Penneshaw Hall

Opening of the New Penneshaw Hall.[Image: State Library of South Australia B 17491] For some considerable time past residents of Penneshaw and district have been working hard to erect the much-needed new Institute Hall, and Thursday last saw their efforts completed, and a new and commodious hall at their disposal.

Arrangements had been made for the members for the district to be present and open the hall, but it being impossible for them to attend, that honor fell to Mrs W. Howard, who in a brief and well-chosen speech declared the hall open. Speeches were also given by Messrs W. Howard, R. Clarke, L. E. Clark, [M. Willson] and the Rev. Edmond. At the dinner a happy time was spent by all attending, the success of which is due to the energetic way in which the ladies worked together in preparing for the event and waiting on the tables.

In the evening a grand concert, followed by a supper and dance, was held, at which Mr Howard presided, Mr L. E. Clark gave a short address and read the balance-sheet. He announoed that there was still a debt on the building but felt assured that it would be soon wiped off by a continuance of the splendid support which had been accorded in the past. A pleasant programme followed, and comprised items rendered by Misses Bates, Barry, Mann and Seymour (2), and Messrs Cox, Grimshaw, Murray, Kelly, Clark and Harris. A pleasing feature of the evening was an action song given by the children, Two splendid farces were included in the programme and were staged by Mesdames H. Buick, Johnson, and Trethewey, and Messrs C. Moll, Simpton, F. Buick, E. L. Bates, Heal and Giles. Mrs Johnson acted as accompanist. The singing of the National Anthem concluded the entertainment. Supper followed at which a large number partook of the many good things provided, Dancing was then began and proved a very pleasant termination to an enjoyable day. We understand that about £20 was netted on the day's proceedings.

Opening of the New Penneshaw Hall. (1911, September 2).The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 5. Retrieved October 5, 2015, from

And what was it's fate?

Chris Ward offers this:

The hall was located on Lot 52 Howard Drive. I think that is quite close to where the Museum (former school) is located. Prior to the building of this hall, dances & social functions were held in the first Council Chambers, later to become the district nursing home on Hog Bay Road. It got 32 Volt power in the 1940s and in the 1950s movie pictures were shown. The building was demolished in the 1960s by Roy Howlin.

Colin Boettcher: The building (opposite the school) had to be demolished as it was unsafe and falling down.