An excellent book is available: Kangaroo Island Shipwrecks : an Account of the Ships and Cutters Wrecked Around Kangaroo Island by Gifford Desmond Chapman. The rugged, surf-bound and precipitous coastline of Kangaroo Island has claimed many ships and lives, particularly during the early part of the 1800s. In the latter years more lighthouses were constructed, so shipping can navigate with greater safety. Over ninety vessels have foundered on the island.

1853, Nov 25 Osmanli Latmax: -35.97 Lonmax: 137.63 D'Estrées Bay 5 crew 40 passengers all survived Osmanli Shipwreck

1856, June 29 Goulburn (barge) off Christmas Cove Three deaths Goulburn shipwreck

1860, May 22nd Fides off Snug Cove 10 drowned, 5 survived Fides Shipwreck

1877, May 14 Emily Smith Latmax: -36.01 Lonmax: 136.68 near Cape du Couedic 16 passengers, 10 crew, 4 survived Emily Smith Shipwreck

1884, April 14 Mimosa Stokes Bay All hands saved Mimosa shipwreck

1885, June 16th Mars off Western Cove 4 drowned, 14 survived Mars Shipwreck

1889, Jan 26 Maldon Lewis onto rocks off Point Morrison all survived, ship was able to sail to Pt Adelaide Maldon Lewis on rocks

1890, June 14 You Yangs nr Pelorus Island, Latmax: -36.07 Lonmax: 137.46 21 crew, no fatalities You Yangs Shipwreck

1899, April 24th Loch Sloy Brothers Rocks, Maupertius Bay 30 drowned, 4 survivors Loch Sloy Shipwreck

1905, September Loch Vennachar off West Bay all hands (27) drowned Loch Vennachar Shipwreck

1906, November 18 Montebello 1 km west of Stunsailboom River No deaths, 40 hands saved Montebello Shipwreck

1915, July 26 Vera near Cape du Couedic jetty The master and two crew members escaped the wreck Vera Shipwreck

1917, February 2 Kona off Cape St Alban's All survived, cargo of timber lost Kona Shipwreck