Image courtesy State Library SA, B-46309, Dudley Football club members, dated c.1905

1908. A meeting of the Kingscote Football Club was held at the Ozone Hotel on Wednesday evening last, Mr Aldersey in the chair. The following officers were elected: —Patron, Mr F. H. Winch ; President, Mr V. H. F. Cook; Vice-Presidents, Messrs F. C. Addison, R. L. Barrett, C. Anderson, J. Davidge,  J. Dewar, W. Hamilton, R. Chapman, A. Daw, and J. Turner; secretary and treasurer, W. Westman ; captain, J. Codling; vice-captain, J. Dewar junr. ; committee, Messrs A. Disher, E. F. Lockyer, and captain, vicecap tain and secretary ; hon, surgeon, Dr. Stevenson ; umpires, Messrs Mitchell, Lucas and B. Anderson ; timekeepers and goal umpires, Messrs Barrett, Aldersey and Keley. The entrance fee was fixed at 2/6 and a good number handed in their names as members. The colors decided on were red and blue. A football was presented by Messrs J. Codling and A, Disher. The members signified their in tention of playing Hog Bay as soon as it could be arranged ...

FOOTBALL. (1908, May 30). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 5.

1908. Our toeballers were very pleased to note that at the opening meeting of the Kingscote Football Club the members were turning their eyes in this direction in the hopes of finding a probable rival. The rivals they will undoubtedly find as soon as the local warriors are licked into shape. Nearly the whole of our team is composed of raw recruits and it will, in a matter of course, take a while for them to learn football. We have a few whom we are prepared to back against anything on the Island for agility combined with roughness, but when these have the rougher part of their play done away with, they will make good players. The local school children have already procured a ball, and the grounding they receive should prove of service to them when they enter the higher ranks. 

HOG BAY NOTES. (1908, June 13). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 3. Retrieved September 28, 2018, from

1909. On Wednesday evening last a meeting was held in the Penneshaw Council Hall to appoint officers for the Hog Bay Football Club. Mr Frank Abel was elected captain, Mr Leslie Eldridge vice-captain, Messrs E. G. Trethewey, Walter Miller and Reg. Bateman committee, and Mr E. C. Trethewey secretary and treasurer. Now that winter is approaching we look forward to the excitement which this game always makes and are pleased that active efforts are being made early to set the club on a sound basis.

District of Dudley. (1909, March 27). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 3.

Courtesy Dean Wiles, Hope Cottage Museum, via Facebook

1909 Hog Bay Football Team


Middle Row :  E. L. BATES (Ted), Tom BARRETT, Frank ABELL, Ernie SCHULZ, Mick HINES

Front Row :  Fred MILLER, Ferd NEAVE, Umpire, Roy MELVILLE,  Darkie ELDRIDGE, Wally Miller, George GOBELL

The 1914 Kingscote Football Cub premiership team:
Middle: Hugh SNELLING, T. THOMAS, Charlie ANDERSON Sr., Wick DAW, Dave MURRAY, Oscar SCHERER, Vic BOOTHEY, F. BURDON, (white shirt - unknown).
Front: Mervyn SMITH, Wilf NORTHCOTT, Dave CLARK, Hartley DAW, Wally BOWMAN. Photo and names courtesy the late Jim Tiggemann.

1921. On Saturday, April 23, the Penneshaw Football Club held its annual meeting, which was largely attended, at Mr H. P. Murray's store. The balance-sheet for the previous year was read and adopted, and showed a credit balance of £1 6/4$. Officers elected are as follows:~-Cr. H P. Murray, J.P., President; Lieut. G. R. Willson, Vice President ; Mr Lewis Barrett, Captain; Mr Cecil Neave, Vice-Captain ; Mr J. Murphy, Secre tary; Committee, Messrs H, Simpson, D. Bates, D. Buick- and T. Willson; Selection Committee. Mes srs L. Barrett, P. C. Tait, C. Neave and J. Murphy. We trust the club will have a successful year.

DISTRICT NEWS. (1921, May 7). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 2.

1922. K.I. Football Association. The initial meeting of the above was held at Anderson's Hotel on Saturday evening last, at which Mr F. Kasehagen was voted to the chair and Mr J. Murphy elected Secretary. It was resolved that the association be called the Kangaroo Island Football Association. Delegates were appointed as follows :— Wisanger, Messrs R. W. Chapman and R. Menner; Kingscote Messrs K. A. Lenthall and F. Kasehagen; Muston, Messrs S. Shannon and H. Jaensch; Penneshaw, Messrs H. Simpson and J. Murphy.  It was agreed by delegates that each club play each other club twice this season. Resolved that subscription fee to the Association be 10/ for each club. The revised rules of the Southern Football Association were adopted for this Association. Resolved that Secretaries of individual club notify the Association Secretary when arranging matches. Umpires elected to act on behalf of the Association were Messrs Brewett. Crimp, Mom and Abel, and it was resolved that the fee be £1 1/ for each match, the home team to pay expenses. Officers elected were as follows: — Patron, Mr G. E. Willson ; President, Mr C. A. Anderson ; Vice-Presidents, Messrs J. N. Davis and R. Wheaton ; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr J. Murphy. 

