Stokes Bay School

STOKES BAY SCHOOL by Gordon Ralph May, edited by Gil Daw

The American River School closed on the 7th Dec 1951. The daily bus run to the Kingscote Area School was commenced on 10th December, 1951 giving the pupils a chance to become familiar with their new school before the start of the next year. After standing empty for a year the school building was dismantled carted and re-assembled at Amen Corner to become the Cassini school replacing the one at Middle River. The replacement was done by the local community and was opened in 1953, with an average of 18 children. The school closed in 1958 and the children were taken by bus to the Parndana Area School. The community then bought the land and the school building. Later, the community erected a hall. Monthly dances were held there, using the old school as a supper room. The school building was also used and is still used for church services, Sunday school, agriculture meetings and after tennis courts were developed, it was used for afternoon teas.