Sawmill at Cygnet River

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Comment from Geoff Chapman:

"... file based on many letters to the Editor by Harry Bates. I put the information into chronical order and have added a bit of other information. I believe this information is worth recording as it shows the settlement of the Cygnet River in the 1850 to 1860's.

The saw mill was dismantled and went to the De mole River where Hirst cut timber for the Moonta Mine. It was later used by Western's back at Cygnet River, then finally ending up at Penneshaw and was owned by Ephraim Steen Bates

Mr Henry Boxall and some of his family relocated to Port Augusta where he was involved in building the jetty. He is not related to the Wally Boxall family who lived further out at Cygnet River in the 1940's-1960's. ..."