Membership is open to anyone who is a descendant of pioneers who arrived or settled prior to, or after the establishment of the first settlement on 27th July, 1836; soldier settlers and their descendants; and all persons interested in promoting the objects of the Association.

We now have members from most states in Australia, as well as overseas.

Here is our constitution.

Here is our Membership Application Form.

(Existing members can use this to advise of any change of details).

Currently our annual membership fee is $15 for a single person and $20 for a couple.

Student membership* is free. Membership fees are due 1 January each year.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Newsletters issued at least every 4 months to all members - sent electronically, or posted to you if you do not have email.
  • Access to the "members only" area of this website, to access archived copies of newsletters and other pages of interest to members.
  • Periodical "What's New on our Website" notifications
  • Invitation to join our annual Settlement Day dinner, held either Adelaide or on Kangaroo Island in July.
  • Invitation to join our periodic general meetings, held at historic venues in and near Adelaide.
  • Invitation to join our Executive Committee should you so desire.
  • Voting as a financial member at the Annual General Meeting
  • Assistance in research of your family tree
  • Assistance in memorialising your Kangaroo Island Pioneer ancestor
  • Join small sub-committees on research projects that might interest you
  • Participate in our projects from time to time, which can be either on Kangaroo Island or on the mainland.
  • Meet other like-minded members interested in both the history and heritage of the island.

* Student membership

Open to young people up to and including the age of 18 years.

All benefits as above, except newsletters are electronic, and that there can be no voting privileges.