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Kingscote Golf Club

A meeting of gentlemen interested in the formation of a Golf Club was held at the Kingscote Council Hall last night, Dr. Stevenson in the chair It was decided that a committee select a site for links at an early date.

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A meeting of those interested in the formation of a Golf Club was held last night at the Ozone Hotel. Dr. Stevenson was unanimously elected president of the Club, and Messrs Partridge and Turnbull treasurer and secretary respectively., Messrs F. C. Addison and J. B. Ayliffe members of committee. The secretary was instructed to write and thank Mr F. H. Ayliffe on hehalf of the Club for permission to play over his grounds. In order to stimulate interest in the pastime it was decided to hold a competition on the links on Thursday afternoon next, 24th inst. Following are the handicaps : — W. V. Turnbull scr A. H. Daw ... 12 H, E. Partridge scr F. Mawby ... 12 E. C. Addison ... 8 A. W. Battye ...15 J. H. Dewar ... 9 J. B. Ayliffe ...15 W. Weetman ... 12 Dr. Stevenson ... 25 A. E. Campbell... 12 G. A. Nicholls ... 25 F, H. Winch ...12 W.H.Strawbridge 25

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Mr. W. W. Turnbull, teller at the Union Bank, has been promoted to the managership of the branch, at Marble Bar, Western Australia. He is a keen golfer, and was instrumental in forming the local golf club. He will leave for his new home on June 1. His successor is Mr. Buckland, of Camper \down, Victoria.

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1929 Opening of Kingscote Golf Links

On Wednesday afternoon, His Excellency the Governor performed the ceremony of opening the Kingscote Golf Links in the presence of a numerous and representative gathering of Island residents and visitors. Unfortunately the weather was not very propitious and a sharp shower some-what marred the proceedings, but even so it could not succeed in defacing the remarkable natural beauty of the site on which the Links are laid out. The President of the Golf Club, Dr. Lermitte welcomed the Governor on behalf of the Club and in the course of his remarks explained the difficulty of laying down Links on a very small sum of money, more especially in these days when the great Golf Clubs are spending thousands of pounds on their Links. These difficulties have been, to a very large extent, overcome and the Grounds Committee has by a deal perserverence now laid down a 9 hole course that surpassed many of the country courses on the main land. Furthermore it was a course that could be played on all the year round as the sandy loam was never too hard in the summer, nor too wet in the winter to actually prevent play. Recently members of the Seaton Park and Kooyonga Clubs had played over these Links and has spoken of them in terms, of the highest praise. Now that Vice-Regal patronage had been conferred on the scheme there could be no doubt that the success of the undertaking was assured. The President hoped that the Governor would return to the scene of the afternoon's gathering often and defeat every member of the Club. Sir Alexander Hore-Ruthven in declaring the Links opened remarked that Golf Links had become an absolute necessity to every town, hoping to rank as a tourist resort. When the question of a holiday arose the first question that the men asked was respecting the presence or absence of Golf Links and only those Tourist Resorts which supplied this need gained the patronage of the holiday-maker. He congratulated the Golf Club on the very fine work that had been done and was convinced that the Club had a brilliant future before it and that it would constitute one of the very greatest attractions which the Island possessed. The Governor then formally declared the Links opened and drove off the first ball with a magnificent drive that nearly reached the first green. The President followed on and played the Governor a round. An admiring crowd followed the Governor round and many who had never seen the game played before became converts to the fascination of the 'little ball' and embryo enthusiastic golfers. Afternoon tea was served in the temporary Club house by Mesdames Lermitte, E. Cook, Neighbour, Marks and Young. On Wednesday evening Dr. and Mrs Lermitte entertained the Premier, the Chief Secretary and a numerous company at a Bridge Tournament at the Ozone Hotel. 

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Penneshaw Golf Club

A meeting was held in the Institute Hall on Wednesday, July 19th. to form a Golf Club and elect the necessary officers. Mr T. E. Dodderill was elected Chairman. The meeting was well attended and the following is the list of the officials of the Club : — Secretary, Mr T. B. Doddrill ; Assistant Secretary, Mr L. Neave ; Patron, Mr G. R. Wilson ; President, Mr S. F. Neave; Vice-Presidents, Messrs H. P. Murray, J.P., J. M. Grimshaw J.P, A. E. Willson, F. W. N. Trethewey, F. J. Lashmar, E. L. Bates, and D. Willson ; Captain, Mr G. C. Chalmers; Vice Captain, Mr F. W. Neave, The fees pro tens are Ladies 3/ ; Gents 5/. The Golf Gourse. The land where the course is to be formed, is the property of Mr F. W. Neave, who has been public spirited enough to offer the land at a nominal rental, until the Club is on its legs, so to speak. There is no doubt but that when established, it will greatly enhance the value of the land. The course will be about one and a quarter miles in extent, and of nine holes. It is conveniently situated, the first tee being only about a half mile from the township, while from the course there it an incomparable view. A working bee will be arranged at once to clear the oourse and form the greens. 

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