John Hirst of Snug Cove

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Notes by Geoff Chapman:

"... I have amended it after double checking details with Jean Nunn's Book

There is a lot more details about their life style but its not necessary to include it.- just say they were both a highly opinionated and did not treat their servants , workmen or nearby light house keepers with respect or compassion- although they were willing to help other settlers!!

But then again, from family stories, so did the early settlers treat their staff or workmen very well

Hope that this might be interesting for someone. Use what ever you see fit..." G.C. 11 Dec 2018

"All the info I got was through " Trove" and the CWA booklet of KI.

I found that John Hirst was very self -centred from middle class wealthy family [His farther was a wool buyer and was what I call "bit shady" with some of his dealings]. He treated his workers badly and his wife were not backward in handing out physical punishment. His men working in outstations were given starvation rations and were expected to hunt their own meat.

Those who ran away were caught and brought back- in all, quite a [difficult] bloke in those days of working conditions"

G.C. 3 Jan 2019