World War 1


To mark the centennary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, we are pleased to present the results of a most important project of discovering as much information as possible about the many men (and women) who served in the First War, and whose names have been taken from the various memorials and honour boards in Kangaroo Island, and/or appeared in the K.I. Courier at the time. The project will probably never finish. If you can add or correct any information, particularly their Kangaroo Island connection, please contact the webmaster.

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Penneshaw Kingscote

KEY: K = Kingscote Honour Board, and/or Kingscote Memorial, P = Penneshaw Honour Board, and/or Penneshaw Memorial, KIC = K. I. Courier, including memoriams, reunions, old scholars and other news items, BKI = Born on K.I., KIA = Killed In Action, DoW = Dieds of Wounds, WiA = Wounded in Action, DoD = Died of illness or Disease. To see a "scrapbook page" of more details for each soldier, click on the link "click here" at the right end of the line.

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First Name(s) Last Name Service Number Unit

Geoffrey Middleton ADAMSON 665 32nd Batt (W.I.A.)

William James Reginald AIRY 235 16th Batt

Peter Douglas ALLEN 4427 50th Batt

Edward ALLSOPP 5550 27th Batt 15th R


George Wyndham AYLIFFE 1612 43rd Inf Batt

William Hawden AYLIFFE 6537 50th Batt (K.I.A.)

Cyril Proctor BAINBRIDGE 502 27th Batt (W.I.A.)

Cecil Vaughan BALCHIN 10753 13th Batt, 5th FAB

Robert BANHAM 2870 50th Batt 7th R (D.O.W.)

Harold Joseph BARNES 484 9th Light Horse

John Leo BARNES 1359A 9th LHR, 11th Reinf.

Victor George BARNES 3290 9th Light Horse

Arthur John Croll BARRY 1629 48th Batt 'A' Coy

Robert Vincent BARRY 3018 32nd Batt

Charles Joseph BATES 65 10th Batt 'E' Coy (K.I.A.)

Glen Roy BATES MM 551 10th Batt 'D' Coy (K.I.A.)

Albert Wilkinson BATTYE MM 3020 8th Batt (D.O.W.)

Oscar Eric BAUMANN 10 32nd Batt 'A' Coy (K.I.A.)

Walter Oscar BAUMANN 2561 24th Howitzer Br

Kenneth James BECKWITH Lieutenant 11th Batt (W.I.A.)

Thomas BIRRELL 3555 5th Pioneer

Gilbert John BLYTHMAN 3110 4th Light Horse (K.I.A.)

Victor Rupert Sydney BOOTHEY 2780 43rd Batt (W.I.A.)

David BRIGGS 4151 50th Batt (K.I.A.)

Arthur Hart BUCK 6966 10th Batt 'C' Coy (K.I.A.)

Bertie Henry BUCK Royal Navy Reserve

Ernest Victor BUICK 50509 9th Light Horse

Francis Roy BURDON 680 23rd Batt 'D' Coy (D.O.D.)

Leonard Herbert James BURDON MM 1884 46th Batt (D.O.D.)

Charles Graham BURGESS 4451 2nd Pioneer Battalion

Edward Stanley BURGESS 1160 43rd Batt 'C' Coy

Percy Edmond BURGESS 15703 Depot

William Sampson BUSH 2302 32nd Batt


Herbert Percey CAIN 2606 27th Batt 10th Batt

William John CAMPBELL 55273 2nd Depot B Coy (D.O.D.)

Howard Bevan CARR 2275 50th Batt. (K.I.A.)

Kevin Hampden CARR Flight Lieutenant RAF



David Herbert Weir CLARK 15796 'B' Coy Mitcham

Edwin Johns CLARK 3353 48th Batt 9th R (K.I.A.)

James Gilbert CLARK 117 1st Batt.

John Ernest CLARK 7052 2nd Tunnel Coy (W.I.A.)

Walter CLARK 460 32nd Batt 'B' Coy

William Campbell CONNELLY 2021 27th Batt 3rd R (D.O.D.)

Allan Oscar William COOK 6548 27th Batt 19th R

Vincent Herbert John COOK 3106 50th Batt (W.I.A.)

William Weston COOK 6435

C (Clement?) COX 3473 ? 27th Batt 8th Reinf ? K.I A ?


Walter Ernest CURTICE 2652 50th Batt 'A' Coy

Arthur Henry DAW 2499 1st Remount Unit (AIF) wounded

John Hartley DAW 4280 32nd Batt

Wickham Charles Edwin DAW 2260 10th Batt 6th R

Hannah Mary nee Mullins DEANE Sister 3rd Aust General Hospital Aust Army Nursing Service

