. Willson, F.W.N. Trethewey (Vice Captain), S. Balchin (Captain), O.E. Scherer, M. Chapman, E.L. Bates.

Photo: Bev Willson.  

This letter written 14 Oct 1923 appears to have been written by Danford Willson (1884-1967), son of Charles Danford Willson, and grandson of Thomas Creasy Willson, and written to his cousin Tinkey Tom (Thomas Tingey Willson (1877-1936) , son of Thomas Willson II, and the grandson of Thomas Creasy Willson.

1934. At a meeting of delegates to the Kangaroo Island Cricket Association, held at Kingscote, the following officers were elected:—Patron, Mr. L. Fairbrother; vice presidents, Messrs. W. R. Boxer and M. L Mitchell; secretary and treasurer, Mr. H. Wheaton; assistant secretary, Mr. C. R. Boxer; auditor, Mr. A. E. Zeitz.  A programme was drawn up for the coming season.—The influenza has almost the entire population in a bad way. 

REPORT FROM RURAL CENTRES (1934, September 19). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), p. 7. Retrieved August 6, 2019, from 

1936 Emu Bay Cricket Club.

The annual meeting of the above club was held in the Shoal Bay school on Monday August 3rd. Owing to rough weather there was only a small attendance. The Secretary read minutes of previous meeting which were con-firmed, and the balance sheet showed a credit balance of £1 12/5. The following officers were elected, Patrons, Mrs D. R. Lade, Messrs A. Crimp and W. T. Turner; Chairman, A. S. G. Barrett; Captain, A. H. Bald; Vice-Captain, O. G. Turner; Secretary, F. E. Turner ; Association Delegates, A. S. G. Barrett and F. E. Turner; General Committee, Chairman, Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary, A. M. Hall, K. Barrett and T. Bates ; Selection Committee, Cap-tain, Secretary and K. D Bates. It was decided to put down a new pitch at Shoal Bay as soon as possible.

1936 Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Friday 14 August 1936, page 3

Emu Bay Cricket Team. 

If the date was 1937

Back row: BATES, Lindsay W. (1915 - 1976) (22), WHITTLE, Arthur J.D. (Jack)(1917 - 1977) (20), BATES, Keith D. (1907 - 1987) (30) , BUICK, Herbert G. (1915 - 1984) (22), HALL, Alfred M. (1915 - 2019) (22), BARRETT, Arthur S.G. (1895 - 1978) (42) , WHITTLE, Leo C. (1912 - 1968) (25) 

Front : BATES, James A. (1920 - 1996), (17) BARRETT, Keith R.B. (1901 - 1992), (36) (29), BALD, Archibald H. (1908 - 1952) (29), CHAPMAN, Jack (1918 - 2013) (19) , TURNER, Frank E. (1914 - 1990) (23).

Photo courtesy Kathy Barrett, Facebook

1938 Cricket Notes.

Emu Bay Club Holds Annual Meeting.

At the annual meeting of the Emu Bay Cricket Club, the following officers were elected, Patrons, Mrs D. R. Lade, Messrs A. Crimp and W. T. Turner. President, A. S. G. Barrett, Captain, R. Hall. Vice-Captain, F. Turner, Secretary, F. Turner, Association delegates. President and Secretary, Selection Committee, Captain, Vice-Captain and D. Bell, General Committee, All financial members. It was decided to ask the Association's approval for the club to change it's name to Central Cricket Club.

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Friday 19 August 1938, page 3

1938 Cricket Notes.

At the annual meeting of the Kangaroo Island Cricket Association the following officers were elected : — Patrons, Mrs D. R. Lade and Mr A. E. Willson ; President, W. R Boxer ; Vice-Presidents, Messrs M. L. Mitchell, A. G. Boxer, R Wheaton, C. A. Anderson, N. Ruthven, W. Cook, F. Trethewey, F. Lashmar and D. Shepherd ; Auditor, A. S. Zeitz ; Secretary, F. E. Turner; Assistant Secretary, J. S. Lade. it was decided that matches shall commence on October 22nd.,and that 3 rounds shall he played this season. Dudley delegates obtained the As sociation's approval to put down a malthoid pitch this season, and approval was also granted the Emu Bay Club, for that club to change its name to the Central Cricket Club.

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Friday 2 September 1938, page 2

1952 K.I. Country Carnival Cricket Team.
Back row:  G. Turner, Bevan Bates, Reg Harden, Clair Lashmar, R. Stirling.
Front row:  Hartley Glen Wilson, Gordon McHugh, Arthur Helyar (capt.), Doug Wheaton (vice-capt), Stan Sunman, John Cook, Robert Christophers.  
Photo:  Hartley and Bev Willson

1953  K. I. Country Carnival Colts Cricket Team

Back Row:  N. Tunney, Robert Christophers, B. Browne, N. Turner, K. Hannoghan.
Front Row:  D. Piliar,  John Cook, Arthur Helyar (capt.), Clair Lashmar, Hartley Willson, Malcolm Turner
Inset:  Doug Wheaton (vice capt.)

Photo:  Hartley and Bev Willson

1955  K.I. Cricket Association

Back row:  Doug R. Wheaton (organiser), Hartley Willson, D. Bell, Arthur Helyar (capt.),  John Cook (vice-capt.), John Edward George (Jack) Lovering, W. Mansell.
Front row:  J. Dunn, N. Turner, B. Florance, R. Jones, P. Neale.

Photo:  Hartley and Bev Willson