Antechamber Bay Jetty

Before 1930 the Chapman River ran parallel to Antechamber Bay and there were two small jetties, now longer visible after the river changed its course.

1921 Contract awarded.

1923 Building completed. 103.6 metres long, 3.3 metres wide.

1966 Demolished.

Collins, N. 2000. The Jetties of South Australia - Past and Present. pp.220-221, with text and photos contributed by Wren Lashmar.

1925 Building the Antechamber Bay Jetty, c.1925.

Courtesy State Library SA

c.1925 Building the Antechamber Bay Jetty.

Courtesy State Library SA

c.1925. The jetty builder's camp, Antechamber Bay.

Courtesy State Library SA