Kingscote Jetty

The first jetty in the area was built by the South Australian Company at Reeves Point.

1886 screw pile jetty erected at Beare's point, 87.5 metres long, later shortened to 77 metres, then 55 metres.

1910 "main jetty" erected slightly south, timber 161.5 metres, later reduced to 147 metres.

1954-1956 extensive repairs and modifications to enable a double lane.

1961 changes made to accommodate the roll-on roll-off ships Troubridge and Island Seaway.

2006 upgraded. 302 metres. 8.4 metres wide for half the length and 3.3 metres for the remainder.

1956 "Fisherman's Jetty" constructed, north of the two jetties. 78 metres. Major upgrade 2002.

Mid 1970's "Mooring jetty" steel construction, 32.6 metres between the old screw pile jetty and fisherman's jetty.

Collins, N. 2000. The Jetties of South Australia - Past and Present. p.213-214

1859 ... The water, on nearing Kingscote, shallows exceedingly, and at low tide recedes far from the extreme end of the jetty. We ought not, by the way, to omit reference to the Kingscote Jetty, which is a humble structure of wood, now in a somewhat crazy condition, though this is not to be wondered at, considering that it was erected 20 years ago by the South Australian Company, and that nothing has been done to it since. The platform is considerably decayed, but that portion of the piles (gum saplings) which is below water is said to be as sound as on the day when first driven. Stealthily feeling our footing upon the dubious flooring of this noble work, we find ourselves on terra firma, if that phrase is applicable to shifting sands. Kingscote consists of two or three houses, prettily situated on an eminence, and surrounded by some very fair soil. The remarkable shallowness of the water, and the numerous sandy spits only half covered, and running out in every direction, give the place, however, an air of loneliness which a bolder coast, where it would be possible for ships to approach, would never have. ...

THE MEETING OF THE HOMEWARD MAIL. (1859, February 19). The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1858 - 1889), p. 2.

Looking from the jetty towards Kingscote. Kingscote Jetty was the earliest jetty built on Kangaroo Island. This was in approximately 1905 and helped the trading of eucalyptus oil and wheat.

State Library SA, B 10808

Kingscote Jetty c.1905

State Library SA, B 16393/11

"S.S. Kooringa" moored at the Kingscote Jetty, Kangaroo Island. The 339 ton Steamship Kooringa was built for the Yorke Peninsula Steamship Company Limited in 1902 and ran mail, passenger and cargo between Port Adelaide and ports along the Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. c.1905.

State Library SA, B 16393/10.

1910 Opening of the Kingscote Jetty. A large crowd attend the opening of a new jetty at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, on 28 November 1910, by the Governor of South Australia, Sir Day Hort Bosanquet.

State Library SA, B 30379.

1910 The Governor of South Australia, Sir Day Hort Bosanquet, opens a new jetty at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island, on the morning of 28 November 1910, by cutting a blue ribbon held by Misses Ruby Turner and Mabel Cook.

State Library SA, B 30380.

c.1930 Loading sheep at Kingscote Jetty.

State Library SA, B 18210.

c.1939. Draught-horse pulling a cart loaded with sacks on the Kingscote jetty on Kangaroo Island, possibly in preparation for loading on a steamship. A workman and dog are also visible.

State Library SA, PRG 287/1/7/55.