7. People we meet

Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), Saturday 17 March 1906, page 52


(By Ethel A. Bates.)

Part 7. People We Meet.

The inhabitants of Kangaroo Island probably number 1,000 odd. Among these are to met those possessing most unusual and striking characteristics; their many peculiarities impress visitors as most amusing.

Here, as in most places, we have our different grades of society. Of personalities we possess some of the most rare and eccentric.

Let me give an instance. A young missionary recently took charge of one of the churches in Penneshaw. During the course of the service it was announced that a collection would take place. Young and old foraged in their pockets some pulling out their offering, others searching empty pockets in vain, meantime cursing their folly at leaving it on the corner of the round table. However, one old gentleman was certainly not gifted with an overpowering amount of deceit, as, upon the plate being passed to him, he was heard to murmur in a somewhat audible voice, 'I thought I forgot something.'

Another amusing character is one whose object it is to strive to work a harvest of reform on the island. He possesses many distinctly amusing qualities. Foremost among these is his largely-developed sense of originality. Recently, whilst speaking from the pulpit in reference to his conversion, he remarked that he was now pure. And "that there was no room in his heart for the dirt that the devil swept out of his house yesterday morning." Some eloquent and original speeches have been made, but this, I think, can hold first place.