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See a comprehensive account of the ancestors and descendants of Samuel REEVES and Charlotte (nee KEMP) at the Genealogy SA library: Reeves, Samuel and Charlotte (nee Kemp), Their Ancestry and Descendants, by E.M. Stevenson of Strathalbyn, 2000, and at the State Library of SA.

The book Wherever You May Go by Susan Phillis made extensive use, credited, of the material from the late Eunice Stevenson but carried out further research.

Generation 1

1. Samuel REEVES was born 1788 in Playden, Essex, England and died 17 Jul 1881 in Queenstown, SA. He married Charlotte Martha KEMP 21 Nov 1817 in St Leonards, Hythe, Kent, England. She was born ABT 1796 in Sussex, England and died 23 Mar 1866 in Queenstown, SA, daughter of William KEMP and Charlotte FULLER.

Other events in the life of Samuel REEVES
Memorial: in Kingscote Pioneers Cemetery, Kangaroo Island, SA
probably buried in St Paul's, C of E Alberton, SA with Charlotte.
Baptism: 12 Oct 1790 in Playden, Essex, England
Immigration: 02 Dec 1838 in Lady Emma, from Launceston, Tasmania

Children of Samuel REEVES and Charlotte Martha KEMP: (Click on the underlined links to see separate pages).

i. Samuel Kemp REEVES was born 16 Sep 1818 in Iden, Sussex, England and died 04 Nov 1883 in Adelaide, SA ii. John William REEVES was born 31 May 1820 in Iden, Sussex, England and died 24 Sep 1880 in Victoria. He married Martha Georgina TIPPETT 17 Nov 1844 in Adelaide, SA. She was born 1820 in Knightsbridge, Devonshire, England and died 06 Nov 1854 in Collingwood, Victoria, daughter of Robert TIPPETT.

Other events in the life of John William REEVES
Baptism: 06 Feb 1820 in Iden, Sussex, England

iii. Frederick REEVES was born 31 May 1821 in Iden, Sussex, England
iv. Charlotte REEVES was born 11 Sep 1822 in Playden, Sussex, England and died 1893 in Stepney, SA
v. Maria Elizabeth REEVES was born 14 Aug 1824 in Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land and died 29 Sep 1910 in Buninyong, Victoria, Australia
vi. Ellen McLeod REEVES was born 19 Sep 1826 in Evandale, Van Diemen's Land and died 21 Apr 1901 in Mount Barker, SA
vii. Henry REEVES was born 09 Jul 1828 in Red Hill Station, nr Launceston, Van Diemen's Land
viii. Augustus REEVES was born 18 Jan 1830 in Red Hill Station, nr Launceston, Van Diemen's Land and died 13 Mar 1905 in Bay of Shoals, Kangaroo Island, SA
ix. Louisa Allen REEVES was born 01 Sep 1831 in Circular Head, Van Diemen's Land and died 22 Jun 1912 in Edithburgh, SA
x. Isabella Johnson REEVES was born 11 Dec 1833 in Circular Head, Van Diemen's Land and died 1882 in Kangaroo Island, SA
xi. Juliana Stirling REEVES was born 13 Jul 1835 in Circular Head, Van Diemen's Land and died 23 Oct 1889 in Queenstown SA
xii. Emily REEVES was born 21 Nov 1836 in Launceston, Van Diemen's Land and died 21 Nov 1930 in Queenstown, SA
xiii. Thomas Buckland REEVES was born 21 Dec 1839 in Adelaide, SA and died 1839
xiv. Rebecca Jane REEVES was born 07 Jun 1841 in Ludlow House, Timneth, SA and died 1841

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About Samuel Reeves

Samuel Reeves with his wife and 12 children came to S.A. from Tasmania where he had been manager of the Van Dieman's Land Company

His memorial at Kingscote Pioneers Cemetery states: REEVES, Samuel. 1788 - 1881. Husband of Charlotte.

Immigration Notes

REEVES Samuel, son Samuel Kemp arrived 1838-12-02 on Lady Emma from Launceston, Tasmania

Reeves' Point

By the late Dr. A. Lendon.

When I was paying a visit to the Island a few years ago no one seemed able to tell me much about the person, by whom, or after whom, this landmark was named. Samuel Reeves was born in Kent, in the year 1790, and he came out it is believed, to Launceston in the employ of the Van Diemen's Land Company: here his youngest child was born [Margaretta Emily Reeves 1836-1930], who died on December 21st, 1930 on her 94th birthday. [Two more children were born in South Australia in 1839 and 1841 but died in infancy.] In the travels of Messrs. Backhouse and Walker, two Quaker missionaries who came out to Van Diemen's Land just a century ago, it is mentioned that they left Launceston and sailed westerly in a small vessel, and paid a visit to Woolnorth, a sheep-station on the north coast of the Island. Here they met Samuel Reeves, the Superintendent and his wife Charlotte, who had 'nine interesting children.'

From the South Australian Company's annual reports I learn that about 1838 Mr Samuel Reeves, formerly of Van Diemen's Land, was appointed manager of the Company's-sheep station, somewhere vaguely north of Adelaide : in 1849 he is still described in the Directory as a sheep farmer, Gawler Plains. Whilst there in the early days he lost some cattle, and thereby discovered ' Reeves Plains' about eight miles north-east of Two Wells, and roughly half-way between Gawler and Mallala.

Mr Reeves went to Kangaroo Island in 1850 or there-abouts: he had section No. 6 belonging to the South Australian Company, just above the old Mulberry Tree : between this property and the original jetty was situated the old well. I have a note that Reeves' house was visible south and east of Retties Bluff. The site of the few remaining piles of the old jetty at the original Kingscote appears to have been called "Snakes Point" (vide W. H. Leigh's book). His son Augustus was the Postmaster at Kingscote in 1879; a daughter (Julia) married in 1860, Fred Augustus Howell, who came over from Western Australia in 1858. The other sons of Samuel Reeves went to New South Wales, or up the River, whilst another daughter was married [February 16th, 1848] to a Mr Wilson, whose son's address is Fernholm Fern Hill Road, Sandringham.

"Reeves Point", just below the present Post Office, is said to have derived its name from Augustus Reeves not from the father. When I saw of Miss Reeves' death I wrote to the nieces with whom she had resided at Spring Street, Queens-town. Their brother, Mr Fred [Alfred] Howell, a licensed surveyor, thereupon came up to see me, and gave me a good deal of the above information. He was born in the old house on Section No. 6 on 27th. January, 1861 [and died 04 May 1939].

Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), Saturday 20 July 1935, page 3