Penneshaw Jetty

Builders of the Penneshaw Jetty c.1902

Standing l-r: Jim Potter, Frank Lyall, L. Simpson, T. Tosney. Sitting l-r: Sam Lockwood, Jack Priest, Joe Sawyer, Andrew Sawyer.

Courtesy State Library South Australia B-36514

From 1883-1901 Agitation for a new jetty. Public meetings and petitions, rebuffed by the Marine Board as "the cost would not justify the means".

1902 Jetty built (known as Hog Bay jetty, although the township was renamed to Penneshaw in 1882). 105 metres in 3.3 metres.

1907 SS Karatta commenced a twice weekly service to Port Adelaide

1908 Extension. 152 metres in 5.5 metres.

1951 Severely damaged by storms.

1953 Upgraded with new rail tracks and ramp.

1961 Troubridge commenced service then Island Seaway (until 1995)

1981 Severely damaged by storms. Repairs reduced length to 145 metres.

Collins, N. 2000. The Jetties of South Australia - Past and Present. pp.218-9

c.1903 Ship berthing at jetty at Hog Bay.

State Library SA, B 36511

1907 Three men, silhouetted against the sky are standing on this jetty which is photographed from the water, looking back towards the shore. It was built in 1902, originally 105 metres long but some years later on was upgraded and enlarged with the addition of an L head which helps protect shipping from wind and waves. [On back of photograph] 'Jetty at Hog Bay, Penneshaw / Kangaroo Island / 1907'.

State Library SA, B 10332

1908 Building a 'screw pile' jetty at Hog Bay; the piles were steel and put into place by having a large screwed shoe at the base and using a capstan head turned by a steam winch. J.T. Tail on lower landing, second from left Bert Lashmar, Ray Stevenson standing at the Donkey Boiler winch.

State Library SA, PRG 796/4/8

c.1908 Brick works and jetty, Hog Bay. An article (25/4/08) in the Kangaroo Island Courier notes 'The new China Clay Co brick kiln had its first fire last week. When full it holds about 17,000 bricks'.

State Library SA, B 17489

c.1910 View of the wooden jetty on which a large load of bagged wheat has been stacked, awaiting shipment from Hog Bay, Penneshaw, Kangaroo Island. The vessel is the SS Karatta in the background.

State Library SA, B 70848

c.1930 Hog Bay Jetty, Kangaroo Island - produce stacked at jetty for delivery. Penneshaw was originally called Hog Bay due to the pigs released by the French Commander Nicholas Baudin.

State Library SA, B 12193

1933 This view of Hog Bay shows the Karatta, moored at the end of the Hog Bay jetty. Passengers are already boarding. The Karatta was Kangaroo Island's lifeline, being the main passenger and freight vessel plying between Port Adelaide and KIngscote from 1907 until 1961. The ship was captained by Captain Pearson. [On back of photograph] 'The 'Karatta' moored at the Hog Bay Jetty / 1933 / Presented by Mr. H.O. Sexton'.

State Library SA, B 8796

1933 Jetty at Penneshaw, Hog Bay, with the Karatta moored at the Jetty. SS Karatta was a steam powered vessel that operated in South Australian waters from 1907 - 1961. She carried goods and passengers between Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Kangaroo Island, and was captained by Captain Pearson.

State Library SA, B 8858