Cape du Couedic Jetty

1902 Marine Board recommended lighthouse be built.

1907 Construction commenced of lighthouse, cottages, flying fox and iron screw pile jetty with timber decking, 1.5 km south at Weirs Cove.

1957 Lighthouse converted to automatic operation.

Flying fox dismantled.

Parts of jetty remain 58.8 metres long with 3.6 metres depth.

Jetty, funnel way used for the lying fox, ruins of store are on the State Heritage Register.

Collins, N. 2000. The Jetties of South Australia - Past and Present. pp.223-224

c.1905 A small jetty with a 'flying fox' used to transport produce up a cliff to the lighthouse at Cape du Couedic, Kangaroo Island, South Australia; a steamship is waiting offshore.

State Library SA, PRG 280/1/43/521

c.1907 Cape du Couedic Jetty - men working on the hoist at the end of the jetty. A landing was constructed one mile north of the lighthouse site to enable the landing of stores and building materials. A zigzag path was built was hewn into the cliff face . The lighthouse, built in 1902, was necessary as shipwrecks had claimed 79 lives off Cape du Couedic, Kangaroo Island.

State Library SA, B 10941

1908 The jetty being built.

State Library SA, PRG 280/1/1/465

1908 Men working on constructing a jetty at Weirs Cove near Cape du Couedic on the south-west coast of Kangaroo Island, South Australia; the steamship 'Governor Musgrave' is waiting offshore.

State Library SA, PRG 280/1/43/3

c. 1910 Jetty at Cape du Couedic which is located at the south west tip of Kangaroo Island. For many years this site was inaccessible by land so stores for the lighthouse, materials and equipment were brought by boat and hauled to the lighthouse by flying fox. This method was used until a jetty was built at Weirs Cove.

State Library SA, B 13338

c.1910 Distant view of the South Australian Customs Department vessel the SS 'Governor Musgrave' approaching the jetty at Cape du Couedic on Kangaroo Island.

State Library SA, PRG 280/1/44/316