American River Jetty

1854 Flimsy jetty, "Buick's Landing", built by John Buick

1908 Hart's Jetty, built by George Hart, 32.6 metres.

1918 Government built jetty, 46 metres with T head.

1929 Widened.

1930's Small jetty further north built for fishermen. Dismantled in 1960's.

1960's Converted into steel sheet piled wharf area "Hart's Landing". Concurrently a small jetty 45 metres long connected to the wharf by two walkways.

2000 Upgraded.

Collins, N. 2000. The Jetties of South Australia - Past and Present. p.216

1927. View of the jetty on the American River on Kangaroo Island.

State Library SA, B 69796

c.1907 American River, Kangaroo Island at the mouth of the Pelican Lagoon. A house looks out over the lagoon where small islands can be seen and a ketch is moored at the end of the jetty.

State Library SA, B 11004