American River Jetty

1854 Flimsy jetty, "Buick's Landing", built by John Buick

1908 Hart's Jetty, built by George Hart, 32.6 metres.

1918 Government built jetty, 46 metres with T head.

1929 Widened to give increased trucking facilities.

1930's Small jetty further north built for fishermen. Dismantled in 1960's.

1960's Converted into the present steel sheet piled wharf area now known as "Hart's Landing". Concurrently a small jetty 45 metres long was erected and connected to the wharf by two walkways; it was upgraded in 2000.

Collins, N. 2010. The Jetties of South Australia - Past and Present. p.216

1927. View of the jetty on the American River on Kangaroo Island.

State Library SA, B 69796