Vivonne Bay Jetty

1911 Jetty constructed, 302 metres depth 4.1 metres, longest jetty on Island at the time.

WW2 18 metre gap removed to prevent enemy use.

1958 Outer end demolished

1964 Shore end restoration

2010 128 metres long, 3 metres wide for 78 metres and then 1.7 metres. Rail track used by commercial fishermen.

Collins, N. 2000. The Jetties of South Australia - Past and Present. p.222

Destruction of part of the Vivonne Bay Jetty during World War 2 was intended to stop invading fleets from having easy access to the southern parts of the Island.

Photo courtesy Dean Wiles, Hope Cottage Museum

1910 Men working on the jetty at Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island, ca. June-August, 1910.

State Library SA, PRG 280/1/44/43

1912 'Vivonne Bay and new jetty, 1912, south coast of Kangaroo Island'

State Library South Australia SRG/67/20/28

c.1939 Vivonne Bay Jetty

State Library SA, B 8222