Alfred DEBNEY 2427 AAMC

Harry Claud DEWAR 1837 SIG22.12.2R7.S4

John Robertson Ferguson DEWAR 10783 Divisional Signal Company 3

James Hay DEWHIRST 4145 12th Batt. 13th R

Desmond Theodore Du RIEU 146 10th Batt

Lloyd George EATTS 2633 27th Batt 6th R

Hendrik ENTHOVEN 3580 5th Pioneer Batt 9th R

Harold Easton EVANS 2409 48th Batt 5th R

James Stanley FIELDER 3108 27th Batt

Samuel Hercules FIELDER 2631 3rd L.H.R 18th R

James Smith FOGGO 3841, 3841A, S70687 5th Pioneer, 32nd Batt, CMF WW2

Allan Roderick Herbert FORSYTH 2522 2nd Field Batt

Archibald Peter Theodore George FORSYTH 69 43rd Batt

William FRAZER 1936 10th Bat 5th Reinf

Leonard Arnold GEPP 62313 27th Batt 'B' Coy

Ernest Walter GOBELL 3709 4th Pioneer Batt

Herbert GREEN 3506 27th Batt/10th Batt

Henry Cecil GREENE 6564 12th Batt K.I.A.

Cornelius Edward HAARSMA 1544 9th L.H.R.

William HALL 55158 8th Batt

John Harold HAMILTON 5351 27th Batt 15th Reinf

Hubert Checkley HARDWICKE 2115 12th Batt K.I.A.

Frank Alworth HARRIS 1815 27th Batt K.I.A.

Alexander HERON 4140 27th Batt K.I.A.

Heinrich HERZOG

William George HOFFMAN 3568 32nd Batt

Charles James HONWAY 2786 12th Batt D.O.W.

Percy Clarkson HOUGHTING 1402 9th L.H.R

Allen Dudley HOWARD 62318 5th Gen. Reinf.

David Percival HOWARD 2608 5th Pnr. Batt.

Robert Angus HOWARD 2719 5th Pioneer Batt Reinf 5

William Digby HOWARD 22318 Howitzer Brigade 23, Battery 109

James Tolbouis HOWELL 1910 3rd L.H.R K.I.A.

W HOWELL 4532 32nd Batt.?

Eric William HUGHES 5017 27th Batt. 13th Reinf.

William Edward HURRELL 5995 10th Batt.

Arthur (Frederick) JACKA 3604 9th LHR 32nd Reinf.

Ruby Mabel JACKA Nurse

Ronald Ferguson Henshaw JACKSON 519 3rd L.H.R.

Cornelius Roy JOHNSTONE 194 and 3166 11th Batt. 8/51st

Frederick Eli JONES 322 43rd Batt. B Coy.

Joseph Rowland Arthur JONES 3824 SX8437 32nd Batt. 2/27 Bn 2

William Hartley JONES 3084 44th Batt


Willie JUPP 3422 9/50th Batt.

Frank Edward Robert KAESEHAGEN 4156 12th Batt, 13th Reinf

C (Henry George?) KELEY 721 19th Batt.

Ernest Murray Davington KELEY 421 8th Machine Gun Coy

Harold Percy KELEY 767 19th Batt. K.I.A.

Sidney Carlyle KELLY 2290 4/48th Batt.

Charles Kingscote KNUCKEY 114 2nd Field Ambulance

Frank Augustine LAMPREY 2062 32nd Batt.

Leslie Oliver LAMPREY 2435 50th Batt.

Allan John LASHMAR 454 10th Batt. K.I.A.

Clair Young LASHMAR 1735 12th Batt 52nd Batt. K.I.A.

William Edward LEAHY 512 43rd Batt.

Percival LEOPOLD 2692 50th Batt

John LESLIE 98 3rd L.H.R.

Aubrey LLOYD Depot


George Ernest LUCKETT 453, 299 Boer War, then 9th Light Horse Rgt


D MacINTOSH 3958 27th Batt

Herbert Stanley MANSELL 163, 2nd Field Ambulance

Alex / Alec (Lachlan Aitken) MARSHALL 1050 10th Batt. D.O.W.

Gordon Royal McARTHUR 3544 9th L.H.R. 31st R


Donald William McINTYRE 4819 32nd Batt.

Harvey Saunders MELVELLE 2401 27th Batt.

Rob Roy MELVELLE 1466 43rd Batt 7th R

Arthur Hartley MILLER 577 Depot

Frederick William Burfield MILLER 244 50th Batt. Depot

Ralph Edward John MILLER 15104 Depot

Harold Flinders MITCHELL Lieutenant 45th Batt K.I.A.

Thomas MOORE 643 27th Batt

James Lawrence MOREY 2411 10th Batt 7th R

Sydney Stanley MORGAN 1781 43rd Batt. K.I.A.

Stephen Charles MORRISON SN 757 No 2 Sq Aust Flying Corps

Horace MUNT 2456 48th Batt K.I.A.

D C MURRAY 3424 Field Artillery reinf

William MURRAY 4144 24th Batt.

Cecil Ewart NEAVE SX4402 Depot

Edgar Charles NEAVE 6122 27th Batt 17th R

George Danford NEAVE 685 10th Batt K.I.A.

Horace Lesley NINNES 2926 3rd L.H.R. 21st R

Arthur Charles NORTHCOTT 2960 32nd Batt. 6th R

George Lesley NORTHCOTT 346 43rd Batt D.O.W.

