Boy Scouts

Image courtesy State Library SA B-46308 Jetty scene of boy scouts landing at Penneshaw from SS Korringa, c. 1910. Photographer: Teakle, F. A

Kingscote Boy Scouts


The 1st K.I. Troop of Boy Scouts held a very enjoyable camp at the mouth of the Cygnet River during the latter part of last week. A good muster of boys attended and cricket and scout games were heartily entered into by them. Swimming was also in favor, three of the boys, Patrol leader Lamprey, H. Daw and A. Forsyth passing their swimming test. Sevetal of the younger lads showed great promise in the water, The hearty thanks of the troop are extended to Mr W. H. Strawbridge who kindly placed a horse and dray at their disposal for the conveyance of tents, etc., to the scene of the camp, to Mr J. H. Carter for the use of a conveyance in which the party were driven to the camp, and to Mr W. May for the use of a tent. If it can be arranged three days will be spent in camp at Easter.

KINGSCOTE BOY SCOUTS. (1911, March 18). The Kangaroo Island Courier (Kingscote, SA : 1907 - 1951), p. 4.

A meeting of the Executive Committee of the above was held at the room on Monday evening last. There were present Messrs A. Daw (chairman) V. H. F. Cook, W. H.

Strawbridge, A. H. Anderson, W. Cook (secretary) and Scoutmasters Mawby and Smith. The secretary stated that owing to lack of funds, little progress had been made and gymnastic appliances and games were needed for the coming winter. It was resolved that a committee of ladies be asked to arrange a concert. The matter was left in the hands of the chairman. The secretary said he had approached Mr Boucant with reference to assisting the scoutmasters, who stated his willingness to do so. The committee approved. The Scoutmaster brought up the matter of the Easter Camp, and it was resolved that the troop go into camp on Good Friday at Cygnet River and return on Monday morning The camp will be open to any boys in the district, subject to approval of the scoutmaster, and are expected to provide their own provisions and all necessities excepting tents. They will have to obey all orders, issued by those in charge of the camp, and bad language and smoking will be punishable by dismissal. No firearms will be allowed. Leave will be granted to boys wishing to attend service in Kingscote on Easter Sunday ; the camp will be open for inspection on that day. Offers of tents and means of taking provisions etc to the camping ground will be thankfully received.

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