Dene and Dianne Cordes K.I. History Award

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Yep! This man is Augustus Reeves. He was a very important pioneer settler on Kangaroo Island. What can you find out about him? Or someone else like him?

How old do you think he is in this picture?

Do you think he looks tired? Why?

Who was his wife?

How many children did they have?

We invite you to tell us about this man, or any other person from Kangaroo Island's history. The best entry received by end May 2017 will win $100, to be presented on Settlement Day 27 July 2017.

There is another "Wanted" poster currently circulating, with a photo of a woman. Her name is Kate Mitchell (born Calnan, in 1862). So how old do you think she is in the photo? How many brothers and sisters did she have? Do you like her clothes?

Apart from clothes, what was life like for these people ? You might think about their work, isolation, school, sickness, recreation, religion, communication, housing, hygiene, travelling, their pets, the games children played (what toys and books did they have), and the food they ate.

Conditions of Entry (please show this to your parents)

  • Entry is restricted to students enrolled with Kangaroo Island Community Education (or to other school students who normally live on K.I.) as at the year the award is presented.
  • Entries close end of May, A decision is made by the judges by the middle of July, and all entrants will be advised at that time of the outcome.
  • If you are the winner, you will need to agree to be present in Kingscote at the Settlement Day ceremony of 27th July to accept the award, and agree to being photographed, and having your work published.
  • The age and year level of the student will be considered in the judging
  • The "publishable project" needs to be about a person, family or place that is significant to Kangaroo Island history. It can be a story (no more than 1500 words), perhaps with images. It can be a verse. It can be a piece of music. It can be a painting. It can be a video. It can be oral history (record of an interview with an older person from the Island). "Publishable" simply means that we can put it on our website and our Facebook page, so we need to receive it in an electronic format.
  • Most importantly, your work needs to be original, and not previously published. You are encouraged to get guidance from your parents or teachers, but you must be responsible for its creation and presentation.
  • You can work with a friend, if you want, but you will need to share the prize!
  • Any research involves carefully looking at other people's previous work. Do not simply cut and paste, but you can quote from, or cite, other people's work. Always acknowledge where you obtained your information.
  • There is no guarantee that you (or anybody) will win, but all entries will be acknowledged and the best of them might be published on our website, or in the local newspaper.
  • Our judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Start planning your entry NOW ! Tell your friends!