Lewis Henry NORTHCOTT 2238 50th Batt 4th R K.I.A.

Walter Thomas NORTHCOTT 846 43rd Batt.

Wilfred Ernest George NORTHCOTT 348 50th Batt

John OLDS 6558 10th Batt.

Joseph OLDS 1072 16th Batt.

Percy John OPIE 7051 10th Batt. K.I.A.

Victor Allan OPIE 1392 16th Batt 1st R K.I.A.

Oscar OWRE / OWRIE 2573 12th 8th R 52nd Batt K.I.A.

Charles Victor PADE 4549 10th Batt 14th R K.I.A.

William Stanley PAGE 1633 3rd LHR/4th Div Amm Column K.I.A.

Sydney George PAGE 1632(a) 1st LHR/ 4th Div Ammo Column

Harold Ewart PARTRIDGE 1760 10 Battalion

Charles Richard Maitland PATTISON Major 112 Squad RAF

Ethel PATTISON Voluntary Aid Detachment/British Red Cross

A. (Alfred?) (or Ormonde Leslie) PETHERICK 6566? 10th Battalion?

John Henry William PEW 10779 6th Field Artillery Brigade

Astley Ford PILKINGTON 176 3rd LHR

Cuthbert Septimus PIZEY M.M. A/S.S.M 2nd Field Artillery Brigade

Rowland Ridgeway POYNTZ 1559 27th Battalion 1st Reinf

Frederick George RATCLIFF 4846 43rd Battalion

George Henry RICHES 1896 44th Battalion

James Henry RIX 10918 3rd Div Training

Arthur Harold RUMBALL 1122 9th LHR

Clarence RUMBALL Major 10th Batt

Francis Elmer RUMBALL 53 Div. Signal Coy 1

Cornelius Clive RUSSELL 3911 51st Battalion

John Flinders (Jack) SAWYER 6326 27th Battalion

Richard Danzic SAWYER 3/1557 NZ Army Medical Corps

Oscar (Oskar) Benjamin SCHAEFER 17422 2nd Aust CCS

Edward Clarendon SEAGER 185 4th Light Horse

George Rothwell SEAGER 62 9th L.H.R. K.I.A.

Harold William Hastings SEAGER Major 10th Batt; 50th Batt.

Leslie Bray SEXTON 6769 43rd Battalion

Oscar Edwin SHEARER 1889 3rd LHR

William Andrew/Ambrose SHEEHAN 725 43rd Batt K.I.A.

Harry SIMMONDS 1510 10th Infantry Batt

Stamford Wallace (Tiger) SIMPSON 687 10th Infantry Batt

William Thomas (Thomas William) SMITH 2259 50th Batt

Ivan Charles SPENCER 1767 50th Batt. 2nd Reinf.

Wilfred Stephen (Bill) SPICER 381 43rd Inf Battalion

A. STANLEY possibly Albert George STANLEY

Leslie Robert STIRLING 15649 4th Field Ambulance K.I.A.

Stanley George STIRLING 64899 9th LHR

Arthur Ernest STODDART 11538 5th Field Artillery

William Ivan Stewart STORY 210 27th Batt.

Donald Jefferson (Jeff) STOW 1098 16th & 44th Btns. W.I.A.

Francis Arthur SULLIVAN 2243 27th Battalion

Richard William SUTTON 3764 16th Battalion

Albin William SWANSON 5318 10th Batt.

Charles Ernest TAYLOR 608 5th Machine Gun Batt D.O.W.

Charles John TAYLOR 16th Battalion D.O.W.

Ernest Edwin THOMAS 473 3rd LHR

Herbert Harvey THOMAS 3345 50th Battalion

William John THOMAS 734 3rd LHR

William Frank George THOMSON 1134 2nd Div Signal Coy

George Alfred TURNER 3894 32nd Battalion

Malcolm THORNTON 4286 50th Battalion

John Sutton TURNER 5853 3rd Tunnel Coy

Gordon Blair WALD 5235 10th Battalion/ 4th MDR Guard

Alfred Wallace WALLER 416 43rd Battalion W.I.A.

Arthur Austin WALLER 953 27th Battalion W.I.A.

Charles Stephen WALLER 1337 16th Battalion K.I.A.

Frederick George WALLER 1840 32nd Battalion

Lewis Charles WALLER 9251 27th Battalion

Norman Victor WALLER 413 43rd Battalion

Harold WATERMAN 11943 3rd Div Supply Column

George WELLS 3465 48th Battalion K.I.A.

John WILLIAMS 88794 B Coy Recruit

Harold Valentine WILLSON 6908 27th Battalion Battery, 20th R

Martin Friend WILLSON 6174 2nd Machine Gun

Walter Reginald WILLSON 235 2nd Division Provost Corps

John Matthew WINCH 4306 50th Battalion

Charles Edward WITHALL 2647 44th Battalion K.I.A.

Hubert WRIGHT 1762 32nd Battalion. Also served in WW2 as W/O W.I.A.