Hartley Willson

Hartley Glenn WILSON (17 Oct 1934 - 4 April 2024)

Hartley and Bev have been valued members of KIPA.

Hartley died just over two weeks ago and his funeral was last Sunday at the Penneshaw/Dudley Hall.

I conducted the funeral. 

It was full of personal stories and symbolism.

The coffin was brought to the Hall via the farm, where Mitch escorted his dad around the property. 

Tim read the very informative and celebratory eulogy, with Jayne Bates and Darren Stanbridge adding community and friend reflections.

A private burial followed at the Penneshaw Cemetery and the family returned to the Hall for a very generous ‘smoko”.

It was a very large funeral with around 200 people attending.

Bev oversaw every aspect of the celebrations - the flowers, checkered table cloths used at shearing time, photos, memorabilia … and the poems on the memorial card. 

All the grandchildren carried Hartley from the Hall and assisted with the burial. It was quite moving. And perfect.