K.I. Football Association (1922, May 27). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 2.

Source: Tanya Klieve, Facebook,  Growing Up on Kangaroo Island, from Page 44 in Wisanger centenary history book.

1936. An attempt has been made to reform the football club at Penneshaw, and with this object in view, a meeting was held on Saturday evening and was well attended. Mr L. Neave was elected Secretary and Captain and Mr. Roe Trethewey Vice Captain.

PENNESHAW. (1936, May 29). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 3.

1954 Dudley Football Club - Premiers

Top Row :  Bentley Charles MANSELL,  Thomas Walter CLARK, Sydney Herbert MANSELL (Peter),  Peter Francis NEAVE, Percy Dean CLARK

Second Row : H. L. WATCHEL Esq. (President),  C. M. MANSELL,  Syd AYLIFFE, Lindsay Momplhait HOWARD, Douglas Bevan BATES, William Cleveland HOWARD,  Valentine Llewellyn MATTHEWS

Seated : Hartley Glenn WILLSON, Thomas Douglas Maxwell (Doug) WILLSON, Andrew Ernest HOWARD (vice-capt.),  Ian GILFILLAN (capt.), Kevin Charles Victor (Shorty) NORTHCOTT, Thomas Phillip LASHMAR ,  Edmund Vernon TRETHEWEY.

Front : Norman Stuart WILLSON, Albert Brian WILLSON,  Trevor BLOOD, William James WILLSON, Vincent Clark Woodrow Willson.

1954 At a meeting of the Wisanger Football Club, last year's Island premier, the following office bearers were elected— Mr. A. S. G. Barrett (president), Mr. M. J. Turner (secretary), Mr. Des Merton (captain); Mr W. Barratt (vice-captain). Selectors— Messrs. A. S. G. Barrett, D. Merton, W. Barratt.

KANGAROO ISLAND NEWS (1954, April 29). Chronicle (Adelaide, SA : 1895 - 1954), p. 44. Retrieved August 8, 2019, from 

Dudley Football Team, c.1946?

Top row :  Don BUICK, Gerald William (Bill) MANSELL, Ian GILFILLAN, Douglas Bevan BATES, Bentley Charles (Ben) MANSELL, William Cleveland (Bill) HOWARD,  Maurice Roy (Morrie) VINCENT,  Colin ELLIOTT
Middle row :  Walter TURNER, Hartley Glenn WILLSON, Vincent Clark Woodrow WILLSON, Edmund Vernon  (Vern) THRETHEWEY, Peter MANSELL, Malcolm BUICK
Front row :  Lawrence (Laurie ) Raymond WEST, Gus BLAKE, Rex SLEE, Thomas Douglas Maxwell (Doug) WILLSON

1958 Nepean Bay Football Club. Courtesy Angela Potter, Facebook Group GUOKI.

Back row: Graham Menz, Paul Sandaman, Gifid Chapman, Baron Headshaw, Jeremey Bennett, David Edwards, Baden Florance, Malcolm Gaylor, Pillip Turner, Gary Lowering, Ian Villes, Phil, Meng, Ted Potter.

Front row: Michael Sandaman, Keith Boten, Jack Harris, Grant Giles, Robert Potter, Trevor Hair, John Levering, Robert Virgo, Eric Hawlett, ???, Michael Melne, Rois Littlely, Jack Wilston

Names courtesy Ted Potter (Jnr)

1962 United Football Team, Premiers 1962
Back row: G. Williams (president), Ron Hall, John Cannon, Bernie Warner, Les Stoekel, Ken Woods (boundary umpire), Barry Stoeckel, Bob Harriss, Adrian Bates, John Hall, John Page (Trainer).
Middle Row:  Cecil Buick (timekeeper), Dick Buick, Colin Waller, Keith Bayes, Dean Johnson (captain/coach), Harold Woods, Barry Grimmett, Jim Waller (secretary), Les Stoekel snr. (trainer).
Front row:  John Fotheringham, Barry Boxall, Alan West, Graham Woods.

Photo:  Judy Johnson, Growing Up on Kangaroo Island Facebook Group, 25 Sep 2021

Wisanger Football team May 1959. Photos courtesy Kathy Barrett.

Back row, L-R: Floyd Collins, Patrick Florance, Harry Harriss, Peter Barratt, Warren Boxer, Bevan Patterson.

Middle row:  Keith Barrett, Clem Boxer, Bill Barrett, Pop Collins, Bobby Bates, Bruce Weatherspoon, Rex Barrett, Malcolm Whittle, Max Hurst, Malcolm Bell, John Collins, Keith Haigh, Allen Schaeffer, John Turner, Doug Bell.

Front row: Robert Patterson, Walter Barrett, Dennis Haigh, Dean Bell, George Barrett, Glen Barrett, Wally Prosser.

Front: Milton Turner, Manfred Schulmeister.